US Navy Communication Unit - Christchurch, New Zealand - ZLK

This unit was established to support operations in Antarctica.
The transmitter site is next to Weedons RNZAF Base and the receiver site is next to Christchurch International airport.

1994 report on HF link experiments between Christchurch and McMurdo

plaque-nz-01.JPG (64820 bytes) Receiver & HQ site locations
nz-rcvr-01.jpg (881638 bytes)
Receiver Site & Antennas
nz-rcvr-02.jpg (533199 bytes)
Receiver Site
nz-rcvr-03.jpg (1831093 bytes)
Antennas at Weedons
weedons_aerial.jpg (906244 bytes)
Transmitter Site Location
nz-xmtr-01.jpg (1173949 bytes)
Transmitter Site & Antennas
nz-xmtr-02.jpg (536526 bytes)
Transmitter Site
nz-xmtr-03.jpg (2133038 bytes)
Transmitter building at Weedons
weedons_tx_bld.jpg (664139 bytes)
AN/FRT-39 transmitters at Weedons
weedons_frt-39_2.jpg (800895 bytes)
AN/FRT-39 transmitters at Weedons
weedons_frt-39_1.jpg (767900 bytes)