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AN/- Electronics Equipment, for Shipboard, Submerged or Joint Use.

NOTE: Years given are generally the earliest Manual Dates.

AN/ Designation Description and Typical Usage TM/TO Date
* = Several Models Known

B-* = Underwater (Submarine) Equipment

BAR-1 Submarine IR Receiver 91466 1951
BAR-3 IR Detector 1957
BAR-4 Submarine IR Detecting Set 92180
BBH-160 RS Antenna System
BDQ-3 Radiation Monitoring Set 1967
BEQ-1 Submarine Nuclear Radiation Monitor for USS Nautilus 1954
BIA-1 PA Set Accessory
BIH-1 PA Set
BLA-1,2,4 Antenna Control Groups 1958
BLD-1 Submarine Countermeasures DF Receiver U/W TS-4119/B 
             TS-4119/ BLD-1 Test Set
BLM-1 Countermeasures Test Set 1970
BLQ-1 Submarine Sonar Jamming System ?
BLQ-3 Submarine Sonar Jamming System

BLR-1 ECM Receiver, .3-10 GHz U/W AS-571/,605/,615/SLR c 1953
BLR-6 Sub Periscope Radio Intercept System 1958
BLR-9 Countermeasures Receiver 93519
BMQ-74* Aerial Target System
BPA-1 Microwave Direction Finder 2300-10,600 MC 1948
BPA-2 Radar Antenna Group 1954
BPA-6 Radar Antenna Group 1959
BPN-1 Radar Beacon 92521 1952
BPQ-1 Radar Course-Directing Central 1957
BPQ-2 Radar Course-Directing Central 93590,93811 1960
BPS-1 X-Band Torpedo & Aircraft Alert Radar (modified SS-1) 91400
             CW-43ADF-1 BPS-1 RF Unit 100 KW-Pk 900106
             AS-527/ BPS-1 Antenna Assembly (partly on periscope)
             AT-294/ BPS-1 X-Band Horn
             C-836/ BPS-1 Ant. Control Unit
             CBB-20ADW BPS-1 HV Rect.
             CGP-14ABH BPS-1 Periscope Antenna Adapter
             CW-20ADX-1 BPS-1 Servo PS
             CW-20AJG-2 BPS-1 Sensitivity Time Control
             CW-23AGS-1 BPS-1 Power Distrib. Unit
             CW-24AAN BPS-1 Waveguide Switch
             CW-50AKK-1 BPS-1 Servo Amplifier Control Unit U/W SS-A Radar WE Co.
             CW-55AGV-3 BPS-1 Indicator Console 5" PPI
             CW-62217 BPS-1 JBx
             20ADO-1 BPS-1 Aux. Rect.
BPS-2 L-Band Search Radar, 1300 MC, +50 KM-Pk 91817 1952
BPS-3 C-Band Search Radar, 125 KW-Pk 92436
BPS-4 S-Band Search Radar 91621
             RT-256/ BPS-4 RF Unit, 500 KW-Pk
             AB-251/ BPS-4 Ant. Base
             AS-594/ BPS-4 Antenna
             C-1026/ BPS-4 Antenna Control
             C-1027/ BPS-4 Power Control
             C-1028/ BPS-4 Control Cabinet
             IP-183/ BPS-4 Range Indicator
             J-483/ BPS-4 JBx
             J-484/ BPS-4 Fuse Box
             MD-166/ BPS-4 Modulator
             PP-776-778 BPS-4 PS Units
BPS-9 Submarine Radar S/T SS- Equipment 91513
BPS-11-14 Search Radar 1965
BPS-15* Submarine I/J-Band Search & FC Radar
BPX-1 Submarine Radar IFF Set 
             AS-468,522-25,535/ BPX-1 IFF Antennas 91852
BPX-8 Submarine Radar IFF Set
BQA-3,4 Sonar Computer-Indicator Groups 1960
BQA-8 Sonar Computer Group 1964
BQC-1 Sonar Communications System 91178 1952
BQC-2 Sonar Communications System 93660* 1960
BQG-2 Sonar Receiver 1966
BQG-4 Sonar Receiver 1971
BQH-1 Sonar Target Depth-Speed Computer 1961
BQH-2 Sonar Data Set 1960
BQH-3 Sonar Target Depth-Speed Set 1962
BQH-4,5 Sonar Data Sets 1972
BQH-7 Bathythermograph Set 1982
BQH-8 Sonar Data Set 1985
BQM-1 Sonar test Set 981258 1960
BQM-34 Sonar Target Drone
BQM-74 Air-Launched Radar Decoy
BQN-1 Sonar Navigational Unit 91179 1949
BQN-4 Sonar Sounding Set 1959
BQN-17 Sonar Sounding Set 1979
BQN-20 Sonar Interrogator Set 1975
BQQ-1 Sonar System 1960
BQQ-2 Passive Submersed Fire Control 1967
BQQ-3 Sonar Classification Set 1964
BQQ-5,6 ASW Sonar Sets 1977,78
BQQ-9 Sonar Set 1986
BQR-1 Sonar Receiver 91026
BQR-2 Sonar Receiver c 1951
BQR-4 Sonar Receivers 91736 1952
BQR-7,10 Sonar Receivers 1969
BQR-15 Towed Passive Sonar Array 
BQR-16 Sonar Receiver
BQR-19 Sonar Receiver 1971
BQR-20-25 Sonar Receivers 1970s
BQR-T1 Sonar Training Set 91223,91224
BQR-T1,2 Sonar Trainers 1950-60
BQR-T2 Sonar Traing Set 91344,91345 1950
BQR-T4 Sonar Trainer 1980
BQS-2 Sonar Detector & Ranging Set 1955
BQS-3 Sonar System 91407A 1951
             MX-1270/ BQS-3 Pressure Capsule 91509 1951
BQS-4 Active/Passive Sonar System 1966
             TS-2704/ BQS-4 Test Set
BQS-6,7,8 Sonar Detector & Ranging Sets c 1968
BQS-7 Sonar Detecting Set 93682 1960
BQS-10-15,20 Sonar Decting & Ranging Sets 1970s
BQS-15 Close-Up Ice Detection Sonar
BQS-T1 Sonar Training Set 91005
BQS-T2 Sonar Trainer 1967
BQS-T3 Sonar Training Set 91107
BRA-1 Antenna Coupler Group 91918 1953
BRA-2 Antenna Group 1956
BRA-3,5 Antenna Tuning Group 93160 1958
BRA-4 Modulator Group 93023 1957
BRA-5 Submarine Antenna Group
             CBOM-66053 BRA-5A Whip Antenna 
BRA-6* Submarine Antenna Tuning Group 93321,94198 1958
BRA-7 Submarine-Towed Communications Buoy 1962
BRA-8-9 Submarine Antenna Groups 1960s
BRA-10 Submarine-Towed Communications Buoy 1962
BRA-11 Antenna Group 95768 1964
BRA-12 Antenna Group
BRA-13 Submarine Antenna Tuning Group 94399
BRA-14,15 Antenna Groups 1964
BRA-16 VLF Antenna Multicoupler Unit 1978
BRA-17 Antenna Tuner Group 1962
BRA-18 Antenna Transfer Assembly 95803 
BRA-20-23 Antenna Groups 1960s
BRA-24 Antenna Transfer Group 1974
BRA-25,26 Antenna Tuner Groups 1967
BRA-27 Improved BRA-10 for higher towing speeds 1964
BRA-32,34 Antenna Groups 1970
BRC-1 Sub. Rescue Buoy Radio 91838
BRD-1 Submarine DF Receiver model 92297 
BRD-2 DF Set S/T SRD-6* 92647 1956
BRD-3 Submarine DF Receiver 92297 1954
BRD-4,5,6 DF Sets 1960s
BRD-7 DF Set 1974
BRM- Submarine Radio Test Equipment
BRM-2 Transmitter Test Set 1973
BRM-4 Antenna Test Set 1982
BRN-1,2 Navigation Receivers 1958
BRN-4 Omega Navigational System Receiver, 10.2 & 13.6 KHz 1968
BRN-6 Radio Navigation Set 1973
BRN-7 OMEGA Receiver 1974
             TS-3389/ BRN-7 Test Set
BRR-1 Omega Receiver 14-27 KC AM, CW, FSK 1958
BRR-3* R-988* ELF Radio Receiver 14-30 KC (3 RF, 5 IF) 1960
BRR-4,6 Receivers 1976
             TS-3913/ BRR-6 Antenna Test Set
BRT-1 Submarine Transmitter 1975
BRT-2 Transmitter 1974
BRT-6 Transmitter 1985
BSA-9 ? Sonar Data Transmission Group 92601A 1956
BSC-1 Radio Room Central for Trident Subs 1988
BSQ-1 Submarine Sonar Transmitter 
BSU-92* "Airfoil System"
BSY-1,2 Submarine Sonar Combat Systems
BTM-1 Test Set for BRT-1 Transmitter

FQQ-8 Fixed Base Sonar Detection System 94058 1961
PQC-1 Portable Sonar Communication Set 92882 1956
PQS-1 Portable Sonar Detection Set 93260 1958
QLA-1 Sonar Hydraulic Hoist & Train Equipment 91149 1948

S-** Shipboard Systems

SAC-4 Shipboard IR Communications Set 92497 1955
SAM-40,41 Control Adaptors 98580 
SAQ-1 Shipboard IR Comm Syst 
SAQ-2 Shipboard IR Receptor 92156
SAR-22 Antenna Coupler Group 93286
SAR-4* IR Viewing Set 91911A,92413,92497 1955
             PP-782/ SAR-4 Power Supply 92413 1955
SAR-5 Shipboard IR Receiver 92352
SAR-6 Shipboard IR Viewing Set 93263A 1958
SAT-2 Shipboard IR Transmitter 92169
SCC-1 TTY Carrier Terminal 92857 1956
SCM-1 Mobile Weather Station TM 11-2409 1945
SCM-9 Mobile Radiosonde Station (later TMQ-4)
SCM-10 Mobile Ballistic Wind Station (later TMQ-4)
SCM-17 Mobile Automated Weather Station 300 mile range
SCM-18 Mobile (Parachute-delivered) Weather Station 100 mile range
SCM-19 Semi-Fixed Automated Weather Station 500 mile range
SCM-20 Weather Station
SCS-1,2,3 Shhhh! Shhhh! 19??
SDU-4/U Aircraft Red-Green Signal Lamp
SGA-5 Teletype Code Group 93543 1961
SGC-1* RTTY Term-Converter, AFSK; AC PS. Remler 91152 1956
SGC-2 Teletypewriter Set 91523-42
SFA-47 Transmitter Control Group 95725 1964
SIA-1 AF Osc. & Amp., 125 W, 115 VAC PS 3650286
SIA-3 Ship Announcing Equipment 3651864
SIA-4 Audio Amplifier Control Group 3650941
SIA-10 High Power AF Amp/Modulator (four 811 tubes)
SIA-35 Battle Announcing PA Set, 160 W, 115 VAC PS 3650222
SIA-46 Battle Announcing Set 3651629 
SIA-61 HP AF Amp., 115 VAC PS
SIA-62 HP AF Amp., 115 VAC PS
SIA-66 AF Amp., 160 W, 115 VAC PS
SIC-1 Intercom Set 92165
SIC-2 Intercom System 3652619
SIG-1 PA Set 50 W TM 11-2577
SIH-4 Portable PA Set, 55 W IC/RPM-4MS 3651947
SIQ-1 50 Watt Shipboard Public Address System TM 11-2577 1945
SKR-1 Shipboard Telemetry Data Deceiver 6-ft Radome c 1970
SLA-1 ECM Signal Analyzer (5-gun CRT) 98264 1951
SLA-10 Radar Intercept RFI Blanker 1963
SLA-12,15 ECM Antenna Groups
SLQ-1 Shipboard ECM Set 92076 1953
SLQ-10 Early Shipboard Automatic Radar Jammer
SLQ-12 Shipboard ECM Set 94043 1964
SLQ-17,19 ECM Equipment
             TS-2783/ SLQ-19 CM Test set
SLQ-21 Radar Simulator
SLQ-22-24 ECM Equipment
SLQ-25 NIXIE Towed Acoustic Torpedo Decoy
SLQ-26 ECM Equipment
             TS-2992,3249/ SLQ-26 Test Sets
SLQ-32* ECM Combined Radar Warning & Jamming System R/B SLQ-54 
SLQ-48 Mine Neutralization System
SLQ-54 Shipboard ECM System, R/F SLQ-32

SLR-1 Shipboard ECM Receiver
SLR-2 Shipboard ECM Receiver, .3-10 GHz U/W AS-571/,605/,615/SLR
SLR-9 Shipboard ECM Receiver 94326
SLR-12 Shipboard Radar Intercept and DF Set 1963
SLT-1 Radar Countermeasures Set 98270,98323 1952
             CG-10733 SLT-1 Magnetron Magnet
             CG-24AAV* SLT-1 Waveguide Shutter
             CRP-1401 AN/SQR-1 Generator Control Unit 

SMD-1 Radiosonde Receptor 91211
SMR-3 Radiosonde Receiver
SMQ-10 Airforce Receiver-Recorder
SNH-1 Tape Recorder, 2-speed, 115 VAC PS
SNH-2 Wire Recorder, 115 VAC PS 3651803
SNH-3 Wire Recorder, 115 VAC PS
SNH-6 35 mm Sound Recorder & PA Set, 115 VAC PS
SNH-7 Wire recorder, 115 VAC PS

SPA- Shipboard Radar Systems
SPA-1 Radar Pulse Analyzer S/T APA-6 Motorola 900768
SPA-2 Radar Switching Unit
SPA-4* Shipboard 10" PPI, 300 M Range and Azimuth Display
SPA-9 Shipboard 10" PPI Display 0-250 M range
SPA-8* Radar Indicator Group 981466 1962
SPA-15 Shipboard Target Plotting Board 1952
SPA-18 Shipboard 7" PPI Display 2-300 M Range
SPA-25 Shipboard Radar Display
SPA-26 Shipboard Target Indicator 1959
             ID-588/ SPA-26 Target Selector & Readout 93366 1959
SPA-50 Shipboard 22" PPI Display, 440 M Range
SPA-51 Radar Indicator Group 93526* 1960
SPA-59 Shipboard 10" PPI Display 0-400 M Range
SPA-72 Shipboard Antenna System
SPG-50 X-Band A-A Gunnery Radar
             RT-336/ SPG-50 RF Unit, 8500-9600 MC, 50 KW-Pk
             OA-772/ SPG-50 Control Console
             CY-1855/ SPG-50 Stores Cabinet
             SA-321/SPG-34 SPG-50 Safety Sw.
             SA-338/SPG-34 SPG-50 MG Starter Sw.
SPG-51* Tartar Missile Guidance System
SPG-52 Ku-Band Gunnery Radar
             RT-266A/ SPG-52 RF Unit
             C-1070,1071/ SPG-52 Control Units
             CP-134A/ SPG-52 Computer
             CY-1393/ SPG-52 Spares Case
SPG-53* I/J-Band FC Radar 
SPG-55* CWAT MK 115 FC Radar
SPG-60 I/J-Band FC Radar
SPM-1 DF Calibration Xmtr. (OCY-1) 
SPM-4 Radar Frequency & Power Meter
SPM-5 Radar Test Set TM 11-1501 1945
SPM-6 Radar Range Calibrator
SPN-1 Radar Beacon c 1945
SPN-4 Shipboard Radar 91052
             MX-853/ SPN-4 Modification Kit
SPN-5* Shipboard S-Band Search Radar TM 11-1301 1947
             AS-444/ SPN-5 Antenna, Dish type, 10 RPM TM 11-1301,1501
             IP-51/ SPN-5 12" PPI
             PU-163,164/U SPN-5 Generators TM 11-5510
             SA-166,167/U SPN-5 PU Starters " "
             SA-172,173/U SPN-5 Circut Breakers
SPN-6 S-Band Carrier Landing System, 500 KW-Pk U/W SSQ-14, SPA-8*
             OA-1545,46/ SPN-6 Radar Antenna Groups 981050 1958
             C-851/ SPN-6 Antenna Control
             CN-144/ SPN-6 Antenna Stabilizer
SPN-7 LORAN Receiver TM 11-1302 1950
SPN-8* X-Band Beacon U/W SIC-1, SSQ-14 91643,91879
             OA-364/ SPN-8 R-T Group, 9000-9200 MC, 40-60 KW-Pk
             AM-396/ SPN-8 IF Amplifier 91879
             AS-477/ SPN-8 Antenna (horz dish)
             C-1063,82/ SPN-8 Indicator Controls
             CW-205/ SPN-8 Radome
             CY-1502/ SPN-8A Cabinet
             FR-68/UP SPN-8 Tuned Cavity
             J-582/ SPN-8A Inter-Bx
             OA-156-158/ SPN-8 PPI Indicator Groups
             OS-14/ SPN-8 Oscilloscope
             RE-127/ SPN-8 Solenoid Relay
SPN-10 Ka-Band Carrier Landing Radar, 50 KW-Pk 92385
SPN-11* X-Band Nav. Radar, to 20 M TM 11-1335,1535 1950
             R-480/ SPN-11 Receiver, c 9350 MC
             RT-2681/ SPN-11 RF Unit, 30 KW-Pk 91751,91752
             AS-599/ SPN-11 Antenna, Horz. Dish, 17 rpm
             CN-192/ SPN-11 Volt-Reg.
             CU-311/ SPN-11 Duplexer 1B24A TR Tube
             CV-239/ SPN-11 RF Mixer
             HD-124/ SPN-11 Anti-Humidity Heater
             IP-193/ SPN-11 7" Az-Range Scope
             PU-243/ SPN-11 MG PS
             SA-284/ SPN-11 MG Switch
             SA-287/ SPN-11 MG Starter
SPN-12* X-Band Carrier Landing Radar (aircraft approach speed) 
             RT-249/ SPN-12 RF-Unit, 10,000 MC, 20 W-CW 91778,92262,92281
             CP-110/ SPN-12 Computer
             CY-1103/ SPN-12 Accessories Cabinet
             ID-323,24/ SPN-12 landing Speed Indicators
             PP-733/ SPN-12 PS
SPN-18* X-Band Nav. Radar, 40 KW-Pk TM 11-1330,1530, 5840-214 1955
SPN-20 LORAN Beacon S/T SPN-24 92555*
             CU-468/ SPN-20 Antenna Coupler
SPN-21 X-Band Small Boat Radar
SPN-22 X-Band Small Boat Radar, 7 KW-Pk
SPN-23 X-Band Small Boat Radar, 7 KW-Pk 92721
SPN-24 LORAN Beacon, 20 KW-Pk S/T UPN-14 93554
             OA-1521/ SPN-24 Xmtr Group, 1700-2000 KC
             OA-1523/ SPN-24 Rcvr Group, 1850 & 1950 KC (2 used)
             CN-481/ SPN-24 Line Regulator
             CU-468/SPN-20 SPN-24 Ant. Coupler
SPN-25 LORAN Receiver 4-Channel RCA 92847
SPN-29* LORAN-C Receiver Set 93639,94029
             R-948*/ SPN-29 Receiver, 100 KC
             IP-518*/ SPN-29 Indicator
SPN-31 LORAN-C Receiver Set 94775
             R-1017/ SPN-31 Receiver, 100 KC
             AT-1005/U SPN-31 Whip Antenna
             CU-860/ SPN-31 Ant-Coupler
             IP-576/ SPN-31 Indicator
SPN-32 LORAN-C Receiver Set S/T WPN-4 94214
             R-1042/ SPN-32 Receiver & Indicator
             CU-917/ SPN-32 Ant-Coupler
SPN-35 X-Band Carrier-Approach Control (stabilized TPN-8)
             RT-660/ SPN-35 RF Unit, 175-200 KW-Pk
             AS-1292/TPN-8 SPN-35 Azimuth Dish
             C-851/SPN-6 SPN-35 Antenna Control
             CN-144/SPN-6 SPN-35 Antenna Stabilizer
             FR-68/UP SPN-35 Echo Box
SPN-40 Shipboard Loran-C Receiver
SPN-41 Ku-Band Aircraft Approach Control Xmtr U/W ARA-63
SPN-42 Ka-Band Aircraft Approach Control Xmtr 0967-304-4010
             T-1024/ SPN-42 Xmitter, 50 KW-Pk
             C-7128/ SPN-42 Control Unit
             SN-408/ SPN-42 Synchronizer 
             USM-181A SPN-42 Test Oscilloscope
SPN-43 S-Band Carrier ATC Radar (imp SPN-6)
             OE-38/ SPN-43 Antenna Group
             OK-44/ SPN-43 Antenna Control Group
             OK-45/ SPN-43 Radar Control Group
             R-1460/ SPN-43 Receiver, 3400-3700 MC
             T-1047/ SPN-43 Xmitter, 850 KW-Pk
             AB-995/ SPN-43 Pedestal
             AS-2034/ SPN-43 Antenna
SPQ-1 L-Band Shipboard Radar Jammer c 1945
             R-69/ SPQ-1 ECM Receiver
             T-63/ SPQ-1 Jamming Transmitter
SPQ-2 Missile Guidance Radar 91207 c 1950
             SM-151/ SPQ-2 Simulator Test Set 93344 1959
SPQ-5 C-Band Terrier Guidance Radar 9984
SPQ-6 S-Band Counter-Fire Radar, 300 KW-Pk 93211
SPQ-9 I/J-Band Radar FC
SPR-1 Radar Receiver, 40-1000 MC Motorola 900483
             AS-57/ SPR-1 Antenna
             CU-19/ SPR-1 Antenna Matching Network, 40-300 MC RG-8/U
             CU-27/ SPR-1 Antenna Matching Network, 300-1000 MC RG-8/U 
SPR-2* Receiver, 1000-9000 MC (extended frequency APR-5AX)
             CFH-49890 SPR-2* Coax to Waveguide Adapter 
             CCEP-66AMA SPR-2 1/4-Wave Dipole, 1000-3000 MC 
             CCEP-66AMB SPR-2 Conical Antenna, 800-3800 MC
             CAGW-66131 SPR-2 Antenna System
             AS-45/ SPR-2 Antenna
             CV-12/ SPR-2 Lighthouse Tube Converter
             MX-214/ SPR-2 RF Chassis
             TN-56-58/ SPR-2 Tuners
SPR-3 Radar Search Receiver
SPS-2 HP 100 MC Air-Search Radar 7 MW-Pk
SPS-3 Radar Equipment 92171
SPS-4 C-Band Search Radar, 180 KW-Pk S/T SG-6B 91724
SPS-5* C-Band Search Radar 91428,91634*,92752,93521 1960
             OA-2237/ SPS-5C Radar Group 93477
             RT-202/ SPS-5 RF Unit, 6275-6575 MC, 300 KW
             RT-301/ SPS-5B RF Unit 91958
             RT-510/ SPS-5C RF Unit, 5450-5825 MC, 350 KW-Pk
             AS-511/ SPS-5 Antenna
             AS-651/ SPS-5A Ant.
             AS-1002/ SPS-5C Ant.
             C-787/ SPS-5 Control Unit
             C-1263/ SPS-5B Ant. Control
             C-2807/ SPS-5D " "
             C-2809/ SPS-5D Control-Indicator
             CU-245/U SPS-5 Directional Coupler
             CU-735/ SPS-5C D-C
             FR-66/UP SPS-5 Echo Box
             FR-133/UP SPS-5C Echo Box
             IM-152/SP SPS-5C SWR Unit
             IP-120/ SPS-5 Az-Range Ind.
             IP-249/ SPS-5B Ind.
             IP-296/ SPS-5A Indicator
             MD-133/ SPS-5 Modulator
             MD-352/ SPS-5C Mod.
             PP-601/ SPS-5 PS 115 VAC input
             PP-1026/ SPS-5B PS
             PP-2290/ SPS-5C PS
             SA-633/S SPS-5* Safety Switch
SPS-5D C-Band Search Radar 5450-5825 MC 250 KW PP
             CABV-31080 SPS-5 Test Probe
SPS-6* L-Band Search Radar, 1200-1350 MC S/T SR-3,6 91081
             R-362/ SPS-6 Receiver
             T-199A/ SPS-6 Xmtr, 750 KW-Pk
             AB-146/ SPS-6 Pedestal for AS- Antennas
             AM-410/ SPS-6 IF Pre-Amp.
             AS-402/ SPS-6 Antenna
             AS-429/ SPS-6A Ant.
             AS-430/ SPS-6B Ant.
             C-490A/ SPS-6 Control Unit
             C-491A/ SPS-6 Ant. Control
             CRP-50AWJ SPS-6 Video Amp.
             CW-40289 SPS-6C Crystal Holder 
             TF-115/U SPS-6 Power Xfrmr
SPS-7 Ka-Band Search Radar U/W SPA-4 91794
             RT-187/ SPS-7 RF Unit, 32 KW-Pk
             AS-481/ SPS-7 Antenna
             C-662/ SPS-7 Control Unit
             CN-157/ SPS-7 Line Reg.
             PP-518/ SPS-7 PS 115 VAC input
SPS-8* S-Band Height Finder U/W SSQ-14 91383,91522
             OA-149/ SPS-8 Control Group
             OA-159/ SPS-8 Power Control Group
             OA-160/ SPS-8 R-T Group, 3430-3570 MC, 1 MW-Pk 91988
             OA-167/ SPS-8 MG Group
             OA-460/ SPS-8A Power Control Group
             OA-461/ SPS-8A R-T Group, 3200-3600 MC 750 KW-Pk
             OA-659/ SPS-8A Control Group
             AS-484/ SPS-8 Antenna
             C-677/ SPS-8 Control Unit
             C-2859/ SPS-8 Integrator Control
             C-3038/ SPS-8 Control-Indicator
             CB-4/ SPS-8 Capacitor Box
             CN-669/SPS SPS-8 Pulse Restorer
             CP-459/ SPS-8 Video Integrator
             DA-37/U SPS-8 Dummy Load
             MD-217/ SPS-8 Modulator
SPS-10* X-Band Navigational Radar 360 Scan 91921A 1950s
             CHS-30AAP-1 SPS-10 Voltage Regulator 
SPS-12* L-Band Search Radar 91949* 93194 1959
SPA-4* SPS-12 Master PPI Indicator & Repeaters
             OA-328/ SPS-12 R-T Group, 500 KW-Pk
             AB-276/ SPS-12 Antenna Pedestal
             AM-614/ SPS-12 Video Amp.
             AM-420/U SPS-12 Control Amp.
             AS-603/ SPS-12 Antenna System
             AT-388/ SPS-12 Antenna
             AT-437/ SPS-12 Echo Box
             C-986/ SPS-12 Control Unit
             C-1081,1100/ SPS-12 Power Controls
             CU-312/ SPS-12 Antenna Coupler
             DA-86/U SPS-12 Dummy Load
             IP-180/ SPS-12 A-Scope Range Indicator
             MD-173/ SPS-12 Modulator
             SA-340/ SPS-12 Waveguide Switch U/W DA-86/U & CU-312/
             TF-156/ SPS-12 Regulator Xformer (2 used)
             TF-157/ SPS-12 Distribution Xformer
             TS-573/UP SPS-12 Range Calibrator
SPS-13* S-Band Search & Height-Finder Radar, 2.25 MW-Pk 93129
SPS-16 L-Band Search Radar, 500 KW 91991
SPS-17* P-Band (215-225 MC) Search Radar U/W UPA-22 IFF 92987,93213*
             OA-1469,1470/ SPS-17 Transmitter groups, 750 KW
             OA-1472/ SPS-17 Control Group
             AM-1649/ SPS-17 RF Amp
             C-2182/ SPS-17 Control Unit
             HD-286/ SPS-17 Tube Water Cooling Unit
             MD-298/ SPS-17 Modulator
             PP1727/ SPS-17 PS
SPS-18* C-Band Search Radar, 170 KW-Pk 92688
             SPS-21* C-Band Surface Search Radar 0967-953-5010
             RT-321/ SPS-21 RF Unit, 5500 MC, 10 KW-Pk
             AS-710/ SPS-21 Antenna 
             C-1438/ SPS-21 Control-Indicator
             IP-281/UP SPS-21 Optional Az-Range Ind.
SPS-23* X-Band Search Radar 9320-9500 MC 50 KW PP 10" PPI, 5" A
             R-640/SPS SPS-23 Receiver
             AS-744/SPS SPS-23* Antenna
             C-1543/ SPS-23* Control-Indicator
             ID-444,448/SPS SPS-23* Az-Indicators
             ID-445/SPS SPS-23* Synchro Az-Ind.
             IP-306/SPS SPS-23* Az-Range Ind.
             IP-307/SPS SPS-23 Range Ind.
             J-656/SPS SPS-23 PS & Inter-Box
             J-663/SPS SPS-23* Inter-Boxes
             J-659/SPS SPS-23* Term-Box
             PU-310/U SPS-23 MG PS
SPS-28 P-Band Search Radar 92896*
             OA-1277/ SPS-28 R-T Group
             R-778/ SPS-28 Receiver, 215-225 MC
             MX-2104/ SPS-28 R-T Unit
             AB-488/ SPS-28 Pedestal for AS-839/SPS
             AB-564/SPS-29 SPS-28A Pedestal for AS-943/APS-29
             AS-839/SPS SPS-28 Antenna (Horz. dipole array)
             AS-943/APS-29 SPS-28A Antenna 
             C-2038/ SPS-28 Antenna Control
             C-2039/ SPS-28 Radar Control
             C-3591/ SPS-28B Radar Control
             CU-546/ SPS-28 Duplexer
             CU-570/ SPS-28 Directional-Coupler
             CAY-55AFD SPS-28 Monitor Scope
             CRP-50AJW SPS-28 Video Amp.
             HD-331/U SPS-28A Dehydrator Compressor
I             P-99A/SP SPS-28A Range Ind.
             IP-411/ SPS-28 RF Monitor
             MD-291/ SPS-28 Modulator
             MX-3313/SP SPS-28A Waveguide Pressure Tank
             O-329/SP SPS-28 Trigger Generator
             PU-376/U SPS-28 M-G PS
SA-514/U SPS-28 Mains Switch
SG-185/ SPS-28 Jamming Generator
             TF-115/U SPS-28 Power Xformer
SPS-29 Search Radar
SPS-31* UHF EW Radar, 420-430 MC, 2 MW-Pk U/W SPA-8* 93216*
SPS-35* X-Band Small-Craft Search Radar 93081* TM 11-5840-206-*
             AS-923/ SPS-31 Antenna and RF Unit, 9375 MC, 7 KW-Pk
             C-2335/ SPS-31 Control-Indicator
SPS-36 X-Band Small-Craft Search Radar, 10 KW-Pk 93101*
SPS-39* Search Radar 93832,981506 1961
SPS-40 Search Radar
             TS-2138/ SPS-40 Plug-in Unit Test Set
SPS-41 X-Band Search Radar 30 M range 0967-072-60**
             RT-522/ SPS-41 RF Unit, 7-10 KW-Pk
             AS-1004/ SPS-41 Antenna, atop RT-522/
             C-2845/ SPS-41 Control and PPI Scope
             MX-2794/ SPS-41 PPI Scope Visor
             PP2496/U SPS-41 PS
             PT-448/ SPS-41 PPI Reflection Plotter 
SPS-42 Search Radar 981502 1962
SPS-43* Search Radar 981399 1962
SPS-46 X-Band Radar, 7 KW-Pk 93585* 1962
             RT-560/561/ SPS-46/X RF Units
             AS-1066/1067/ SPS-46/X Antenna (horz dish)
             C-3142/3143/ SPS-46/X Control & PPI Scope
SPS-48* E/F-Band Air Search Radar, 60 KW-Pk Phased-Array Ant.
             TS-2163/ SPS-48 Plug-in Unit Test Set
             TS-3622/ SPS-48A Test Set
SPS-49 Shipboard C/D-Band Air Search Radar
SPS-51 Shipboard X-Band Search Radar 9375 MHz 110 KW PP 
SPS-53 X-Band Search Radar, 35 KW-Pk
SPS-55 Shipboard I/J-Band Surface Search Radar (Spruance Class)
SPS-64 Shipboard I-Band Navigational Radar
SPS-67 Shipboard G-Band replacement for SPS-10
SPS-T2* Shipboard Radar Training Simulator up to six targets
SPT-1* Shipboard Radar Jammer (APT-1 Equipment Units) 95-210 MC c 1945
             G-1/U SPT-1 Generator 120 V, 500 c & 26 VDC U/W PU-10/U Motor
             G-2/U SPT-1 Generator 120 V, 800 c & 26 VDC U/W PU-12/ or 13/U Motor
             PU-10/U SPT-1 Motor for G-1/U
             PU-11/U SPT-1 Motor for G-1/U (alternate)
             PU-12/U SPT-1 Motor for G-1/U
             PU-13/U SPT-1 Motor for G-1/U (alternate)
SPT-2 Shipboard Radar Jammer (APT-2 Equipment Units) 500-700 MC
             G-1/U SPT-2 Generator 120 V, 500 c & 26 VDC U/W PU-10/U Motor
             G-2/U SPT-2 Generator 120 V, 800 c & 26 VDC U/W PU-12/ or 13/U Motor
             PU-10/U SPT-2 Motor for G-1/U
             PU-11/U SPT-2 Motor for G-1/U (alternate)
             PU-12/U SPT-2 Motor for G-1/U
             PU-13/U SPT-21 Motor for G-1/U (alternate)
SPT-3 Shipboard Radar Jammer
             G-1/U SPT-3 Generator 120 V, 500 c & 26 VDC U/W PU-10/U Motor
             G-2/U SPT-3 Generator 120 V, 800 c & 26 VDC U/W PU-12/ or 13/U Motor
             PU-10/U SPT-3 Motor for G-1/U
             PU-11/U SPT-3 Motor for G-1/U (alternate)
             PU-12/U SPT-3 Motor for G-1/U
             PU-13/U SPT-3 Motor for G-1/U (alternate)
SPT-4 Shipboard T-9/APQ-2 Radar Jammer
             G-1/U SPT-4 Generator 120 V, 500 c & 26 VDC U/W PU-10/U Motor
SPT-5 Shipboard Radar Jammer 475-485 MC, 20 W S/T APQ-9
SPT-6* Shipboard Radar Jamming System
             T-78/ SPT-6 Jammer Transmitter, 350-1500 MC, 20-50 W
             CABW-52ADW SPT-6 Test Transmitter, 80-170 MC, 50 W PP 
             CHS-30AAP-1 SPT-6 Voltage Regulator 
             -100689-1 SPT-6A RF Indicator (Parallel Line type)
SPT-7 Shipboard Radar Jammer
SPX-* Shipboard IFF Systems (U/W PP-205 PS) 1945
SPX-1 L-Band Mk 5 IFF Set 900965 1945
             RT-112/ SPX-1 RF Unit, 950-1150 MC
             C-309/UPX SPX-1 Remote Tuning Control
             C-339/UPX SPX-1 Remote Control
             CY-637/ SPX-1 Cabinet
             J-195/ SPX-1 JBx
             KY-20/UPX SPX-1 Keyer
             MT-386/UPX SPX-1 Shock Mount
             PP-205/ SPX-1 PS
SPX-2* L-Band Mk 5 IFF 900965 1945
            AS-177/UPX SPX-2* Antenna 900966
SPX-3 IFF for 63'AAF Rescue Boat
             SCR-695 SPX-3 IFF Set, 157-187 MC, G-Band 194-211 MC 
             CO-110 SPX-3 10,14 ft Cables with plugs
             CO-113 SPX-3 31 ft Cable with plug
            CCL-211014 SPX-3 Motor-Generator
SPX-4 AAF 63 ft Rescue Boat IFF 1945
SPY-1 "Aegis" Doppler Radar System
SQA-4 Sonar Computer Recorder 91672-42 1958
SQA-8 Sonar Transducer Hoist Unit 93337* 1959
SQA-11 Sonar Transducer Hoist Unit 94384 1962
SQN-1 Sonar Contour Scanning Unit 91171
SQN-7 Sonar Navigation System 93174* 1958
SQQ-11 Sonar Countermeasures Set 91369A
SQQ-28 "LAMPS" Sonar System
SQQ-41 "Jezabel" Anti-Sub System
SQQ-89 ASW Combat System Integration (ASWCS)
SQR-1 Sonar Set (1401 is Generator Control)
CRP-1401 SQR-1 Generator Control
SQR-4 Sonar Receiver 98352 1953
SQR-18 Towed Sonar Mine Detector Array 92856 1956
SQR-19 Towed Sonar Array (TACTAS)
SQS-23* Sonar with 7" PPI 1-40 K yds
               TS-1222/ SQS-23 Sonar Test Set
               TS-7779*/ SQS-23* Sonar Test Set
SQS-26 DD-963 Class Destroyer Sonar R/B SQS-53
             TS-1728/ SQS-26 Fault Locator Test Set 94388 1962
SQS-26,35,53 Sonar Towed Arrays
SQS-29* Sonar Ranging Set 94078 1961
SQS-30* Sonar Set
SQS-31* Sonar Ranging Set 93586 1960
SQS-32* Sonar Set 6-1967
SQS-53 Bow-mounted Sonar (Digital computer version of SQS-26)
SQS-T1 Sonar Training Set 91182
SRA- Shipboard Radio Accessories
              TR-368/ SRA- RF Transformer 94079 1961 
SRA-1 Homing Beacon Assembly c 1945
SRA-3 Whip Antenna, 20-40 MC 91292
SRA-9 Antenna to multi-receiver Coupler, 15 KC-32 MC 91777
SRA-10 Miniature Receiving Antenna 91555
SRA-12* Electrical Filter Unit 92206
SRA-13 4 Xmtrs to Antenna Coupler, 2-6 MC, 50 ohm, .5 KW 92746 1959
SRA-14 4 Xmtrs to Antenna Coupler, 4-12 MC, 50 ohm
SRA-15 4 Xmtrs to Antenna Coupler, 6-18 MC, 50 ohm
SRA-16 4 Xmtrs to Antenna Coupler, 9-26 MC, 50 ohm 92839,981247 1961
SRA-17 Antenna Group 92299
SRA-17A Antenna Group 93679
SRA-17B Antenna Group 94127
SRA-18,A Antenna Tuning Group 92540,93193
SRA-19 Antenna Coupler Group 92803
SRA-20 Antenna Tuning Group 93302
SRA-21* Antenna Switching Group 93195 1959
SRA-22 Shipboard Antenna Coupler Group 93286
SRA-23 Antenna Coupler Group 93196
SRA-25 Antenna Group 93402
SRA-28 Antenna Group 94350
SRA-33 4-Unit Antenna Group, 220-400 MC
               C-4586/ SRA-33 PS Control Box
SRA-38,39,40 Antenna Multicouplers for up to 20 receivers 1966
SRA-57* Antenna Group for GM Cruisers 
                OE-323B/U SRA-57 Antenna Coupler
SRC-1 Shipboard Radio Set, CW 91338 c 1945
SRC-2* Shipboard Radio, 100-156 MC (SCR-522, AN-94, PE-94) c 1945
              CO-109,110,127 SRC-2X Cordage
              M-299 SRC-2 Mic Adapter
SRC-3* Lifeboat Radio, .5-8 MC, 5 W, AM, hand-powered TM 11-5820-490-*
SRC-7 Shipboard Station, 3 Rcvs & Xmtrs, 85 KC-24 MC, 300 W
SRC-8 Ship-Shore Radio, 2-3 MC, 50 W, AM TM 11-253 1957
SRC-9 Lifeboat Xmtr, 8-9 MC, 30 W, CW
SRC-10,11,12 Same as VCR-8,9,10 Radio Sets
SRC-13 Same as VRC-10 Radio Set
SRC-14 Same as VRC-17 Radio Set
SRC-15 Same as VRC-18 Radio Set
SRC-16 Radio Center 94711* 1963
             C-4658/ SRC-16 Antenna Coupler Control 94781*
SRC-17 Radio Center
            R-1228/ SRC-17 Receiver 96136 1964
            CU-950/ SRC-17 Duplexer 95813 1964
            KY-510/ SRC-17 FSK Keyer 95812 1964
            O-1178/ SRC-17 Frequency Synthesizer 95871 1964
            OA-2099/ SRC-17 Amplifier Group 93604
SRC-20 UHF Radio 225-400 MC 100 W 1961
SRC-21 UHF Radio 225-400 MC 20 W 1962
SRC-28 Ship-Shore Radio, 1.7-2.5 MC, 25 W, AM
SRC-32 Radio Set TM 11-5820-689-*
SRC-510 Canadian Radio Set, 2-4 MC, 12 W
SRD-* Shipboard Direction Finder Sets c 1945
SRD-1,2 AAF Rescue Boat DF Set, 100-1750 KC, 4 Bands
SRD-1,2,3 Shipboard Direction Finders, 100-1750 KC c 1945
           BC-433* SRD-1,2 DF Set
           BC-434 BC-433 CBx 
           CO-127 Cordage
            FT-224-A SRD-1,2 Mount for BC-434 Control Box, U/W BC-433 DF Set
SRD-3 Army 88 ft S-P Barge DF Set, 100-1750 KC, 4 Bands
SRD-6 DF Set 92647 1956
SRD-7* DF Set 94848 1954
SRD-11 DF Set, 280-510 KC Budworth-Standard Marine
SRD-14 DF Set 95821
SRD-19 DF Set
             TS-3574,4006/ SRD-19 D-F System Test Sets
SRM-1 Shipboard Radio DF Test Equipment 91370 1951
SRM-4,6,9 " " " " "
SRN-1 Navigation Radio Set U/W URM-4 91671
SRN-4 Electronic Sextant Navigator 95796
SRN-6 Radio Set, S/T AN/SRN-9* 92986*
            OA-1801/ SRN-6 Antenna Group 93654
SRN-7 Receiver 93118 1958
SRN-12 Omega System Receiver 10.2 KC 1959
SRQ-1 Radio Set c 1945
SRQ-2 Recorder-Reproducer System 900971 1945
            RD-27/S SRQ-2 Recorder-Reproducer Unit
SRQ-4 Data Link
SRR-1 R-162 Receiver, 74-100 MC 11-5820-369-12 c 1945
SRR-2 Shipboard 500 KC SOS Alarm Receiver RMCA Type AR-8600-X 
SRR-3 Receiver, Scott SLR-F
SRR-4 Receiver 91410A
SRR-11 RAK,RBA,R-212/439 Rcvrs, 14-600 KHz, AT-317 91875,92182
SRR-12 Receiver, .25-8 MC 115 VAC 91875
SRR-13 Receiver, 2-32 MC 115 VAC

SRT- Shipboard Transmitters
            CU-37/ SRT Antenna Coupler U/W OA-684/
            CU-731/ SRT Antenna Coupler 93527
            CU-732/ SRT Antenna Coupler 93527
            OA-684/ SRT Transmitter Group in CY-157/ U/W SRT-14,15
SRT-1 Lifeboat Xmtr, 500 KC, 5 W TM 11-830 1944
SRT-2 Lifeboat Xmtr, 355-500 KC, 30 W
SRT-3 Transmitter 350-515 KC 300 W AM TM 11-860 1954
SRT-4 T-397 Transmitter 2-22 MC, 200 W, AM C-1192 TM 11-852 1954
SRT-10 T-83 Transmitter, 2-9 50 W Bunnell TM 11-837 1952
SRT-10* T-240 Transmitter, 1.7-8.7 MC 50 W TM 11-837 1952
SRT-13* Transmitter, 350-505 KC, 40 W, AM TM 11-844 1954
SRT-14 Transmitter, .3-26 MC, 100 W, CW, 40 W, AM 98839 1955
SRT-15 Transmitter, .3-26 MC, 333 W, AM 981236
SRT-16 Transmitter, 
SRT-18 Transmitter, 225-400 MC, 100 W, AM 92741 1946
SRW-1,2 Missile Guidance Receivers c 1945
                RE-30/S SRW-2 Relay Unit
SRW-4 Missile Guidance Unit, with joystick

SSA-21 Tactical Data Display Data Link Terminal 1953
SSB-1 ? SSB Communication Equipment 92917 
SSC-1 RTTY Central 94362,94711* 1962
SSC-2 First Shipboard Satellite Terminal 5 KW 1965
SSC-3 Shipboard Satellite Terminal 5 KW 1966 
SSQ-2 Sonobuoy
SSQ-14 Gyro Stabilization Data Unit U/W SPN-6,8
SSQ-27 Time-Frequency Standard 93306
SSQ-31 Bathythermograph Transmitter
SSQ-41,53 Sonobuoys
SSQ-57* Sonobuoy
SSQ-77 Sonobuoy
SSQ-95 Radar Decoy Buoy
SSQ-T1 Sonar Tactical Training Equipment 91301
SSS-1 Thermal Target Locator range to 15,000 Yds (SECRET) c 1945
SST-133 X-Band Transponder
SST-181 X-Band Transponder 400 W PP
STC-2 Computer-controlled Intercom System
STU-5A Intercom System
SWG-2,3 Tomahawk Missile Guidance
SXQ-2(V) TV System 93315*
SY-1* Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion (A-RCI)) 
SYA-1 Computer Equipment
             TS-1451/ SYA-1 Test Set
             TS-1452/ SYA-1 Test Set
SYS-1 Shipboard Target Detecting System
SYS-2 (Multi-Target) Integrated Automatic Detection & Tracking 

U- Utility Systems; Land/Sea Use

UGC-136 Teletype 
ULQ-6 ECM Deception Repeater
UPX-1* IFF Set
UPX-23,24,25,27 IFF Sets
UPX-29 Mk-12 AIMS IFF Set
UQC-1 Sonar Communications Set 91180
UQN-1B Utility Sonar Set 91420
UQR-T1 Sonar Training Set 91285 1950 
UQS-T1* Sonar Training Set 91274*,93599
UQS-T3 Sonar Training Set 93432*
URN-25 TACAN Navigation System
UYQ-21 Sonar Tactical Data & Display System
UYQ-70 Advanced ECM Display System
UYS-1 "Proteus" Sonar System

W-* Joint Surface and Underwater Usage

WEA-2* Sonar Bearing Indicator 841094A
WGU-4 Guidance Test Set
WGU-36* Weapons Guidance System
WIC-2B Central Atmosphere Monitoring System (CAMS)
WLR-1 Radar Warning Receiver 50-10,750 MC 93242,94518 1956
            MD-423/WLR-1 Demodulator 94354 1962
WLR-6 VLF Signal Intercept Processor
            R-1449/WLR-6 Receiver, 1-600 KC in 5 bands
            TS-2332/WLR-6 Spectrum Analyzer
WLR-8* High Probability Intercept Receiver
WLR-9 Sonar Intercept Signal Processor
WLR-12 Radar Warning Receiver
WNA-1,2 Seeburg Jukeboxes 3652471
WPN-2 Loran C System, 100 KC 93639
R-949*/ WPN-2 Receiver
CU-775/ WPN-2 Antenna Coupler
IP-519*/ WPN-2 Indicator 5" CRT
WPN-3* LORAN Set, 100 KC 94373
            R-1014/WPN-3 Receiver
AT-317/BRR WPN-3 Loop Antenna
WPN-4 Loran C System S/T SPN-32
           R-1069/WPN-4 Receiver, 100 KC
AT-317/BRR WPN-4 Loop
      CU-952/WPN-4 Ant. Coupler 94214
WPN-4,5 Loran C System 
WPT-2 Wireless (Carrier) Intercom Amplifier 4 W transistorized
WQA-1 Keyer Group 98365 1955
WQC-2 Sonar Audio Communications System
WRA-1 Radio Set Group 93294
WRA-2* Antenna Group 93792
WRA-3 Transmitter Group 94252
WRC-1 R-1051/URR & T-827/URT 2-300 MC 100 W 94255,95700
         CU-937/WRC-1 Ant Coupler
WRC-501 UHF Radio
            RT-5043/WRC-501 RF unit.
WRN-2 OMEGA Navigational System Receiver 10.2 KC 1959
WRN-6 GPS Rcvr
WRR-7 Enhanced Verdin Receiver
WRR-1 Radio Receiver
WRR-3 R-1134 ELF Receiver 14-600 KC, 5 bands 1962
WRS-1 R-1051* Receiver
WRT-1 Transmitter, .3-1.5 MC, .5 KW NAVPERS 93514-4 Instr Course
WSC-1 Shipboard Satcom Terminal 5 channels 1968
WSC-2 Shipboard Satcom Terminal 1970
WSC-3* Fleet Satcom Terminal (many variations for secure comm.)
               C-9351/ WSC-3 Satcom CBx
WSC-8 SHF Satcom Terminal
WSN-2* Portable Ship Control Unit & Electro-Magnetic Log
WSN-3* Inertial Navigation System 
WSN-7A Ring Laser Gyro
WSR-74 Weather Radar
WSR-88D Weather Radar
WXA-1 Television Illumination Group 92772

AN- Equipment Components

100689-1 SPT-6A RF Indicator (parallel-line pickup)
AM-55/ SPR-2 Amplifier IF Strip
AM-1454/SRC AF Amp 3650555
AM-1463/SRC AF Amp 3651564
AM-1976*/SRT RF Amp 93275
AM-2072*/SR RF Amplifier 93498
AM-2073*/SR Amplifier-Modulator 93497 

AS-32/APT SPT-5 Antenna
AS-36,37/SPT-4 Antennas
AS-45/SPR-2 Antenna
AS-236/SPT Antenna Assembly 900837
AS-371/S Antenna Assembly 91433 1951 
AS-413/ SLT-1 Antenna System 91293
AS-444 SPN-5 Azimuth Antenna
AS-45A/APR-6 SPR-2 Antenna
AS-371/S Shipboard Antenna 91433 1951
AS-390/SRC Antenna Assembly, 220-400 MC 91338
AS-668/SR Antenna 92195
AS-725A/S Shipboard Antenna 93110,93458 1958
AS-994/BLR Sub Countermeasures Receiving Antenna 93381 1959
AS-1014/B Submarine Buoy Antenna 93334 1959
AS-1186/SLR Ship Countermeasures Receiving Antenna 94243 1961
AS-1265/SLR Ship Countermeasures Receiving Antenna 94489 1962

AT-150/SRC Antenna Assembly, 220-440 MC 91338 
AT-317/BRR Loop Antenna 92084
AT-317*/BRR Loop Antenna, 14-38 KC 92182
AT-350*/BRC Submarine Antenna 92933,93751 1960
AT-350A/BRC Submarine Antenna 93215
AT-350B/BRC Submarine Antenna 93751
AT-458/SR Antenna 92196

C-549/BAR-1 Control Box 91127
C-682/SR Radio Control Unit 91307
C-882/SPS Radar Control
C-1004A/SG Xmitter-TTY Control Unit 92279 
C-1277/SR Transmitter Control 92195 
CA-177/SLT-1 Amplifier-PS Group 91293
CU-37/SRT Xmtr. Ant. Coupler
CU-731/SRT Antenna Coupler 93527 1959
CU-732/SRT Antenna Coupler 93527 1959
CV-746*/SRC Frequency Converter 93494
CV-747*/SRC Converter-Keyer-Monitor 93495 
CU-1276/BRR Submarine Antenna Coupler 94926 1963
CY-157/SRT Cabinet for OA-684/SRT Xmtr Group
CY-195/SPR-2,3 Case
F-160A/SRT Filter Unit 93117,93739 1960
F-161A/SRT Filter Unit 93117,93739 1960
G-1/U SPT-2 Generator
G-1/U SPT-1 Generator
G-1/U SPT-5 Antenna Generator Unit
G-1/U SPT-4 Generator
I-82/ SRD-1,2,3 DF Indicator (used on AAF Rescue Ships)
ID-46/SPA-1 CRT Indicator
ID-588/SPA-26* Target Indicator 93366 1959
KG-84* Crypto Unit
LS-386/SIC Intercom Station 93763
LS-345A/SIC Intercom Station 93226
LS-433A/SIC Intercom Station 93067
LS-434A/SIC Intercom Station 93067

MD-229/SRT Modulator
MK-260/U Pressurization Kit U/W SRT-14,15,16 92499

MT-167,171/ SPR-2 Mounting Bases
MT-52/UR SPT-5 Mounting Base

MX-214/ SPR-2 Main Chassis
MX-1743/SRC Control Adapter 93084 
MX-1743A/SRC Control Adapter 93237

O-273/SRT RF Oscillator
O-463*/SRC RF Synthesizer 93151
O-464*/SRC Frequency Synthesizer 93463,93797
O-792/SRC Frequency Synthesizer 93797

OA-684/SRT Xmitter Group
OA-1801/S SRN-6 Antenna Group 93654
OA-3558/SLA Antenna Group 94486 1962
OE-323B/U Antenna Coupler Group U/W SAR-57*
OS-132/SPA Oscilloscope 94210 

PP-155/SPR-2 Power Supply
PP-155/SPR-2 Power Supply
PP-54/SPA-1 Power Supply
PP-1094/SRT OS-684/ Transmitter Group PS
PU-10/U SPT-5 Generator Unit, 115 VDC
PU-11/U SPT-5 Generator Unit, 115 VAC
PU-163/U SPN-5 AC Power Unit
PU-164/U SPN-5 DC Power Unit

R-69/SPQ-1 ECM L-Band Receiver
R-96/SRR Receiver
R-162/SRR-1 Receiver
R-212/SRR-11 Receiver
R-439/SRR-11 receiver
R-1228/SRC-17 Receiver 96136 1964

RD-91/SSN Navigation Data Recorder 93264 1958
RD-148/SNH Sound Recorder 3651938
RD-151/SNH Sound Recorder-Reproducer 3651841
RE-30/S SRW-2 Relay Unit
RE-156*/SR Relay Assembly 92195
RT-161/SPN-5 RF Unit
SA-166/U SPN-5 DC M-G Starter
SA-167/U SPN-5 AC M-G Starter
SCR-695* SPX-3 Main Component, I-Band 157-187 MC, G-Band 194-211 MC 
SM-151/ SPQ-2 Simulator Test Set 93344 1959

T-63/SPQ-1 L-Band Jamming Transmitter, 5 W
T-78/SPT-6 Jamming Transmitter
T-83/SRT-10 Xmtr
T-300/SR-6a Xmtr 
T-1322/SRC Transmitter 92152
TF-120/U SPN-5 240 VAC Transformer
TN-56,57,58/SPR-2 Tuning Units
TN-229/SRT Xmtr Tuner
TR-368/SRA- RF Transformer 94079 1961 

TS- Test Sets. See also File:EQP\TS.EQP
TS-60/U SPT-5 Test Meter
TS-1222/SQS-23 Sonar Test Set
TS-1451/SYA-1 Test Set
TS-7779*/SQS-23* Sonar Test Set
TS-2138/SPS-40 Plug-in Unit Test Set
TS-2332/WRL-6 Spectrum Analyzer
TS-3389/BRN-7 Test Set
TS-4006/SRD-19 Test Set
TS-4119/BLD-1 DF Test Set

TT-23F/SG TTY Panel 981257 1960

Some Navy "C-" Items See also NAV Files: 

CBOM-66053 S- Whip Antenna
CDA-66069 Antenna System 95443
CFH-49890 SPR-2,2A Coax to Waveguide Adapter 
CHS-30AAP-1 SPS-10 Voltage Regulator 
CIA-62315 60 MC IF Junction Box

CXRY Antenna Switching Unit 92253