Naval Shore Electronics Criteria: HF Radio Propagation and Facility Site Selection - NAVELEX 0101,103 - June 1970

PURPOSE - This handbook presents planning criteria and judgment factors for engineers and planners involved in the propagation path aspects of high-frequency circuit design.
SCOPE - The role of this handbook is to review some fundamentals concerning HF radio wave propagation, to describe methods of predicting propagation performance for an HF radio circuit, and to discuss factors that should be considered in connection with the selection of sites for HF communications terminals. Major attention is given to ionospheric (sky-wave) propagation since this is the principal application of HF radio. Groundwave propagation is considered briefly in connection with the problem of using HF radio for short- distance communications.
   Since the propagation path is only part of a circuit, it is apparent that this handbook is not intended as a guide for complete circuit planning, user- to- user. Criteria concerning signal processing and associated standards can be found in NAVELEX 0101, 102, and the reader should refer to NAVELEX 0101,104 for a detailed discussion of HF radio antennas and the trade-offs to be considered in antenna selection.

Cover, Foreword, Table of Contents, List of Illustrations - download 0.8 MB pdf

  1. INTRODUCTION - download 1.1 MB pdf
    1. Historical Background
    2. Propagation Difficulties
    3. Spectrum Congestion
    4. Typical Navy HF Communication Systems
    5. Planning Criteria
  2. IONOSPHERIC PROPAGATION - download 6.6 MB pdf
    1. Introduction
    2. Structure of the Ionosphere
    3. Sky Wave Propagation
    4. Variations in the Ionosphere
    5. Transmission Losses
    6. Noise
    7. Manual Propagation Predictions
    8. Computer Propagation Prediction Programs
  3. GROUND-WAVE PROPAGATION - download 2.4 MB pdf
    1. Introduction
    2. Definition of Ground-Wave Propagation
    3. Mechanics of Ground-Wave Propagation
    4. Field Intensity Calculations
    5. Power Requirement Predictions
  4. SITE SELECTION - download 3.2 MB pdf
    1. Primary Requirements
    2. Signal Surveys
    3. RF Noise Level
    4. Topography
  5. APPENDICES - download 5.2 MB pdf

Download entire manual - 19 MB pdf