Operator's Manual, Communication Instructions, US Navy (DNC 6, 1939)

These two chapters came in an old cloth-covered binder imprinted with
      Operator's Manual
Communication Instructions
          U.S. Navy

At some point the "Communications Instructions" and "1939" got marked through and "DNC 6" got stamped on.
(Note - the January 1944 edition with Changes 1 and 2 instructs that this be done)
Through Change 4, the pages are not marked DNC 6 but all the Change 5 pages are marked DNC 6.
So I am guessing that the original designation was changed at that time, whenever that was.

It looks like interesting information is missing - pages I-IV might have told us a little more about date and intended use. 
And it would be nice to see:
Appendix I - shore station circuits and frequencies - F broadcast schedules, etc.
Appendix III - international procedure per General Radio Regulations
Appendix VI - shore-based aircraft procedures
Appendix VIII - communications with merchant ships

Please send me e-mail if you have any more of this document, or info on its date, etc.

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Chapter 6. RADIO

Section A. General

Section B. Introduction to Procedure

Section C. Radiotelegraph Procedure

Section D. Radiotelephone Procedure

Section E. Radio Frequencies and Transmitter Adjustments


A. Flashing Light and Semaphore Procedure

B. Flashing Light

C. Semaphore

D. Flag-Hoist Signaling

E. Miscellaneous