Naval Shore Electronics Criteria: Naval Communications Station Design - NAVELEX 0101,102 - March 1973

PURPOSE - This handbook presents ready-reference criteria for the planning, installation and checkout of system and equipment installations at shore communications stations. Users of this handbook, such as planning, engineering and supervisory installation personnel, will find criteria concerning system configuration details, interface between the various elements of the communications station, and integration of equipment into the overall shore station complex. Topics pertinent to a communications station are treated as comprehensively as possible, by including either established standards or current practices that have been proven in the field. References to source documents are included for various topics in the text, and all sources used in the preparation of the handbook are listed in appendix A.
   The material in this handbook is intended to present acceptable practices for system design and installation and to establish a basis for standardization of shore communications station systems; however, no handbook can substitute for detailed planning and sound engineering judgment in the design of each project.
SCOPE - The discussion in this handbook is confined to the buildings and the installed equipments at the three sites that comprise a communications station: the communications center, the transmitter station, and the receiver station. Technical information and planning factors pertinent both to new construction projects and to the installation of individual equipments in existing facilities are included. Discussions of transmitting and receiving systems are oriented toward HF radio communications since MF, LF, and VLF radio communication systems will be topics of other handbooks of this series. Equipments and systems external to the buildings, such as antennas and transmission lines, are covered in NAVELEX 0101,104 - "HF Radio Antenna Systems ," and discussions concerning the propagation path and general site selection criteria are contained in NAVELEX 0101,103 - "HF Radio Propagation and Facility Site Selection."

Cover, Table of Contents, List of Figures, Foreword - download 1.3 MB pdf

  1. Station Electronic Systems Planning - download 0.4 MB pdf
    1. Basic Planning Procedure
    2. Communications Operational Requirements
  2. System Standardization - download 0.7 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. DCS HF Radio Circuit
    3. Standard Plans
  3. Communications Center - download 5.0 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. Technical Control
    3. Patch & Test Facilities
    4. Patchboard Equipment
    5. Orderwire Equipment
    6. Communications Security Equipment
    7. Time and Frequency Standard
    8. Audio Frequency Interface Equipment
    9. Voice Frequency Carrier Telegraph Equipment
    10. Digital Data End-Instrument Equipment
    11. Automatic Secure Voice Communications
    12. Cabling and Distribution Frames
    13. Construction and Installation
  4. The Transmitter Station - download 2.6 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. HF Transmitting Equipment
    3. Transmitter Control
    4. Channelization and Routing
    5. System Flexibility
    6. Construction and Installation
  5. The Receiver Station - download 5.8 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. HF Receivers
    3. Signal Processing and Distribution
    4. Channelization and Routing
    5. Receiver Patchboard
    6. RF Distribution
    7. Receiver Supervisory Area
    8. Transceivers
    9. Emergency Communications
    10. Construction and Installation
    11. Equipment Arrangement and Layout
    12. Receiver Building Ground
    13. Siting
    14. Interference
  6. Intersite Communications Links - download 1.2 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. Link Selection
    3. Link Interface
    4. Navy-Owned Microwave Intersite Links
  7. General Criteria for Buildings - download 0.7 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. Building Features
  8. Station Electrical Power - download 0.6 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. Demand Load
    3. Power Regulation
    4. No- Break Power
    5. Emergency Power
    6. Power Conditioning for Secure Communications
  9. Patchboards and Distribution Frames - download 4.8 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. Patch Modules
    3. Distribution Frames
    4. Cross- Connects
  10. Defense Communications System (DCS) Signal Processing Standards - download 4.6 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. Voice- Frequency 4-kHz Bandwidth Standards and Objectives
    3. DCS Circuit Codes
    4. Equipment Standards
    5. Quality Control
    6. Conversion Factors and Definitions
  11. Testing and Design Verification - download 1.8 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. Acceptance Tests
    3. Periodic System Tests
  12. Communications Electronic Groundings - download 2.1 MB pdf
    1. General Grounding and Bonding Considerations
    2. Fused Metal-to-Metal Ground System Joints
    3. Earth Ground Connections
    4. Earth Ground Point Testing
    5. Improving Earth Ground Point Efficiency
    6. Ground Distribution Systems
  13. Transportable Transmitter Receiver (T/R) Stations - download 3.1 MB pdf
    1. General
    2. Tactical Transportable Equipment
    3. Semi- Transportable Equipment
  14. Appendix A - References - download 0.6 MB pdf

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