Communications Technician T-R-I 3 & 2
1964 NAVPERS 10231 training manual

This book has been written to aid enlisted personnel of the United States Navy and Naval Reserve in preparing for advancement to the rates of Communications Technician T, R, and I Branches, 3 and 2. It brings up to date and combines that information which previously was contained in each of the separate 3 and 2 Navy Training Courses for the T, R, and I Branches, NavPers 10234, 10238, and 10239 respectively.

Subjects with which Communications Technician personnel must be familiar and the skills to be acquired before qualifying for advancement are contained in the Manual of Qualifications for Advancement in Rating for Communications Technicians, Naval Security Group Instruction P002573. 5 series. Personnel should check the currently effective edition of that instruction before beginning to study for advancement in rating.

Those who work in communications know how quickly procedures and equipment can change. Although this book was up to date when published and will be revised from time to time, between revisions some obsolescence may occur. For that reason, personnel should keep up to date on the latest publications and directives.

This Navy Training Course was prepared by the U. S. Naval Security Group Headquarters in cooperation with the Bureau of Naval Personnel.