Buskin Lake Transmitter Site, NAVCOMMSTA Kodiak

1955 Buskin Lake Facility Instruction Book - download 12 MB pdf

1953 Photos from Linc Milanese

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buskin-linc-04.JPG (283928 bytes) Linc writes - I was stationed in the years 1950 to 1952 at the old transmitter station, the one that was in the center of the four high standing antenna towers. We lived 24/7 alongside of the transmitter building, had our meals inside the station itself prepared by our own cook. There were about 8 or so ET's. We had transmitters for radio teletype, voice communications, and Morse code transmissions. There is not a thing written about this station, maybe because of the high amount of electromagnetic radiation that was given off, especially from the radio teletype transmitters which had to be constantly keyed. Fortunately I have pictures of the station, our small building home alongside it and of the entire antenna field. If anyone else reads this, especially the ship mates that were stationed there with me, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Lincoln A. Milanese, ET3 - LINC113@aol.com

1955 Photos from Rodger Schwind - More from Rodger - 1955 info1955 photos

Old transmitter building
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buskin-schwind-09.jpg (339412 bytes) New transmitter building
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AN/FRT-4 on left, ?? on right
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View from inside AN/FRT-4
looking out at AN/FRT-18
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Control panel
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Control Panel
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ET Shop
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Rodger on the job
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1979 photo of new transmitter building - chock full of AN/FRT-39 and AN/FRT-40