SRR-13 Receiver - RF Transformer Repair

Info and Photos From Jim Whartenby

Reworking the transformers requires some patience, a heat gun to soften the old epoxy and some small tools to dig the softened epoxy out of the forms. All can be done without breaking anything so that the repaired transformer can be reassembled and appear to be as new. I have a few old transformers if some need replacement parts.

I have found that there are really only two types of RF transformers: Oscillator and Amplifier. All amplifier transformers are electrically the same if they are of the same frequency range. Physically they are keyed to fit the particular module and a small Swiss file will add a new notch so that the transformer can be rotated to the proper orientation when installed in a different module.

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1. Overview - Steps in the operation
1 Overview.jpg (737558 bytes)
2. Leverage heated leadscrew out of the phenolic shell
2 heat epoxy and remove  leadscrew.jpg (845007 bytes)
3. Before & after cleaning out epoxy
3 Heat again  and remove remaining  epoxy.jpg (954052 bytes)
4. Tools used
Tools used.jpg (1130949 bytes)