Fleet ASW School San Diego Communications (NPL3)

Former RMC Tom Dailey writes:
"I spent 2 Ĺ years at the Fleet ASW Cen SDIEGO (FASWS SDIEGO), upon which COMTRAPAC (Commander Training Command, US Pac Flt) was located. We had THE communications guard for FASWS, ComTraPac, Commander Fleet Tng. Grp SDIEGO, Fleet Anti-Air Warfare Training Cen, Fleet Computer Programming Cen PAC, Naval Electronics Lab (NEL), as well as guard for a few ships like USS TARGETEER & USS KALMIA (drone launchers)

Callsigns were:
NPL3 - 4335 kcs - A1 (CW)
Belasco - 2268 kcs - A3 (AM)
RUWDE - online routing indicator

The CW circuit was silenced in mid 1964 (rats!), but Iíve attached photos of the UNCLAS area - RBA, RBB, RBC receivers + a TCS xmtr/rcvr/coupler which had originally been used to communicate on Harbor Common (2716 kcs - A3). At one time, they even had a TELESCOPE for reading light!

I came there an RMSN, straight out of RM-A school (6/63), and left an RM2 (1/66). The command was disestablished in 6/98 (I was invited to attend.. and DID), and the upper deck (formerly the commcen) STILL smelled from that curious scent of Eau d' Electronique... [Navy electronic equipment, teletype tape, Model 28 lube grease, stale coffee, full ashtrays, and mimeograph fluid] - The outside antenna mount for the "Standard 35' whip" (for the TCS) was still there, as well as the feedthru insulator through the building wall.

Shown are receivers RBA, RBB, RBC + LM-21, TCS combination, and I can't recall the designator for the tape keyer (seldom used for practice... I got enough of that on the circuit). There was a "pony loop" TTY link between it and COMFLETRAGRU SDIEGO (which was also on the FASWS base), and "behind the green door" was the classified area with online & offline crypto. Radio circuits were on 4335 A1, until early '65, then on 2268 A3 (horrible props - bad pick). The transmitter building was very small, and at the end of the base near the ASW piers (no longer there), where USS KALMIA & USS TARGETEER tied up. In the xmtr building were TDE's, TBM's, a TDO and I can't recall the rest. This is where the maint PO (Noonan ET1) had his shop"
COMTRAPAC COMMS_0001.jpg (155475 bytes) COMTRAPAC COMMS_0002.jpg (125757 bytes) "seated" in the chair is RM3 Terry ("Dinky") Dolan
COMTRAPAC COMMS_0003.jpg (157046 bytes)