CU-1099/FRR Receiver Multicoupler

Antenna Coupler CU-1099/FRR is a broadband
transistor RF amplifier which permits up to
eight 70 ohm outputs to operate simultaneously
off the same antenna. The unit operates over the
frequency range of 2 to 32 MHz, with an input
of 70 ohms. It uses 1/12 of the power (15 watts),
one-half the space and is one third the weight of
the CU-872. The units are usually mounted in
pairs in a standard 48.26 centimeter (19 inch)
bay using a mounting adapter. Figure 3-39
shows one bay of sixteen CU-1099s and two
   A block diagram of the CU-1099/FRR is
shown in figure 3-40. The signal input initially
goes to a bandpass filter, A-201, which is made
up of a high-pass and a low-pass filter, aligned to
pass 2 to 32 MHz and attenuate all other
frequencies. The bandpass filter output goes to a
preamplifier, which consists of a single class A
push-pull stage in which each half of the stage is
made up of eight parallel transistor amplifiers.
Low noise-high frequency transistor used in this
configuration, makes possible wideband
operation with a low-noise figure, low circuit
impedance and relatively low gain. Push-pull
design is used here, and elsewhere in the coupler,
to minimize spurious effects from strong signals
by canceling even-order harmonics and
intermodulation distortion products.
   There are four output isolator circuits which
provide up to 40 dB isolation between receiver
circuits, regardless of the frequency to which a
receiver is tuned. The output of Z-103 consists
of two sets of signals 180 degrees out of phase
with each other and with 176-ohms impedance
between pairs. Two isolators are connected in
series with each output of Z-103, and thus, each
is matched to 88-ohms impedance. 2-3 in each
isolator splits its input to match the 44 ohm
input impedance of each of the two push-pull
amplifiers in each isolator. The push-pull
amplifiers are made up of four transistors in a
single stage, with two parallel transistors in each
half of the stage. The balanced 630-ohm output
is converted to an unbalanced 70 ohms by
transformer action. The four plug-in isolator
assemblies are mechanically identical, but each is
electrically aligned for the position it occupies.
The positions are marked A, B, C, and D with
the B position (J-3 output), being the standard
output used in factory alignment.
Manual NAVSHIPS 94933 - available from WA5CAB

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