Navy Tape Recorder - Reproducer Equipment

AN/TNH-21, AN/TNH-21A, AN/TNH-21B, AN/TH-21C
4 channel, 5 speed Audio Recorder-Reproducer

Used in intercept stations, maybe elsewhere - See photos and info towards the bottom of this page on CFS Alert

1972 - TNH-21 originally manufactured by Mincom Division of 3M (model M67)
Later models manufactured by Video Research Corporation, Riviera Beach, FL
Manual - AN/TNH-21 manual, National Security Agency - DOWNLOAD MANUAL (39 MB PDF)
15 ips, 200cps-64kc        7-1/2 ips 200cps-32kc      3-3/4 ips 200cps-16kc   1-7/8 ips 200cps-8kc     15/16ips 200cps-4kc

TNH-21 in NSGR training center
nsgr-training-01.jpg (845487 bytes)
TNH-21 in NSGR training center
nsgr-training-02.jpg (573592 bytes)
tnh21-1104.JPG (208014 bytes) tnh21-1103.JPG (31361 bytes) tnh21-1101.JPG (48108 bytes) tnh21-1102.JPG (50186 bytes)
tnh21-21.JPG (73794 bytes)
rear panel - 4 inputs, 4 outputs
"audio transfer" & remote connector

tnh21-25.JPG (170326 bytes)
rear view with motor control board folded down

tnh21-22.JPG (132887 bytes)
top view,  front panel to left-
Capstan motor in center
Take-up reel motor at bottom
tnh21-23.JPG (150596 bytes)
top view, front panel to left-
Supply reel motor at top,
Idler flywheel in middle
Capstan motor at bottom
tnh21-24.JPG (119447 bytes)
right side view, front panel to left - 
Take-up reel motor at top
Capstan motor in center
Capstan shaft/tachometer at bottom
tnh21-26.JPG (171099 bytes)
left side view, front panel to right -
Supply reel motor at top,
Capstan shaft/tachometer in middle background
Idler flywheel below in foreground
tnh21-27.JPG (84169 bytes)
Left side view, front panel to right -
Capstan motor above and belt to Capstan shaft/tachometer below
tnh21-28.JPG (124790 bytes)
Left side view, front panel to right -
Idler flywheel in foreground
Capstan shaft/tachometer behind


tnh21-111.JPG (189284 bytes)
Opened up for repair - front and rear halves separated
tnh21-112.JPG (151952 bytes)
Opened up for repair - front and rear halves separated
tnh21-113.JPG (178652 bytes)
Four audio channel boards
tnh21-114.JPG (184130 bytes)
Upper - motion control board
Lower - audio monitor/control board

Other audio recorders

tape-afsav75a-01.jpg (1775148 bytes)

2 track record/reproduce (1/4" tape)
3.75 ips
(150-5000 cps bandwidth)

tape-afsav510-01.jpg (2385087 bytes)

2 track record/reproduce (1/4" tape)
3.75 ips to 30 ips
(100cps-50kc bandwidth at 30 ips)

7 track record reproduce (1/2" tape)
14 track record/reproduce (1" tape)
7.5 ips to 120 ips
(400cps-1mc bandwidth at 120 ips)

unq7-01.JPG (948265 bytes)

used to record sonar on one channel and voice comments on the other - -

rd115c-un-02.jpg (972224 bytes)

uses 3" wide tape to record 24 hours of 2-channel voice signals - used to record air-ground and ship-shore comms

rd115c-un-01.jpg (1328628 bytes)

Freq. response - 400 Hz to 3800 Hz 
Recording time - 24.25 hours on 1136' reel of tape
Speed - 9.28 in/min 

rd115c-un-03.jpg (903862 bytes)

rd115c-un-04.jpg (896062 bytes)
rd115c-33.jpg (23710 bytes) rd115c-34.jpg (25573 bytes) rd115c-35.jpg (28693 bytes) -

mx1373-un-01.jpg (73283 bytes)

tape demagnetizer for RD-115/UN
mx1373-un-02.jpg (74191 bytes)
mx1373-un-03.jpg (82694 bytes) -

General purpose 1-track audio recorder

for training & entertainment purposes - 7-1/2 and 3-3/4 ips

rd365-un-01.jpg (22655 bytes) rd365-un-02.jpg (16138 bytes) -