US Navy Handsets and Headsets for Radio Communications

NAVSHIPS 91955 Handbook of Electronic Acoustic Parts

Page with Lots of  Info on Sound-Powered Phones 

Radiotelephone Sets

NT-23172 Radiophone set
ctl-23172-03.jpg (1642366 bytes)

ctl-23172-02.jpg (3161256 bytes) See here for spec sheets

ctl-23172-01.jpg (4083930 bytes)

NT-23211 Radiophone unit
ctl-23211a-01.jpg (5380523 bytes)

NT-23211 Radiophone Set

23211a-1602-04.jpg (288762 bytes) 23211a-1602-01.jpg (195072 bytes) 23211a-1602-02.jpg (335918 bytes)
23211a-1602-03.jpg (192606 bytes) 23211a-1602-05.jpg (292684 bytes) 23211a-1602-06.jpg (312041 bytes) 23211a-1602-07.jpg (267677 bytes)
23211a-1602-08.jpg (262254 bytes) 23211a-1602-09.jpg (252976 bytes)

23211a-1604-03.jpg (212853 bytes)

23211a-1604-01.jpg (242318 bytes) 23211a-1604-10.jpg (195136 bytes)
23211a-1604-04.jpg (220212 bytes) 23211a-1604-06.jpg (384141 bytes)

23211a-1604-05.jpg (184872 bytes)

23211a-1604-08.jpg (270626 bytes) 23211a-1604-07.jpg (191810 bytes)

Communication Handsets

NT-51007 & NT-51007A communications handsets

could be upgraded to dynamic mike (gray color)

Has carbon microphone unit

CVI-51007A- not original connectors
handset-51007a-1304-02.jpg (102136 bytes)

handset-51007a-1304-03.jpg (71161 bytes) handset-51007a-1308-01.jpg (151907 bytes)
Handset Field Change - April 1960 BuShips Journal
By Fred Chapman - Communications Branch, Bureau of Ships

A field change kit (Field Change 1-51007A) to improve audio fidelity for high-quality speech transmission and reception is now available through the Naval Supply System.

Recently the Bureau procured a limited quantity of field change kits for the standard Navy communications handset NT-51007A. The kit, Federal Stock Number 5820677-9263, contains a replacement dynamic receiver earpiece, receiver cap, replaceable transmitter (microphone) cartridge, microphone retainer ring, Instruction Sheet (NAVSHIPS 93387), and Field Change Bulletin (NAVSHIPS 981138).
The replacement units are colored light gray to identify the modification to that of a dynamic-type handset. The removed carbon microphone unit and magnetic earphone may be retained on board for possible emergency use.
Through the addition of this field change, the 51007A handset will provide added communications reliability. The unit is intended primarily for use at Radio Set Control C-1138/UR (or equivalents) that are used on single sideband circuits that contain equipments such as the AN/URC-32 or AN/WRT-2. The modified handset may be used with any standard Navy communications equipment since the output circuitry and impedances are the same as the original carbon unit.
The microphone unit contains an encapsulated, non-repairable, transistor preamplifier and includes sound chambers that function as an extraneous noise-canceling device. The noise-canceling feature eliminates all other outside sounds other than that of the person speaking directly into the microphone. The transistor preamplifier is operated from the negative 12 volt d.c. power normally supplied from the associated control unit or transmitter. The circuitry contains protective provisions in the event of the application of 12 volts direct current with a reverse polarity.
When a unit becomes defective, it must first be assured that a 12-volt direct current of proper polarity has been applied; and if so, the unit must be discarded. Replacement microphone units will be stocked in the Naval Supply System under Federal Stock Number N5965-6244134.
Because of budget limitations, only a small supply of the field changes could be obtained during fiscal year 1960.
Complete handsets being supplied with radio set AN/URC-32 and transmitter AN/WRT-2 have the nomenclature H-169/U. These handsets are essentially the 51007A type with the field change applied. The units are colored gray completely for identification. The Bureau is procuring similar dynamic boom-type headset assemblies H-172/U (Federal Stock Number F5965-715-4031) to replace chest sets now in use.
handset-51007a-spec-11.JPG (290174 bytes)

handset-51007a-spec-12.JPG (406056 bytes)

NT-51008 communications handset assembly - part of NT-50064 speech equipment used with TBL transmitter

phone-51008-1403-03.JPG (53944 bytes)

handset-51008-1304-01.JPG (139548 bytes)
handset-51008-1304-02.JPG (139526 bytes) NT-50064
nt50064-110224-01.jpg (17687 bytes)
phone-51008-1403-01.JPG (54199 bytes) phone-51008-1403-02.JPG (55084 bytes) phone-51008-1403-04.JPG (85076 bytes) phone-51008-1403-06.JPG (83773 bytes)
phone-51008-1403-05.JPG (45578 bytes) -- -- --

NT-51011 Chest Set  - part of NT-50064 speech equipment used with TBL transmitter

chestset-51011-1309-02.JPG (527136 bytes) chestset-51011-1309-01.JPG (593148 bytes) chestset-51011-1309-03.JPG (541729 bytes)
handset-51011-1504-07.JPG (203206 bytes) handset-51011-1504-01.JPG (248463 bytes) handset-51011-1504-02.JPG (118752 bytes) handset-51011-1504-03.JPG (217156 bytes)
handset-51011-1504-04.JPG (253810 bytes) handset-51011-1504-05.JPG (212772 bytes) handset-51011-1504-06.JPG (118443 bytes) --

NT-51019 handset
(for TBS)

handset-51019-1.jpg (4279751 bytes) handset-51019-1604-01.jpg (227882 bytes) handset-51019-1604-02.jpg (178085 bytes)
handset-51019-1604-03.jpg (228488 bytes) handset-51019-1604-04.jpg (184454 bytes) -- --

NT-51026 handset
(for TCP-2)

handset-51026-1504-01.JPG (113407 bytes) handset-51026-1504-02.JPG (118023 bytes) handset-51026-1504-03.JPG (115603 bytes)
handset-tcp-1410-01.JPG (308160 bytes) handset-tcp-1410-02.JPG (479384 bytes) handset-tcp-1410-03.JPG (416823 bytes) handset-tcp-1410-04.JPG (458560 bytes)

H-169/U communications handset

handset-h169u-1301-01.JPG (317377 bytes)

handset-h169u-1301-02.JPG (347671 bytes)

Direct replacement for  NT-51007A

Has transistorized dynamic microphone unit
handset-h169u-1301-03.JPG (351233 bytes)

h169-schem-01.JPG (113492 bytes)

Hanger for H-169/U Handset - Do you know of a source or a part number? Please let me know
 - Do you have an original and can make some photos and measurements?

urc32-handset-hanger-01.jpg (24792 bytes) urc32-handset-hanger-02.jpg (71945 bytes) urc32-handset-hanger-03.jpg (664281 bytes) Proper hanger, but not the proper handset
urc32-handset-hanger-04.jpg (615876 bytes)

Note: the usual telephone handset hangers are for a type G handset - the H-169/U earphone housing is deeper and will not fit those.





H-169 handset vs. type G handset
urc32-handset-hanger-05.jpg (4087679 bytes)

H-172/U boom-type headset
headset-h172u-01.JPG (21418 bytes)

transistorized dynamic mike and cushioned earpieces

replaces chest sets

H-172/U Spec Sheet

need better photo

Please send me e-mail if you have one of these headsets for sale or trade


SA-770/UR Handset Switchbox

ta770_2429.JPG (2403889 bytes) sa770_2800.JPG (3983800 bytes) ta770_2430.JPG (2180688 bytes)

Sound-Powered Sets

H-200/U sound-powered headset-chest set
handset-h200u-1301-01.JPG (27735 bytes)

headset-h200-1401-01.JPG (318445 bytes) headset-h200-1401-02.JPG (311565 bytes) headset-h200-1401-03.JPG (387931 bytes)
headset-h200-1401-04.JPG (350473 bytes) headset-h200-1401-05.JPG (275118 bytes) headset-h200-1401-06.JPG (249250 bytes) headset-h200-1401-07.JPG (260449 bytes)
headset-h200-u-1412-01.JPG (265419 bytes) headset-h200-u-1412-02.JPG (73658 bytes) headset-h200-u-1412-03.JPG (282867 bytes) --

H-203/U Sound-powered handset

handset-h203u-1301-01.JPG (21962 bytes)

handset-h203u-1301-05.JPG (58491 bytes)

h203-u-handset-91.jpg (85407 bytes)

handset-h203u-1301-02.JPG (77246 bytes) handset-h203u-1301-03.JPG (96344 bytes)
handset-h203u-1301-04.JPG (73202 bytes) h203-1309-11.jpg (262047 bytes)

SA-7C  sound-powered headset-chest set
headset-chest-sa7c-02.JPG (440581 bytes)

headset-chest-sa7c-03.JPG (494701 bytes) headset-chest-sa7c-05.JPG (536217 bytes) headset-chest-sa7c-04.JPG (405190 bytes)
headset-chest-sa7c-06.JPG (411653 bytes) headset-chest-sa7c-01.JPG (758982 bytes) headset-chest-sa7c-07.JPG (386926 bytes) headset-chest-sa7c-08.JPG (397721 bytes)


Dynamic Microphone M-109A/U
m109a-mic-1608-02.jpg (321872 bytes)

m109a-mic-1608-03.jpg (227619 bytes) m109a-mic-1608-04.jpg (235692 bytes) ==
m109a-mic-1608-05.jpg (212932 bytes) m109a-mic-1608-06.jpg (234979 bytes) m109a-mic-1608-01.jpg (235755 bytes) ==

SAS - Single Audio System - for secure switching of voice channels

SA-2112(V)4/STQ Switching Matrix 
(Coke Machine) aboard BB-61
DSC02121.JPG (3453016 bytes)

DSC02171.JPG (3191248 bytes) DSC02120.JPG (3501565 bytes) --

TA-970/U Telephone Set "Red Phone" - for connection to SAS

Handset H-342/U is used in TA-840A/U, TA-970/U, TA-980/U and
TA-990/U systems

ta970-u-01.jpg (22801 bytes) ta970-u-03.jpg (48324 bytes)
ta970-u-09.jpg (65142 bytes) ta970-1411-01.JPG (289390 bytes) ta970-1411-02.JPG (342729 bytes) ta970-1411-03.JPG (284393 bytes)
ta970-1504-01.JPG (421007 bytes) ta970-1504-03.JPG (267749 bytes) ta970-1504-04.JPG (408379 bytes)
Pages from TA-970 specification - download entire specification MIL-T-28842A
ta970-u-05.jpg (180579 bytes) ta970-u-06.jpg (193034 bytes) ta970-u-07.jpg (218521 bytes) ta970-u-08.jpg (247537 bytes)
TA-970/U Secure Telephone Set for use with all SA-2112, C-10315, and VCS-150 Red Switch applications.  Tempest certified and shipboard ready.
Complete phone set includes handset and chassis.

The TA-970/U, TA-980/U and TA-990/U telephone sets are used primarily in shipboard installations of the Single Audio System (SAS), which provides voice communications in both plain and cipher modes. They are an integral part of the ship's exterior communications system. The TA-970/U provides single-channel voice communications and control capability from below-deck (protected) shipboard spaces.
Functional Characteristics
Power Requirements: +24 vdc 10% at 250 mA
Input impedance: 470 ohms 10% at 1000 Hz unbalanced
Output impedance: 600 ohms 10% at 1000 Hz balanced
Microphone frequency response: 4 dB from 200 Hz to 4000 Hz
Receiver frequency response: 6 dB from 200 Hz to 4000 Hz
Output signal level: -20 dBM avg., 0 dBM peaks or 6 dBm avg., + 14 dBM peaks
Distortion: one percent maximum
Noise canceling: Noise canceling features of microphone provide high articulation in the presence of high background noise.
Loudspeaker: Control of loudspeaker muting provided.

Receive Audio   TB1-4
Receive Audio   TB1-5
+24VDC           TB1-3
Ground              TB2-5
Mode Indicate   TB2-6

PTT                   TB1-6
Transmit Audio   TB1-2
Transmit Audio   TB1-3
Mode Select       TB1-7
Hookswitch        TB2-4
Speaker Audio    TB2-1
Speaker Audio    TB2-1

For C-10276/SSC Control Indicator (CIN) Only
PTT/Chan Select  TB2-7
CIN +24VDC      TB1-1
CIN  Ground         E3

TA-840/U Red Phone
ta840-1911-01.jpg (199707 bytes)

ta840-1911-02.jpg (211027 bytes) == ==

TA-990/U Red Phone
ta990-2001-01.jpg (143284 bytes)

ta990-2001-02.jpg (230035 bytes) ta990-2001-03.jpg (211566 bytes) ta990-2001-04.jpg (191489 bytes)

H-342/U Red Phone Handset
handset-h342u-2005-01.jpg (395769 bytes)

handset-h342u-2005-02.jpg (219848 bytes) handset-h342u-2005-03.jpg (533253 bytes) handset-h342u-2005-04.jpg (416193 bytes)

SA-1997/U Switch Box - for routing telephone sets to secure voice channels
sa1997-u-1502-01.JPG (22817 bytes)

sa1997-u-1502-02.JPG (21008 bytes) sa1997-u-1502-03.JPG (37157 bytes) sa1997-u-1502-04.JPG (19938 bytes)
sa1997-u-1502-06.JPG (36949 bytes) sa1997-u-1502-07.JPG (22292 bytes) sa1997-u-1502-08.JPG (24011 bytes)  SA-1997/U Specifications

Other Telephones

TA-866B/STC-1 Dial Phone

ta866b-stc1-1712-01.jpg (57818 bytes)

ta866b-stc1-1712-02.jpg (56096 bytes) ta866b-stc1-1712-03.jpg (67903 bytes) ta866b-stc1-1712-04.jpg (43716 bytes)