US Navy Radio Paraphernalia, Memorabilia, & Souvenirs 
Patches, Plaques, Mugs, Lighters, etc.

decal-navcomm-clean.JPG (397718 bytes)


Sorry - I don't have any of this stuff for sale - most of these photos are of items that sold on eBay so watch there if you are looking for something. eBay seller abqmetal has been selling many excellent original and reproduction NAVCOMMSTA patches lately - please check out her offerings and contact her if you don't find what you are looking for.

Also check  GI-Patches - they have been offering nice reproduction NAVCOMMSTA patches too. 



patch-display-2004-03.JPG (3735059 bytes)

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patch-ncs-1210.jpg (777229 bytes)
Early US Naval Communication Service Patch - silver sparks, gold anchor
patch-navcomm-1212.jpg (146756 bytes)
US Naval Communications patch
- silver sparks, gold anchor
patch-comm-pers-1402-01.jpg (724607 bytes)
A personalized communications patch
- silver sparks, gold anchor
waves-bug.jpg (104666 bytes)
WW2 Recruiting Poster


patch-comm-61.jpg (108477 bytes)
US Naval Communications patch
- gold sparks, silver anchor
patch-ncs-1610.jpg (635932 bytes)
US Naval Communications patch
- gold sparks, gold anchor
patch-comm-1312-01.jpg (601322 bytes)
US Naval Communications patch
- silver sparks, silver anchor
plaque-system-1212.JPG (959442 bytes)
US Naval Communication System plaque
plaque-ncs-101.JPG (77072 bytes)
US Naval Communications plaque
plaque-command-1502.JPG (376082 bytes)
US Naval Communications Command plaque
hun-poster-gov.jpg (36948 bytes)
WW1 Recruiting Poster

plaque-navelex-1509.JPG (439072 bytes)
Naval Electronic Systems Command (NAVELEX) Plaque

plaque-navtelcom-1205.jpg (38976 bytes)
US Naval Telecommunications Command plaque
plaque-nctc-101.JPG (63369 bytes)
Naval Computer & Telecommunications Command plaque
plaque-dca-01.JPG (126298 bytes)
Defense Communications Agency plaque
Oscar the Octopus depicts the dynamic environment of a Navy communicator.

  In 1947, at the request of Commander W. A. Swanston, USN, the Fifth Naval District Communication Officer, Walt Disney's artists conceived the design.  Oscar was adopted as command emblem for the U.S. Navy Communication Station Norfolk, upon its establishment on 7 November 1950.

The original 2' by 3' Disney artwork is displayed in NCTAMS LANT's quarterdeck area, and replicated throughout the world by present and former Navy communicators.

plaque-norfolk-1103a.jpg (156233 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Norfolk plaque
plaque-norf-1105-01.jpg (77609 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Norfolk plaque
norfolk-decal-02.jpg (58278 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Norfolk decal
patch-norfolk-11.jpg (36125 bytes)
NCTAMS LANT (Norfolk) patch
plaque-norfolk-1401.jpg (394227 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Norfolk plaque
patch-norfolk-110620.jpg (134953 bytes)
NAVCAMS LANT Norfolk patch
patch-norfolk-1311-1.jpg (72384 bytes)
NAVCOMMDET Norfolk patch
plaque-greece-1205.jpg (41355 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Greece plaque
plaque-asmara-1212.JPG (753517 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Asmara plaque
plaque-asmara-1305.jpg (565413 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Asmara plaque
plaque-asmara-1310-1.JPG (616932 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Asmara plaque
plaque-asmara-76.JPG (2687344 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Asmara plaque
plaque-londonderry-1212.JPG (669338 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry plaque
plaque-londonderry-1312-01.jpg (514198 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry plaque
plaque-londonderry-01.jpg (571499 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry plaque
plaque-nea-makri-01.JPG (25361 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Nea Makri plaque
plaque-phil-1401-1.jpg (289609 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines plaque
plaque-phil-13-7-02.jpg (260719 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines plaque
plaque-tarlac-1510-01.jpg (116799 bytes)

NRTF Capas Tarlac plaque

plaque-spain-1608-3979.jpeg (223871 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Spain (Rota) plaque
photo thanks to Pedro Terrasa
plaque-sicily-2109-02.jpg (394584 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Sicily (Sigonella) wooden plaque
plaque-sicily-2109-01.jpg (415625 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Sicily (Sigonella) brass plaque

plaque-sigonella-01.jpg (119535 bytes)
NAVCOMMDET Sicily (Sigonella) plaque  
plaque-italy-01.jpg (27288 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Italy (Naples) plaque
plaque-morocco-010.jpg (119495 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Morocco plaque
plaque-morocco-110626.jpg (108260 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Morocco - Sidi Yahia CO Plaque
plaque-pr-01.JPG (23546 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Puerto Rico plaque
plaque-pr-atcu-01.JPG (3944290 bytes)
NCS Puerto Rico ATCU-100A plaque
plaque-sanfran-11.JPG (4003821 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA San Francisco plaque
plaque-sanfran-01.jpg (47301 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA San Francisco plaque
plaque-stockton-101.JPG (61574 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Stockton plaque
plaque-dixon-1209.jpg (131423 bytes)
NavRadSta(T) Dixon plaque
chollas_4040.JPG (1799644 bytes)
NAVRADSTA Thurso plaque
plaque-newport-1501.jpg (21876 bytes)
plaque-newport-1709.jpg (38740 bytes)
Naval Communication School Newport
plaque-newport-2007.jpg (3330415 bytes)
plaque-iceland-1207.JPG (107892 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Iceland plaque
plaque-kodiak-101.JPG (39183 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Kodiak plaque
plaque-cutler-1205.jpg (75614 bytes)
NAVRADSTA (T) Cutler plaque
plaque-cutler-1603.JPG (1714559 bytes)
NAVRADSTA (T) Cutler plaque
plaque-holt-1209.jpg (218718 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt plaque (with blinking tower light)
plaque-holt-1301-02.JPG (1110727 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt plaque
plaque-longbeach-1405.jpg (53106 bytes)
NAVCOMMCEN Long Beach plaque
plaque-honolulu-1407.jpg (340775 bytes)
NAVCAMS-EASTPAC Honolulu plaque
plaque-phil-1205.jpg (94348 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines (San Miguel) plaque
plaque-phil-1304-01.JPG (753808 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines (San Miguel) plaque
plaque-santa-rita.jpg (45742 bytes)
Link Station Santa Rita plaque
plaque-phil-01.jpg (18656 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines plaque
plaque-san_miguel-01.JPG (55857 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines (San Miguel) plaque
plaque-balboa-1121a.jpg (118550 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Balboa plaque
thanks to Randy Hoops
plaque-balboa-1301-01.JPG (1193174 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Balboa plaque
plaque-adak-61.jpg (41760 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Adak plaque
plaque-guam-1205.jpg (29455 bytes)
pin-iceland-01.jpg (22466 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Iceland pin

patch-totsuka-NRTF.jpg (54619 bytes)
NRTF Totsuka pin

badge-adak-91.jpg (13376 bytes)

plaque-diego-102.jpg (72425 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Diego Garcia plaque
plaque-diego-1205.jpg (207020 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Diego Garcia plaque
plaque-diego-101.jpg (105381 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Diego Garcia plaque
plaque-diego-comm-1205.jpg (113369 bytes)

plaque-diego-tech-1205.jpg (32096 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Diego Garcia plaque

plaque-diego-1401-1.JPG (69335 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Diego Garcia plaque
plaque-iceland-1303-11.JPG (228038 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Iceland EMO Div plaque
plaque-balboa-1302-11.jpg (461707 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Balboa plaque
plaque-london-1403.JPG (485253 bytes)
NAVCOMMUNIT London plaque
plaque-camranhbay-1210-01.jpg (622504 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Cam Ranh Bay plaque
plaque-camranhbay-1307.jpg (307382 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Cam Ranh Bay plaque
plaque-danang-01.JPG (1041931 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Da Nang plaque
plaque-japan-1205.jpg (47907 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Japan plaque
navcommcen-sangley.JPG (623882 bytes)
NAVCOMMCEN Sangley Point Sign
plaque-navelex-se-120301.JPG (625310 bytes)
NAVELEX Southeast Div. Plaque
"Max Signals"
plaque-navelex-120301.JPG (1182220 bytes)
NAVELEX Washington Div. Plaque
plaque-eso-02.jpg (113068 bytes)
Navy Electronics Supply Office plaque
plaque-eso-1312-01.JPG (103718 bytes)
Navy Electronics Supply Office plaque

NCTS Diego Garcia decal
plaque-nz-01.JPG (64820 bytes)
NAVCOMMUNIT Christchurch NZ plaque
plaque-norfolk-120109-02.jpg (133824 bytes)

pin-school-110626.jpg (131618 bytes)
Naval Radio School pin

logo-NRST-JimCreek.jpg (47427 bytes)
NAVRADSTA(T) Jim Creek decal
logo-cutler.jpg (97734 bytes)
NCTAMS LANT DET Cutler decal
plaque-puget.jpg (73341 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Puget Sound plaque
logo-NCTS-PugeSound.jpg (37187 bytes)
NCTS Puget Sound decal
plaque-honolulu-1309-1.jpg (606747 bytes)
NAVCAMS EASTPAC Honolulu plaque

NCTS Sicily decal

NAVCOMMSTA Argentia decal

NCTS Jax Det Key West decal

patch-spain-1207.jpg (292053 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Spain (Rota) patch

patch-holt-1105-01.jpg (77913 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt patch

patch-holt-120109.jpg (519883 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt patch

patch-holt-1207-01.jpg (763116 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt patch
patch-holt-1207-02.jpg (150338 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt patch
patch-holt-1601.JPG (139211 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt patch
patch-atcu-thai-1401.JPG (877272 bytes)
Naval Communications Thailand patch
patch-atcu-utapao.jpeg (237519 bytes)
Naval Communications Thailand patch
patch-japan-1401-1.JPG (820547 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Japan patch

patch-wash-1401.JPG (1130007 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Washington patch

patch-nss-110425-01.jpg (15376 bytes)
NRTF Annapolis patch



patch-thurso-21.jpg (181101 bytes)
NAVRADSTA Thurso patch

patch-nz-1207-01.jpg (324575 bytes)
NAVCOMMUNIT Christchurch NZ patch

patch-sigonella-11.jpg (540313 bytes)
NAVCOMMDET Sigonella patch -  Thanks to Dennis Kolodziej

patch-morocco-91.JPG (212276 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Morocco patch
patch-sidi-1105-02.JPG (340005 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Morocco - Sidi Yahia
patch-morocco-1208.JPG (624648 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Morocco - Sidi Yahia
patch-morocco-2004.jpg (401804 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Morocco - Sidi Yahia
patch-gitmo.JPG (72794 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Guantanamo patch
patch-sanfran-11.JPG (4098621 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA San Francisco patch

NAVCOMMSTA Puerto Rico patch
patch-asmara-1311-01.JPG (124771 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Asmara patch
patch-iceland.JPG (34144 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Iceland patch
patch-iceland-1401.jpg (346273 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Iceland patch
patch-iceland-120207.JPG (185761 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Iceland - Rockville
patch-grindavik-01.jpg (129470 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Iceland - Grindavik
patch-hon-120109.jpg (161896 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Honolulu patch
logo-HaroldEHolt.jpg (47161 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E Holt deca

patch-nba-01a.JPG (109793 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Balboa patch
patch-balboa-1401.jpg (383529 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Balboa patch
patch-okinawa-02.jpg (84264 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Okinawa patch
patch-okinawa-01.jpg (43720 bytes)
NAVCOMMDET Okinawa patch
patch-adak-27.jpg (279574 bytes)
adak-moffett.jpg (84170 bytes)
NAVRADSTA(T) Mt. Moffett patch
patch-kodiak-120109.jpg (107900 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Kodiak patch
patch-kodiak-1401-1.jpg (80696 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Kodiak patch
patch-kodiak-1401-2.jpg (305760 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Kodiak patch
patch-sugar-01.JPG (360411 bytes)
NAVRADSTA (R) Sugar Grove patch
patch-london-01.jpg (367070 bytes)
NAVCOMMUNIT London patch
patch-Greece.JPG (22888 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Greece patch
patch-gr-110619.jpg (615913 bytes)
NCS Nea Makri Greece patch
"Gone but not forgotten"
patch-keywest-01.jpg (143699 bytes)
NAVCOMMUNIT Key West patch
patch-phil-110619.jpg (79290 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines (San Miguel)  patch
patch-phil-message_center-01.JPG (268716 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines Fleet Message Center patch
patch-tarlac-0126-01.jpg (48854 bytes)
NAVRADSTA(T) Tarlac - Philippines
patch-tarlac-1121.jpg (113022 bytes)
NAVRADSTA(T) Tarlac - Philippines
patch-phil-1402-01.jpg (162108 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines (San Miguel)  patch
patch-binhthuy.jpg (61991 bytes)
Naval Communications Binh Thuy patch
patch-nam-110619.jpg (38434 bytes)
COMNAVFOR Communications patch
patch-comnavfor-110626.jpg (132271 bytes)
COMNAVFOR Communications patch
patch-nha_be-110626-01.jpg (131632 bytes)
Naval Communications Nha Be patch
patch-nha_be-110626-2.jpg (137284 bytes)
Naval Communications Nha Be patch
cantho-04.jpg (72537 bytes)
Can Tho ATCU-100A path - thanks to Richard Virlee
patch-camranh-11.jpg (134826 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Cam Ranh Bay patch -  Thanks to Dennis Kolodziej
patch-atcu-diego-01.jpg (174654 bytes)
ATCU Diego Garcia patch
patch-diego-0126-01.jpg (49013 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Diego Garcia patch
patch-diego-101.jpg (148176 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Diego Garcia patch
patch-diego-maint-1205.jpg (151925 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Diego Garcia patch
patch-phil-1205.jpg (74688 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines patch
patch-moron-1205.jpg (41741 bytes)

patch-holt-1205.jpg (49016 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt patch

patch-puget-1205.jpg (56804 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Puget Sound patch

patch-navcamslant-1101.jpg (40482 bytes)
NAVCAMS LANT (Norfolk) patch

patch-sicily-1212.JPG (601567 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Sicily patch
patch-hawaii-11.jpg (36174 bytes)
NCTAMS PAC (Honolulu) patch
patch-jax-01.JPG (325998 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Jacksonville patch
patch-guam-special.JPG (347055 bytes)
Guam - Special Communications patch
patch-japan-1212.JPG (616372 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Japan patch
patch-guam-110808.JPG (273138 bytes)
patch-guam-1306.JPG (301443 bytes)
patch-barrigada-1206.JPG (52993 bytes)
NAVRADSATA(T) Barrigada patch
-patch-guam-11.jpg (37710 bytes)
NCTS Guam patch
patch-londonderry-01.jpg (36625 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry patch -  Thanks to Dennis Kolodziej

NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry patch
patch-phil-1303-11.JPG (226967 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines patch
patch-nqm-1306.jpg (2996207 bytes)

patch-antarctic-1307.JPG (649813 bytes)
USN Antarctic Communications patch
patch-japan-1307.jpg (128037 bytes)
Negishi Microwave Site patch
patch-security-01.JPG (433457 bytes)
patch-ashore-120109.jpg (257260 bytes)
Ashore Mobile Contingency Communications patch
patch-med-1308.JPG (623188 bytes)
patch-navcams-med-1307.jpg (456934 bytes)
patch-med-120109.jpg (152287 bytes)

NCTAMS MED DET Rota Spain patch
patch-subic-1403-01.jpg (805746 bytes)
NAVCOMM Center Subic/Cubi patch
patch-guam-tactical-1508.JPG (49123 bytes)
Guam SEATICC patch
patch-guardamar-1411.JPG (154080 bytes)
NAVRADSTA (T) Guardamar patch
patch-holt-1404-01.JPG (582796 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E Holt patch
patch-adak-2002.jpg (737293 bytes)
NAVRADSTA (T) Barrigada Guam
patch-barrigada-1207-01.jpg (113095 bytes)
US Naval Communications
patch-comm-1610.jpg (635932 bytes)
patch-comnavfor-1209.JPG (556118 bytes)
Rocky Point Transmitter Site
Whidbey Island WA
patch-whidbey-2003.jpg (398915 bytes)
patch-cutler-1605.jpg (228332 bytes)
patch-cutler-1705.jpg (391312 bytes)
patch-cutler-1805.jpg (376782 bytes)
NAVCOMMDET Souda Bay Crete
patch-crete-1903.jpg (597895 bytes)
patch-cutler-verdin-1908.jpg (179553 bytes)
NAVSUPPFAC Danang Viet Nam
patch-danang-1805.jpg (348999 bytes)
patch-diego-1712.jpg (215328 bytes)
patch-gitmo-sat-1801.jpg (73440 bytes)
patch-guam-1611.jpg (248033 bytes) AUTODIN NAVCOMMSTA Guam
patch-guam-autodin-1603.jpg (190495 bytes)
patch-guam-fleet-1606.jpg (741099 bytes)
patch-guam-seaticc-1511.jpg (93684 bytes) patch-holt-91-1908.jpg (104083 bytes) patch-holt-1207-01.jpg (763116 bytes) patch-holt-1207-02.jpg (150338 bytes)
patch-holt-1504-01.JPG (518982 bytes) patch-holt-1601.JPG (139211 bytes) patch-holt-supply-1704.jpg (338902 bytes) patch-iceland-1208-02.JPG (588413 bytes)
patch-iceland-1208-03.JPG (773322 bytes) patch-iceland-1502.JPG (128545 bytes) patch-iceland-1511.jpg (311923 bytes) patch-kodiak-1704.jpg (444319 bytes)
patch-kodiak-120301.jpg (694530 bytes) patch-kwaj-1704.jpg (490952 bytes) NAVCOMMCEN Long Beach
patch-longbeach-1704.jpg (384152 bytes)
patch-marine-1810.jpg (271500 bytes)
patch-med-navcams-1601.jpg (197217 bytes) patch-midway-1704.jpg (494325 bytes) patch-midway-1709.jpg (600053 bytes) patch-navcams-eastpac-1408.jpg (283183 bytes)
patch-navcams-westpac-1710.jpg (619928 bytes) patch-ncs-102.jpg (69315 bytes) patch-ncs-1711.jpg (467746 bytes) patch-ncs-1908.jpg (203934 bytes)
patch-northwest-1506.JPG (531427 bytes) patch-nwc-1601.jpg (203460 bytes) patch-nz-1207-01.jpg (324575 bytes) patch-okinawa.jpg (84264 bytes)
patch-okinawa-1207-01.jpg (238249 bytes) patch-phil-1607.jpg (188499 bytes) patch-phil-maint-1704.jpg (506935 bytes) patch-phil-mp-1711.jpg (260927 bytes)
patch-pr-111016a.jpg (72444 bytes) patch-radioman-1808.jpg (426743 bytes) patch-saigon-1709.jpg (303816 bytes) patch-spain-1207.jpg (292053 bytes)
patch-totsuka-NRTF.jpg (54619 bytes) patch-vietnam-1512-01.jpg (367533 bytes) patch-vietnam-1512-02.jpg (243396 bytes) patch-yokusoka-1901.jpg (392281 bytes)

plaque-clc1.jpg (160922 bytes)
USS Northampton CLC-1 plaque

plaque-clc1-1401.jpg (388104 bytes)
USS Northampton CLC-1 plaque
plaque-clc1-1405-01.jpg (284599 bytes)
USS Northampton CLC-1 plaque
patch-cc1-1405-01.jpg (201128 bytes)
USS Northampton CC-1 patch
plaque-cc1-1412-01.JPG (352003 bytes)
USS Northampton CC-1 plaque
plaque-cc1-1412-02.JPG (440205 bytes)
USS Northampton CC-1 plaque
patch-cc1-1412-01.JPG (409743 bytes)
USS Northampton CC-1 patch
patch-cc2-1508.JPG (162349 bytes)
USS Wright CC-2 patch
plaque-cc2.jpg (598019 bytes)
USS Wright CC-2 plaque
patch-cc2-120109.jpg (144872 bytes)
USS Wright CC-2 patch
plaque-cc2-1308-11.jpg (202271 bytes)
USS Wright CC-2 plaque
logo-sub-comm.jpg (39810 bytes)

USS Annapolis AGMR-1 plaque
patch-agmr2-1604.jpg (111856 bytes)
USS Arlington AGMR-2 Patch
patch-agmr2-1809.jpg (107968 bytes)
USS Arlington AGMR-2 Patch
decal-arlington-1103-01.jpg (119269 bytes)
USS Arlington AGMR-2 decal
patch-agc8-2001.png (665374 bytes) patch-agmr1-1208.JPG (577108 bytes) patch-cc1-1511.jpg (179874 bytes) patch-cc1-1901.jpg (437203 bytes)
patch-cc2-1512.jpg (324462 bytes) patch-agmr2-apollo-1903.jpg (534332 bytes) patch-agmr2-mouse-1909.jpg (179810 bytes) patch-agmr2-roadrunner-1908.jpg (605756 bytes)
patch-lcc19-1311.JPG (362083 bytes)
USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 patch
patch-lcc19-01.jpg (57492 bytes)
USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 patch
plaque-whitney.jpg (196160 bytes)
USS Mount Whitney LCC-20 plaque
patch-lcc20-02.jpg (40284 bytes)
USS Mount Whitney LCC-20 patch
patch-lhd2-1409.JPG (468065 bytes)
USS Essex LHD-2 patch
patch-ranger-01.jpg (188812 bytes)
USS Ranger CV-61
Communications patch
patch-cv63-1807.jpg (493666 bytes) patch-cv66-1911.jpg (891336 bytes)
patch-cva19-1811.jpg (293059 bytes) patch-der327-1412.jpg (388581 bytes) patch-cvn72-1709.jpg (426121 bytes) patch-cvs11-1603.jpg (597582 bytes)
patch-lcc19-1412.jpg (266652 bytes) patch-lhd2-1809.jpg (437661 bytes) patch-lph12-1611.jpg (208426 bytes) patch-constellation-1702.jpg (209885 bytes)
patch-jfk-120109.jpg (165910 bytes)
USS  John F. Kennedy CV-67
Communications patch
patch-sara-01.jpg (95884 bytes)
USS Saratoga CV-60 Communications patch
patch-cv41-1308.JPG (410556 bytes)
USS Midway CV-41 Communications patch
patch-cvn69-01.JPG (966203 bytes)
USS Eisenhower CVN-69 Communications patch
patch-cvn68-1401.JPG (311734 bytes)
USS Nimitz CVN-68 Communications patch
patch-agc11.jpg (64573 bytes)
USS Eldorado AGC-11 patch
patch-forrestal-1310-1.JPG (470944 bytes)
USS Forrestal CVA-59 CR patch
patch-forrestal-1310-2.JPG (390329 bytes)
USS Forrestal CVA-59 patch
patch-agc17-1402.JPG (231409 bytes)
USS Taconic AGC-17 patch
patch-cvs47-02.JPG (739269 bytes)
USS Philippine Sea CVS-47 patch
patch-cvs47-03.JPG (559676 bytes)
USS Philippine Sea CVS-47 patch
patch-cvs47-01.JPG (633062 bytes)
USS Philippine Sea CVS-47 patch
patch-cvs47-04.JPG (592276 bytes)
USS Philippine Sea CVS-47 patch
patch-cv66-1312-01.jpg (623303 bytes)
USS America CR/CS CV-66 patch
--patch-cv66-1403-02.JPG (372947 bytes)
USS America CV-66 RM SM patch
patch-cvs12-arc-1603.jpg (19910 bytes)
USS Hornet CVS-12 amateur radio club patch
patch-fdr-comms-1602.jpg (584310 bytes) patch-ssbn629-1512.jpg (244922 bytes) patch-et-training-1811.jpg (538410 bytes)
patch-tacamo-e6-01.jpg (32752 bytes)
TACAMO E-6 patch
patch-tacamo-1510-01.jpg (315102 bytes) patch-tacamo-1707.jpg (82112 bytes) ------
 patch-navelex-27.JPG (349774 bytes)
Naval Electronic Systems Command (NAVELEX) patch
patch-navsea-110626.jpg (52341 bytes)
Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Activity (NESEA) patch
patch-jenny.jpg (1026586 bytes)
VXN-8 Blue Eagle patch
"Project Jenny" airborne broadcasts
patch-elf-01.jpg (121393 bytes)
ELF Communications patch

patch-lua-1302.jpg (441219 bytes)
Lualualei Police patch


patch-stockton-maa.jpg (228202 bytes)
NCS Stockton MAA patch

patch-cutler-110701.jpg (112976 bytes)
NavCommUnit Cutler Fire Dept. patch
patch-cutler-sec.JPG (53573 bytes)
NAVRADSTA(T) Cutler security patch

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Miscellaneous Souvenirs

matchbook-annapolis-1308-1.jpg (52477 bytes)
NSS Annapolis matchbook
matchbook-guam-1308-2.jpg (362636 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Guam matchbook

badge-agmr1-1309-01.jpg (496523 bytes)
MAA Badge USS Annapolis AGMR-1

buckle-phil.jpg (25282 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines buckle

cufflinks-cc2-1901.jpg (424780 bytes)
USS Wright CC-2 cufflinks

matchbook-eclc1.JPG (33491 bytes)
USS Northampton ECLC-1 matchbook
stamp-ncs-sub-1808.jpg (398968 bytes)
NCS Submarines stamp
hat-iceland.JPG (15925 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Iceland hat
hat-jimcreek-1912.jpg (214116 bytes)
NRS (T) Jim Creek hat
badge-comm-1412-01.jpg (330766 bytes)
NCS Command pins and tie tack
badge-comm-1412-02.jpg (286157 bytes)
NCS Command pins and tietack
buckle-balboa-1610.jpg (55238 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Balboa buckle
buckle-cc1-1309-01.jpg (129411 bytes)
USS Northampton CC-1 buckle
buckle-cutler-1409.JPG (286362 bytes)
NRS(T) Cutler buckle
buckle-norva-1909.jpg (233799 bytes)
COMFAW-5 Comms buckle
buckle-phil-1909.jpg (265203 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Philippines buckle
buckle-rm-1705.jpg (183003 bytes)
Radioman buckle
flag-holt-1902.jpg (281709 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt Flag
ring-electronic_materiel-1601.jpg (268588 bytes)
Electronic Materiel School ring
tietack-agmr1-1912.jpg (70679 bytes)
USS Arlington AGMR-1 tie tack
button-cc2.JPG (629267 bytes)
USS Wright CC-1 button
jacket-greece-1704-01.jpg (92043 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Greece jacket
jacket-greece-1704-02.jpg (250154 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Greece jacket
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