Is this mystery transmitter site at Jacksonville in the 1950's?

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1995 Site Info - BRAC report Equipment
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NAVCOMTELSTA Jacksonville was established on 1 October 1990 as an echelon three shore activity under the command of Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command (COMNAVCOMTELCOM). In January 1995 NAVCOMTELSTA Jacksonville was reorganized under Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic (NCTAMSLANT). The Commanding Officer, NAVCOMTELSTA Jacksonville acts as an advisor to Commander, Naval Region Southeast (COMNAVREG SE) on Information Technology issues. On 1 October 1999, all billets associated with providing services categorized as base-operating support transferred to the host activity, Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville. As a result, NAS Jacksonville provides facilities, custodial and safety support to NAVCOMTELSTA Jacksonville.

February 1997 - 10 additional HF Transmitters were moved to NRTF Saddlebunch Key from NCTS Jacksonville as part of the DoN HF Re-Alignment process.