TMC - Navy Transmitter Components

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o503a-urt17a-01.jpg (12820 bytes) SSB/DSB/ISB/AM exciter
   O-503A/URA-23 oscillator
   PP-1796/URA-23 power supply
TMC model SBE-2

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

ura23-sbe-120301.JPG (42427 bytes) ura23-sbe-120302.JPG (42965 bytes) ura23-sbe-120303.JPG (57594 bytes) ura23-sbe-120304.JPG (75629 bytes)
AN/URA-27 ura27-01.JPG (168509 bytes)
Photos thanks to WA5AVK
Antenna tuner 2-30mc, 1kw
    CU-772/URA-27 tuner
    CU-773/URA-27 directional coupler
    C-2995/URA-27 control monitor

ura27-02.JPG (212709 bytes)

TMC model ATS-50-2

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

ura27-03.JPG (226111 bytes)



o672a-ura28-101.jpg (14049 bytes)

o672a-ura28-103.jpg (14476 bytes)

SSB/DSB/ISB/AM exciter
O-672/URA-28 + PP-1796

sbe3.JPG (82593 bytes)

TMC model SBE-3

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

o672a-ura28-102.jpg (27525 bytes)

-- SBE-9 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

250kc carrier re-insert phase adjust circuit board. Is this the correct  xfmr? This one is clearly a replacement. Please send me info or a photo of an original.

sbe9-phase-01.jpg (636436 bytes)
AN/URA-30 sbg1-01.JPG (66331 bytes) "Modulator-Oscillator Group"
Freq. Synthesized SSB/DSB/ISB/AM exciter

Used with AN/URT-19(V) 
and as part of:

TMC model SBG-1 comprising:

  • O-714/UR (TMC CBE-1)
    Sideband Exciter
  • AN/URA-31 (TMC CPO-1)
    Oscillator-Power Supply
    (see below)
  • TH-39A/UGT (TMC TIS-3)
    AFSK keyer



TMC model SBG-1 

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

URA-30 cable drawings

AN/URA-31 cpo1.JPG (60831 bytes) "Oscillator-Power Supply"
Freq. Synthesizer - no exciter
Part of AN/URA-30 Modulator-Oscillator Group

TMC model CPO-1 comprising:

  • AM-2505/UR (TMC CHG-1) or CHG-2
    frequency amplifier
  • O-716/UR (TMC CMO-1)
    controlled master oscillator
  • O-717/UR (TMC CLL-1)
    controlled oscillator
  • O-715/UR (TMC CSS-1)
    frequency standard
  • TH-39A/UGT (TMC TIS-3)
    AFSK keyer
  • CV-928/UR (TMC CHL-1)
    divider chain
  • PP-2562/UR (TMC CPP-2)
    main power supply
  • TMC CPP-1 or CPP-5
    power supply for CHG
TMC model CPO-1

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY


ura27-04.JPG (29545 bytes)

70 ohm version of AN/URA-27 Antenna tuner  2-30mc, 1kw


  TMC model ATS-70-2

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

HF amplifier
ura36-01.JPG (55549 bytes) 1 kw linear amp
2-32 mc
TMC model PAL-1KB

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY


tmc-xfk-01.jpg (16062 bytes)

FSK keyer
tmc-xfk-02.jpg (20100 bytes)
c2749a-urt-1105-03.jpg (56852 bytes) TMC model XFK

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

c2749a-urt-1105-02.jpg (59591 bytes) c2749a-urt-1105-04.jpg (76126 bytes) c2749a-urt-1105-05.jpg (96254 bytes) c2749a-urt-1105-06.jpg (76293 bytes)
xfk-120301.JPG (35941 bytes) xfk-120303.JPG (61654 bytes) xfk-120304.JPG (75563 bytes) xfk-120305.JPG (56998 bytes)

ky429-frt-01.jpg (7361 bytes)

ky429-frt-02.jpg (7825 bytes) Isolation Keyer (CW & TTY Loop) used with FRT-39,  FRT-40, etc.


manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

o-330a-01.jpg (27539 bytes)

-- VFO 2-64 mc TMC model VOX

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY


o579-urt-01.JPG (88416 bytes)

o579-urt-03.JPG (126216 bytes) Two-tone test generator - used with spectrum analyzer in non-synthesized FRT-39 and FRT-40


TMC model TTG (O-579)

TMC model TTG-2 (O-579A)

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

AN/FRT-39 tank coil
gpt10k-tank-01.jpg (32749 bytes)
AN/FRT-39 final tube socket
gpt10k-skt-01.jpg (21138 bytes)
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TMC - 2012 - See for a complete history of the company

(l) TMC historian John Poulton
(r) TMC President Neil de Pasquale
      (son of founder Ray de Pasquale)
IMG_1706.jpg (692287 bytes)
Neil and John at TMC HQ building
700 Fenimore Rd.
Mamaroneck NY
IMG_1709.jpg (1095863 bytes)
TMC HQ building (rear)
700 Fenimore Rd.
Mamaroneck NY
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