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The U.S. Naval Communications Station, Balboa (NAVCOMMSTA BALBOA), established in 1908, is the oldest Naval Activity on the Isthmus. Its headquarters is located adjacent to the Fifteenth Naval District headquarters at Fort Amador and houses a facilities control center, a message center, a cryptographic center and a fleet broadcast center. It's receiver unit is located on the opposite side of the Canal at Farfan while the transmitter station, Summit, is situated on the Trans-Isthmian Highway on the continental divide. Providing communications support for the fleet is a primary consideration of NAVCOMMSTA BALBOA. Additionally, as a tributary of the Naval Communications System, the station meets the communications needs of all the commands in the area.
  • Farfan receiver site
  • Summit transmitter site 
  • Gatun VLF transmitter site
  • Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Network - web site
patch-nba-01a.JPG (109793 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Balboa patch

1960's - Summit Transmitter Site - AN/FRT-73 transmitter photos from Jay Schroeder - more Summit photos

summit-js-07.JPG (1190445 bytes)
Transmitter & Helix buildings & antenna lead-in
summit-js-04.JPG (1420084 bytes)
Control Console
summit-js-03.JPG (1068227 bytes)
NRS Atomic Clock
summit-js-02.JPG (648264 bytes)
Helix Coil
summit-js-01.JPG (1163299 bytes)
Transmitter heat exchanger
summit-js-06.JPG (1162214 bytes)
Transmitter finals
summit-js-05.JPG (1138304 bytes)
Output tuning coil

1968 article
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bulletin-6812-20.JPG (216933 bytes) bulletin-6812-21.JPG (331755 bytes) bull-balboa-01.JPG (210483 bytes) bull-balboa-03.JPG (187050 bytes)
bull-balboa-04.JPG (143036 bytes) bull-balboa-02.JPG (159895 bytes) balboa-ant-01.JPG (67726 bytes) plaque-balboa-1121a.jpg (118550 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Balboa plaque
thanks to Randy Hoops

Summit Transmitter Site Map (1983) & Photos (1999) - thanks to Matt Paulonis

map-summit-00.JPG (8845091 bytes) Building 6102 at Base of 600' tower
MVC-160S.JPG (177049 bytes)
Base of 600' tower (#6103)
MVC-159S.JPG (119662 bytes)
Base of 600' tower (6103)
MVC-158S.JPG (181160 bytes)
Taken from Transmitter Building 6003
MVC-152S.JPG (667547 bytes)
Helix House (6002)
MVC-151S.JPG (595829 bytes)
MVC-161S.JPG (224456 bytes) MVC-162S.JPG (181828 bytes)