US Naval Radio Station Guardamar del Segura, Spain

photo thanks to Pedro Vidal Terrasa
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AN/FRT-10 transmitter
photos thanks to NF7M

500 kw LF 100-200 kc CW/FSK -  spec sheet
dual 250 kw transmitters
diesel engines for p/s

installed at Guardamar del Segura, Spain

Info from John Cobb:
"The AN/FRT-10 was unique, a 500 kW LF giant tuning 100 - 200 kHz. It was in two amplifier bays, which we drove alternately with an external TMC synthesized exciter stack, running the single-channel KSUB broadcast at about 50 kW. It fed a 1200-foot tower, through 8-inch rigid coax and a big variometer/capacitor network in the helix house. The amplifier bays each  consisted of IPA and driver stages for the finals: four air-cooled 6697 triodes in grounded-grid push-pull configuration!"

FRT-10 right bank
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Main building & power plant (6 diesels)
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Tower base & helix house
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Left side rear view of the PA and front of the circuit breakers panel
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Left - front of one half of the main control
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Two exciters driving the AN/FRT-10
frt10-16.JPG (1078564 bytes)
Power supplies for the right side PA
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Photo thanks to Manuel Espinosa
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