RTTY Journal Issues 1953-2003

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RTTY Journal CD-ROMs are a compilation of 50 years of the RTTY Journal. In honor of many Silent Keyboards and in particular Wayne Matlock, K7WM (SK) who distributed them on CD's for many years, the PDF files have now been released to the public by Bill Henry, K9GWT the owner and most recent publisher.

The RTTY Journal was first published by the Southern California Radio Teletype Society as the RTTY Bulletin in January 1953. Over the years, the name has changed to RTTY Journal, RTTY Digital Journal and The New RTTY Journal. Past editors included Dusty Dunn (W8CQ), Don and Dee Krumpton, Dale Sinner W6IWO, Jim Mortensen N2HOS (SK) and Bill Henry (SK).

Thanks to Chen K7AY and Jay WS7I for distributing these.

In each folder there is a PDF index to the issues there.
Some day it would be nice to add links from the indices to the issues.