Misc. Connector Info for Navy Radio Gear

Lots of info on cables, connectors, and installation:

Navy Installation and Maintenance Book 
(See Chapter 2)
NAVSHIPS 0967-LP-000-0110 1995 download 1.7 MB pdf
Naval Shore Electronics Criteria: Installation Standards & Practices
(See Chapters 6-10)
NAVELEX 0101,110  1972 table of contents & pdf download
Electronic Installation Practices
Chapter 9, Cabling
NAVSHIPS 900,171  1952  on-line version
 thanks to HNSA


Multi-conductor Cable Connectors

AN-3106A (earlier version)
conn-an3106a-01.JPG (768833 bytes)
AN-3106A (later version)
conn-assembly.JPG (983129 bytes)

Coaxial Cable Connectors

UG-21B (type N)
conn-ug21b-01.JPG (774540 bytes)
UG-88 (BNC)
conn-ug88-01.JPG (684127 bytes)
NT-49121A (WW2 era)
nt-coax-assy-02.JPG (107487 bytes)