Los Baņos Philippines - US Naval Radio Control Station

Photos from February, 1930

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Operating building showing antenna entrance and portion of Beveridge antenna to reduce echo
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Operating building showing 1/2 wave 16180 kc antenna with transmission line to reduce static
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Operating building and antenna dispositions particularly 1/2 wave 16180 kc antenna and transmission line for transpacifics
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Officer in charge quarters
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Operating building and antenna dispositions
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From operating building showing store house, power house, partial view of barracks and Mt Maquiling
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Transpacific and automatic bench
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AC-DC motor generator 220 v 3 ph 60 cyc, 120v dc
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Common plate battery showing urgent need for new charge and distribution Switch board
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Transformer bank at high line
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Traffic supervisors and Traffic Yeoman desk also keying distribution board and frequency and schedule chart "B"
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Close-up - frequency and schedule chart "B" showing Asiatic Fleet and P.I. Signal Corps
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High frequency bench:  No. 1 - Cinc, No. 2 - Unit Comdrs, No. 3 Harbor and utility
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Power house switch board
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355 kc and 545 kc bench also showing Common battery wiring
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Keying relays partial view
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Olangapo Harbor Circuit Split tone bench with additional utility model RE. Loud Speaker monitors Cavite 56 kcs
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No. 2 Station Built receiver (NPN-NPP-Simplex) also HF Heterodyne Frequency Meter, also Honolulu low frequency receiver