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AN/FRR-28 Diversity Receiver System Components
  • SB-224/UR patching panel
  • LS-187/UR speaker
AN/FRR-32 Diversity Receiver System Components
  • R-618/FRR-32 receiver
  • O-330/FRR-32 master xtal oscillator
  • CM-70/FRR-32 comparator/keyer
  • SB-431/FRR-32 patching panel
  • LS-169/G speaker
AN/URT-2, AN/URT-3, AN/URT-4 parts - particularly the CX-2101/URT extender cable for the Low Level Modulator


  AN/FRR-30 VLF Receiver
frr31-01.jpg (22434 bytes)


  AN/FGC-5 rack-mount modules
fgc5-22.JPG (492605 bytes)

  AN/FCC-3 rack-mount modules
fcc3-104.JPG (51528 bytes)

  AN/FGC-60 TTY Multiplex System

  AN/FRR-10 Receiver parts
  RD-17/U (Boehme 4-G) Morse Paper Tape Ink Recorder 
  RD-110/U Morse Paper Tape Ink Recorder 
  RD-112/U Morse Paper Tape Ink Recorder
  CV-2124A/U  Morse-to-TTY converter
  CV-2015A/U  TTY-to-Morse converter

  Other interesting 1950's Navy radio stuff ???

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