Navy Transmitting Control & Switchboard Info

Transmitting Key Info

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Shipboard Transmitter & Receiver Switchboard Interconnections



frq3-01.JPG (328807 bytes) Buskin Lake 1955
buskin-schwind-110307-06.jpg (341147 bytes)
Buskin Lake 1955
buskin-schwind-110307-08.jpg (253847 bytes)


Transmitter control wiring

4-wire and 6-wire control info

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transmitter - radiophone control wiring
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radio system control wiring (rcvr, xmtr, key, audio, remote control, etc.)
  Fig. 10 Navy Standard 6-Wire Remote Control Unit.
standard 6-wire transmitter control

NT-23172 Radiophone unit
ctl-23172-03.jpg (1642366 bytes)

ctl-23172-02.jpg (3161256 bytes) See here for spec sheets

ctl-23172-01.jpg (4083930 bytes)

NT-23211 Radiophone unit
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NT-23211 Radiophone Set

23211a-1602-04.jpg (288762 bytes) 23211a-1602-01.jpg (195072 bytes) 23211a-1602-02.jpg (335918 bytes)

23211a-1602-03.jpg (192606 bytes)

23211a-1602-05.jpg (292684 bytes) 23211a-1602-06.jpg (312041 bytes) 23211a-1602-07.jpg (267677 bytes)

23211a-1602-08.jpg (262254 bytes)

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23211a-1604-06.jpg (384141 bytes)

23211a-1604-01.jpg (242318 bytes) 23211a-1604-10.jpg (195136 bytes)

NT-23305 remote control unit
for TCE or TDE transmitters

cfn23305-26.JPG (80711 bytes)

cfn23305-25.JPG (56507 bytes) cfn23305-34.JPG (71228 bytes) Manuf - CFN Farnsworth
cfn23305-35.JPG (54940 bytes)

CNR-23442 transmitter control & keying unit
cnr23442-ctl-01.JPG (215517 bytes)
"For General Radio Use"

23442-01.JPG (138277 bytes)
"Remote-Local", "Local Test", "Remote Line", "Key Circuit", "Transmitter Remote" 
23442-04.JPG (187244 bytes)
Has 1 tube, several relays, and a time delay switch
cnr23442-control-94.jpg (61788 bytes)

cnr23442-control-91.jpg (65837 bytes)

cnr23442-control-92.jpg (72389 bytes) cnr23442-control-93.jpg (60279 bytes) cnr23442-control-95.jpg (64489 bytes)

Provides for starting and keying transmitter unit over a single pair, or one wire and ground. Transmitter starts when key is momentarily closed and remains on for a delayed time interval after last key impulse is transmitted. Key line resistance 35 DC ohms max; operates from 115/1/60. 9 watts standby, 18 watts operating, keying speed 50 words/minute. For general radio use.

NT-23496 control panel
control-23496-1207-01.jpg (598810 bytes)

control-23496-1207-02.jpg (424818 bytes) control-23496-1207-03.jpg (486772 bytes) Controller for RDZ/TDZ channelized UHF receiver/transmitter

manuf CQC Admiral

cgc23496-05.jpg (29703 bytes)

NT-23500 radiophone control unit
ctl-23500-1405-01.jpg (385378 bytes)

ctl-23500-1405-02.jpg (414754 bytes) ctl-23500-1405-03.jpg (439173 bytes) Precursor to C-1138/UR

See here for spec sheet

Teletype Control

c1004b-sg-92.jpg (67054 bytes)

c1004b-sg-91.jpg (84200 bytes) c1004bsg-01.JPG (57776 bytes)
  • shipboard use
  • located near TTY unit
  • turns xmtr off/on
  • selects AFSK (tone) or FSK (CFS)
  • manual NAVSHIPS 92279
  • wiring & operation info page

Radio Set Control
c1138-1411-01.jpg (188430 bytes)

c1138-naut-01.JPG (108958 bytes)
C-1138/UR aboard USS Nautilus

Radiotelephone control panel - includes key jack and handset jack

c1138-ur-1301.jpg (30813 bytes)

c1138-1411-100.jpg (241342 bytes)

c1138-ur-1302.jpg (103017 bytes)

c1138-1411-101.jpg (296275 bytes)

Manual NAVSHIPS 93152 - pdf

Manual pages - 
    operation, schematic, etc.

c1138-02.jpg (270343 bytes)

C-1180/GRC-27 radio set control

need photo adapts GRC-27 to standard shipboard remote control NAVSHIPS 92175

C-1277/SR Transmitter Control

c1277-sr-01.jpg (48084 bytes) Remote power control of  2 UHF transmitters - co-located with C-1138/UR or similar radiotelephone control box.

c1277-sr-02.jpg (46627 bytes)

c1277-sr-03.jpg (77100 bytes)

C-1277/SR is used with Antenna AS-668/SR and Relay Assembly RE-156/SR. Two of these antennas, each fed by a separate UHF transmitter (such as the TED-9) are mounted shipboard so as to give omni-directional horizontal coverage. 

The C-1277 allows an operator to energize one or both transmitters (only one at a time if they are on the same frequency). It is suggested that the labels "No.1" and "No.2" be replaced by "FORE" and "AFT" after installation. 

The C-1277 just has switches and indicator lamps while the RE-156 has the relays that actually control the two transmitters.

c3868-1406-01.JPG (31200 bytes)

c3868-1406-02.JPG (33226 bytes) c3868-1406-03.JPG (44940 bytes) c3868-1406-04.JPG (40126 bytes)

c3868-1406-05.JPG (31320 bytes)

c3868-1406-06.JPG (27906 bytes) -- --

C-9044/URC-35 remote control

c9044-urc35-01.JPG (54545 bytes) c9044-urc35-02.JPG (42670 bytes) c9044-urc35-03.JPG (21218 bytes)

Used with AN/URC-35 transceiver

C-10206/URC-94 remote control
c10206-urc94-01.jpg (40921 bytes)

c10206-urc94-02.jpg (63051 bytes) c10206-urc94-03.jpg (64420 bytes) Used with AN/URC-94 transciver

C-11922/U Remote Control Unit

c11922-u-1506-01.JPG (102442 bytes) What equipment was this used with?  


Speech Amp & Compressor

am413a-g-0211-1300.jpg (10478 bytes)

am413b-1408-01.jpg (219552 bytes)

am413-g-92.JPG (72570 bytes) am413-g-91.JPG (86157 bytes) AM-413/G manuf Harmon-Kardon
AM-413A/G manuf American Measuring Instruments

need more info - Please let me know if you have a manual I can borrow or buy

am413a-g-0211-1301.jpg (29506 bytes) am413a-g-0211-1302.jpg (44861 bytes) am413a-g-0211-1303.jpg (38287 bytes)

am413b-1408-02.jpg (227647 bytes)

am413b-1408-03.jpg (285087 bytes) -- ----


bb55-xmt-ctl-05.JPG (190302 bytes)
WW2 - 11-line Radiophone patch panel
in Radio 1 (Radio Central)
BB-55 USS North Carolina

bb55-xmt-ctl-02.JPG (181166 bytes)
WW2 - 11-line Radiophone patch panel
in Radio 2 (Transmitter Room)
BB-55 USS North Carolina
bb55-xmt-ctl-04.JPG (90380 bytes)

bb55-xmt-ctl-03.JPG (108533 bytes)
WW2 - 5-line Key control patch panel
in Radio 1 (Radio Central)
BB-55 USS North Carolina

bb55-xmt-ctl-01.JPG (251786 bytes)
WW2 - 5-line Key control patch panel
in Radio 2 (Transmitter Room)
BB-55 USS North Carolina

slater-44.JPG (128912 bytes)
WW2 - 7-line patch panel
in Radio Room
DE-766 USS Slater

transmitter transfer switchboard

sb83-torsk.JPG (28032 bytes)
SB-83/SRT aboard USS Torsk

sb83-srt-1403-02.JPG (198173 bytes)

5 transmitters, 10 remotes

sb83-srt-1403-01.JPG (344003 bytes)

These units switch 12-wire control signals -
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Indicator Lamp
  • Keying
  • 12v DC
  • Microphone
  • Carrier Control
  • Carrier Indicator

sb83-srt-42.JPG (4449785 bytes)

Spec Sheet - thanks to HNSA

sb83-srt-43.JPG (4361422 bytes)

sb83-srt-44.JPG (4464990 bytes)


transmitter control switchboard

3-50.jpg (51065 bytes)
19 transmitters, 10 remotes
 sb863-101.JPG (168626 bytes)
SB-863/SRT simplified schematic
showing 2 positions of 2 switches
xmtr-control-01.jpg (43776 bytes)
Dave Cunningham repairing SB-863 transmitter control switchboard on USS New Jersey
photo thanks to BNJARS



transmitter control switchboard

sb988-srt-1602-01.jpg (2882163 bytes)
6 transmitters, 10 remotes
sb988-srt-1602-02.jpg (3670135 bytes)  

SB-988/SRT manuf by Tabet