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Frederick Products Brochure (1980?)  - thanks to Russ WA3FRP

I desperately need a manual for the Model 660A Teleprinter to Morse Code Converter

Model 600 Printing Unit? --    
Model 600A Data Transmission Test Set -- advertisement  
Model 660 Baudot-to-Morse Converter -- -- photos
Model 670 Morse-to-Baudot Converter -- description  
Model 702 Format Converter ??    
Model 703 Format Converter ??    
Model 1100 Transistor Tester -- see page 67  
Model 1200 FSK Demodulator download 1.7MB pdf   frederick-1200-1901-01.jpg (33919 bytes)

frederick-1200-1901-02.jpg (20263 bytes)

Model 1200
FSK Demodulator
Operating Info
Model 1200A FSK Demodulator schematics    
Model 1201 Tone Detector
(to drive Model 670)
-- description & block diagram  
Model 1202 VF Telegraph Receiver ????    
Model 1203 FSK Demodulator download 3.4MB pdf link  
Model 1215 Tone Keyer ?    
Model 1240 Tone Keyer ?    
Model 1250 Display Unit --    
Model 1251 Display Unit --    
Model 1256 ?? --    
Model 1273 FSK Keyer/Demodulator --   frederick-1273-1901-01.jpg (25148 bytes)

frederick-1273-1901-02.jpg (34009 bytes)

Model 1273/S1 FSK Modem download 300 KB pdf    
Model 1280 FSK Modem download 9MB pdf    
Model 1280A FSK Modem download 3MB pdf  
more 1280A pdf  
more 1280A pdf
  frederick-1280a-91.jpg (8704 bytes)

frederick-1280a-94.jpg (9246 bytes)

Model 1290LS VFT transmitter --    
Model 1300 Character Buffer -- advertisement  
Model 1301 Sequential Selector -- brochure  
Model 1320A Message Sequencer --    
Model 1330 Character Buffer see below    
Model 1350 Character Buffer ?    
Model 1355 Character Buffer ?    
Model 1381 Multiple Line Router ?    
Model 1386 Data Selector (SELCAL) please send me email if you have any info    
Model 1387 Data Selector (SELCAL) ??    
Model 1500A VLF/LF/HF Receiver download 4MB pdf    
Model 1500B VLF/LF/HF Receiver download 4MB pdf    
Model 1500C VLF/LF/HF Receiver download 4MB pdf    
Model 1550A Freq Synthesizer download 5MB pdf    
Model 1632A VFCT Dual Demodulator download 2MB pdf    
Model 2100 Morse-to-ASCII converter --    

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Frederick photos & info

Model 1330 - 9900 character buffer

10/1969 - Frederick Electronics Corp. announces an economical solid-state buffer store for 5 -unit code teleprinter signals with a storage capacity of up to 9900 characters. It is particularly suitable for operation with ARQ automatic error correction equipment, for speed conversion purposes and, in general, for replacing mechanical perforated tape storage systems. Storage of teleprinter signals is effected by plug -in delay line modules. The stored signals keep circulating in a delay line loop at 2MHz until it is their turn to be released to the output. A parallel output, stepped by an external pulse, or a stepped or free running start-stop serial output are available. The rate at the output can be as high as 120 characters per second. A meter on the front panel indicates how full the store is. Various outputs are available for auxiliary functions. Also provided is an input for remote clearing of the store. The model 1330 buffer store is designed for mounting in standard 19-in. cabinets. Frederick Electronics Corporation, P.O. Box 502, Frederick, Maryland 21701, U.S.A.