Navy Transmitting Key Photos and Info

brooklyn-1938.jpg (109505 bytes)      NH-56626-key.jpg (1224998 bytes)

USS Brooklyn, 1938 - What model control panel key is being used?

1944 USN Training Film showing proper way to use a straight key

1953 Radioman Video showing Morse operations

waves-bug.jpg (104666 bytes) speedkey-levey.jpg (341948 bytes)

altair-92.jpg (44886 bytes)

bug-cert-03.JPG (24436 bytes)

key-bug-1503-01.JPG (150949 bytes)

bug-cert-02.jpg (70551 bytes)

bug-cert-01.jpg (39131 bytes)

cw-certificate-decker.jpg (101637 bytes)

key-bug-award-01.jpg (11335 bytes)

key-bug-award-02.jpg (47073 bytes)

key-certificate-1936-1601.jpg (289952 bytes)


control panel - key

key-23005a-1604-01.jpg (344827 bytes)

Installed on BB-55 USS North Carolina
nt-23005a.JPG (128806 bytes)
 for 4-wire control system

uses NT-26001 key

USS Texas needs some of these for restoration - please let me know if you can help.

key-23005a-1604-02.jpg (297334 bytes)

 manuf by Phila. Navy Yard

key-23005a-1604-04.jpg (222025 bytes)

control panel - key

c23146-key-01.jpg (41090 bytes)
photo -

Flush-mounted at Local Operating Position (LOP)

key-crl23146-03.jpg (45786 bytes)

For 6-wire control system
Uses NT-26012 key
Pushbutton ON-OFF

key-crl23146-01.jpg (71376 bytes)

C??-23146 - Columbia Electric & Manuf. Co.
CRL-23146 - Remler

key-crl23146-02.jpg (75709 bytes)

Remler Co. version
key-nt23146-91.jpg (39782 bytes)
key-nt23146-92.jpg (52859 bytes) key-nt23146-94.jpg (80395 bytes)

key-nt23146-93.jpg (78453 bytes)

Columbia Electric version
key-nt23146-1301-1.JPG (333887 bytes)
key-nt23146-1301-2.JPG (278916 bytes) key-nt23146-1301-3.JPG (689670 bytes) key-nt23146-1301-4.JPG (733485 bytes)
New York Naval Shipyard version
DSC01592.JPG (4059017 bytes)
DSC01593.JPG (4134718 bytes) DSC01594.JPG (3643748 bytes) --
Boston Navy Yard version
key-23146-bos-01.JPG (479867 bytes)
key-23146-bos-02.JPG (424709 bytes) key-23146-bos-05.JPG (519334 bytes) key-23146-bos-04.JPG (770974 bytes)

NT-23335 Dual Key Panel

Manuf by Philadelphia Navy Yard


key-23335-1707-01.jpg (180626 bytes) key-23335-1707-02.jpg (222876 bytes) key-23335-1707-03.jpg (249564 bytes)

control panel - key

sb315xu-key-01.jpg (25644 bytes)
photo -
(X) indicates prototype
Key is J-37 modified for insulated contact - but it appears this is not original - it probably had enclosed key as shown for SB-315A/U

These units were flush-mounted at main radio station desks
Momentary toggle ON-OFF
Extra key jack (for bug)

manuf Tabet

see Artifax web site for more info

control panel - key

Need Photo

Similar to SB-315A/U except toggle switch on-off and different key contact  adjustment screws manuf Federal Television (1953)
manual NAVSHIPS 90234
Need Photo

control panel - key

sb315a-1412-01.JPG (176186 bytes)

sb315a-1309-2.jpg (621037 bytes) photos thanks to Larry K7KSW

manuf National Electrical Machine Shops (1953)
manual NAVSHIPS 92038

These units were flush-mounted at main radio station desks
Pushbutton ON-OFF

I have the panel but need just a key like this - please send me e-mail if you can help

sb315a-1309-1.jpg (534052 bytes)

control panel - key

sb315b-u-1101.jpg (49919 bytes)

sb315b-u-111.jpg (41564 bytes)
Tabet - prototype? s/n 008

sb315b-u-305.JPG (50040 bytes)

sb315b-u-301.JPG (49636 bytes)

sb315b-u-key-202.jpg (26035 bytes)

manuf R.A. Miller Industries (1958)
manuf Dittmore-Freimuth Corp (1957)
NAVSHIPS 93122 - download 

These units were flush-mounted at main radio station desks
Enclosed key
Momentary toggle ON-OFF
Extra key jack (for bug)

sb315b-u-1102.jpg (65272 bytes) sb315b-u-1103.jpg (52046 bytes) sb315b-u-1104.jpg (51635 bytes) I have the panel but need just a key like this - please send me e-mail if you can help


SE Keys (Bureau of Steam Engineering) - before 1930

SE-68A auxiliary hand key

Bureau of Steam Engineering - early key for spark sets.
Manuf by Boston Navy Yard

key-se-xxx.jpg (25166 bytes)

key-se68a-1300.jpg (26343 bytes) key-se68a-1301.jpg (28427 bytes) key-se68a-1302.jpg (24184 bytes)

key-se68a-1303.jpg (17886 bytes)

key-se68a-1210-01.jpg (771916 bytes) key-se68a-1210-02.jpg (592704 bytes) key-se68a-1210-06.jpg (732821 bytes) key-se68a-1210-04.jpg (775731 bytes)
key-se68a-1507-01.JPG (137540 bytes) key-se68a-1708-01.jpg (211509 bytes) key-se68a-1708-02.jpg (211637 bytes) key-se68a-1708-06.jpg (216262 bytes)
SE 507 replaceable contacts
key-se68a-1708-03.jpg (295543 bytes)
key-se68a-1708-04.jpg (272324 bytes) key-se68a-1708-05.jpg (292309 bytes) --
SE 68A variant? - ID tag just lists drawing number
key-se-boston-1503-01.JPG (68101 bytes)
key-se-boston-1503-02.JPG (91392 bytes)

key-se-boston-1503-03.JPG (61997 bytes)

key-se-boston-1503-04.JPG (66877 bytes) key-se-boston-1503-05.JPG (58689 bytes)

SE-86 key

Bureau of Steam Engineering
 - early flameproof key

key-se86-1203.jpg (190804 bytes) -- Manuf by Marconi Wireless

SE 137B keying relay

key-se137b-110522-04.jpg (70891 bytes)

key-se137b-110522-01.jpg (90236 bytes)

key-se137b-110522-05.jpg (67522 bytes)

key-se137b-110522-02.jpg (71459 bytes) key-se137b-110522-03.jpg (85436 bytes)

SE-953 key

Bureau of Steam Engineering - early key

key-se953-51.jpg (42204 bytes) key-se953-52.jpg (58444 bytes) key-se953-53.jpg (41532 bytes)

SE-1443 key

Bureau of Steam Engineering - early key

key-se1443-51.jpg (12067 bytes)

key-se1443-54.jpg (15783 bytes)

key-se1443-52.jpg (16915 bytes)

key-se1443-53.jpg (17709 bytes)

SE-1579 Key/Buzzer Set
Manufactured by Lowenstein
 - Photos thanks to Tim K4TJP

key-se1579-01.jpg (199962 bytes) key-se1579-02.jpg (176557 bytes) key-se1579-03.jpg (174454 bytes)

SE-3546A key

Bureau of Steam Engineering - early key
Manuf by Boston Navy Yard

key-se3546a-01.jpg (14401 bytes)

key-se3546a-02.jpg (11415 bytes) key-se3546a-71.jpg (23384 bytes) key-se3546a-72.jpg (29864 bytes)
key-se3546-1200.jpg (34830 bytes) key-se3546-1202.jpg (595505 bytes) key-se3546-1203.jpg (101104 bytes) key-se3546-1204.jpg (67720 bytes)
key-se3546-1205.jpg (96239 bytes) key-se3546-1206.jpg (91104 bytes) key-SE3546A-120109.jpg (13609 bytes) --

CJB-67B Bunnell Buzzer Blinker Set
key-buzzer-1711-01.jpg (407732 bytes)

key-buzzer-1711-02.jpg (210978 bytes) key-buzzer-1711-03.jpg (292327 bytes) key-buzzer-1711-04.jpg (306737 bytes)
key-buzzer-1711-05.jpg (290083 bytes) key-buzzer-1711-06.jpg (236745 bytes) key-buzzer-1711-07.jpg (266996 bytes) ==
key-cjb67b-01.JPG (67921 bytes) key-cjb67b-02.JPG (57828 bytes) key-cjb67b-03.JPG (63918 bytes) key-cjb67b-05.JPG (75929 bytes)

CM-425 Marconi - made for US Navy SE, 1917

key-se-cm425-02.JPG (199947 bytes)

key-se-cm425-01.JPG (140357 bytes)

key-se-cm425-03.JPG (144849 bytes)

key-se-cm425-04.JPG (171501 bytes) key-se-cm425-05.JPG (140323 bytes)

Navy Type keys (Bureau of Ships) - beginning around 1930

NT-26001 key

key-clt26001b-01.jpg (78425 bytes)

key-26001b-61.jpg (47523 bytes)
key-26001b-63.jpg (49959 bytes) key-clt26001b-120121.jpg (519918 bytes)
CLT-26001-B on base as used in OAH code practice system
CLT-26001 - Lundquist Tool
CAKU-26001 - Winslow Tele-tronics
CSE-26001  - Signal Electric
CBE-26001 - Benjamin Electric
key-26001b-62.jpg (36123 bytes) see Artifax web site for more info
also see W1TP web site for more info

another photo here
another photo here
another photo here

CLT-26001-B new in box
key-26001-nos-11.jpg (472265 bytes)
key-26001-nos-12.jpg (565114 bytes) -- --

NT-26003 key

Aircraft use - I don't think this key was  used for shipboard or shore radio.


CMI-26003A-key.jpg (14630 bytes)
CMI-26003A flameproof key
CTE26003A-key.jpg (26763 bytes)
CTE-26003A flameproof key
CMI-26003 - Molded Insulator
CTE-26003  - Telephonics
CJB-26003  - Bunnell
CMK-26003  - McElroy

see Artifax web site for more info

Note - There was also a shipboard signaling lamp version made by GE

CMI-26003 with capacitor

key-26003-lamp-1906-01.jpg (183018 bytes) key-26003-lamp-1906-02.jpg (160635 bytes) --

CJB-26009 Bunnell  semi-automatic key
key-26009-1405-02.jpg (411258 bytes)

key-26009-1405-01.jpg (255240 bytes) "PROPERTY  OF U.S. NAVY" casting on side of base
key-26009-1405-03.jpg (315329 bytes)
key-26009-1405-04.jpg (314996 bytes)
key-26009-1405-05.jpg (378687 bytes) key-26009-1405-06.jpg (383097 bytes) key-26009-1405-07.jpg (337504 bytes) key-26009-1405-08.jpg (385396 bytes)

CJB-26009 Bunnell
semi-automatic key

manuf CJB - Bunnell

key-CJB26009-1310-07.jpg (427426 bytes) key-CJB26009-1310-03.jpg (378453 bytes) key-CJB26009-1310-04.jpg (392664 bytes)
key-CJB26009-1310-01.jpg (406899 bytes) key-CJB26009-1310-02.jpg (483036 bytes) key-CJB26009-1310-06.jpg (458675 bytes) key-CJB26009-1310-05.jpg (441664 bytes)
key-26009-1411-01.jpg (174097 bytes) key-26009-1411-02.jpg (124923 bytes) key-26009-1411-03.jpg (181918 bytes) key-26009-1411-04.jpg (179590 bytes)
key-26009-1411-05.jpg (178528 bytes) key-26009-1411-06.jpg (150425 bytes) -- --
key-26009-1511-01.jpg (184879 bytes) key-26009-1511-02.jpg (194630 bytes) key-26009-1511-03.jpg (182769 bytes) key-26009-1511-04.jpg (239489 bytes)
key-26009-1511-05.jpg (109083 bytes) key-26009-1511-06.jpg (138977 bytes) key-26009-1511-07.jpg (263481 bytes) key-26009-case.jpg (284592 bytes)

CJB-26009 Bunnell
semi-automatic key
Photos thanks to Tim K4TJP

key-26009-12.jpg (65530 bytes)

another photo here

semi-automatic key (bug)
Casting says "PROPERTY OF U.S. NAVY"

key-26009-11.jpg (42798 bytes)

manuf CJB - Bunnell

key-26009-13.jpg (157026 bytes)

CMK-26009 McElroy
semi-automatic key

key-26009-1709-01.jpg (241822 bytes)

     more photos &  info here

key-26009-1709-04.jpg (251366 bytes)

key-26009-1709-05.jpg (232119 bytes)


key-26009-1709-02.jpg (299461 bytes) key-26009-1709-03.jpg (306243 bytes)
Civilian version McElroy with "US NAVY" ground off
key-mcelroy-1201.jpg (39413 bytes)
key-mcelroy-1202.jpg (23252 bytes) key-mcelroy-1203.jpg (21115 bytes) key-mcelroy-1204.jpg (22133 bytes)

CJB-26009A Bunnell
semi-automatic key

key-26009a-1710-03.jpg (111977 bytes)

key-26009a-1710-02.jpg (114979 bytes) key-26009a-1710-01.jpg (92895 bytes) Note "PROPERTY..." casting is on bottom rather than on the side like CJB-26009
key-26009a-1710-04.jpg (35262 bytes)
key-26009a-1710-05.jpg (110015 bytes) key-26009a-1710-06.jpg (112607 bytes) key-26009a-1808-01.jpg (260662 bytes) key-26009a-1808-02.jpg (310890 bytes)
key-26009a-1808-03.jpg (314537 bytes) key-26009a-1808-04.jpg (163446 bytes) key-26009A-shelby-01.jpg (142847 bytes) key-26009A-shelby-02.jpg (219245 bytes)

semi-automatic key

1952 Vibroplex Champion with Navy markings "Stk.#N17-K-45926-1001"

These were kept shipboard  and available for use by speedkey certified operators. 

s/n seen so far - 176084, 176160, 176312, 176394, 176700, 176798, 177060, 177117, 177200

s/n 177060
key-bug-1301-03.jpg (200329 bytes)
key-bug-1301-02.jpg (224212 bytes) key-bug-1301-01.jpg (201918 bytes)
s/n 176084 key-bug-1403-01.jpg (270861 bytes) key-bug-1403-02.jpg (310730 bytes) key-bug-1403-05.jpg (361684 bytes)
s/n 176160 key-bug-nn8b-03.jpg (370202 bytes) key-bug-nn8b-01.jpg (348163 bytes) key-bug-nn8b-02.jpg (404857 bytes)
s/n 176394 key-bug-1412-11.jpg (91162 bytes) key-bug-1412-12.jpg (252349 bytes) key-bug-1412-13.jpg (173476 bytes)
s/n 177200 bug-01.jpg (13847 bytes) bug-02.jpg (27513 bytes) bug-03.jpg (18010 bytes)
1954 Vibroplex Champion s/n 239207
Contract N126-10052A
Federal Stock No. 5805-312-2750

bug-1701-01.jpg (57026 bytes)

bug-1701-02.jpg (84401 bytes)

bug-1701-03.jpg (67746 bytes) bug-1701-04.jpg (42067 bytes)
Vibroplex Champion s/n 254100
Contract N00126-67-C-2174 (FBM)
Federal Stock No. 5805-312-2750
key-bug-nos-2307-02.JPG (9925 bytes) key-bug-nos-2307-01.JPG (54803 bytes) ===

1967 Vibroplex marked "Property of U.S. Navy"

key-vibroplex-1967-01.jpg (205063 bytes) key-vibroplex-1967-02.jpg (183860 bytes) key-vibroplex-1967-03.jpg (182120 bytes)

Some operators bought their own speed keys, however....

1945 shipment to RM3 Roy Frakes
key-bug-1407-rcpt.JPG (340642 bytes)
Property of RM2 Richard Nash
key-bug-rm2-1308.JPG (634918 bytes)
Vibroplex with copy of Speed Key Certification Test

key-bug-1503-01.JPG (150949 bytes)

NT-26010 key

need photo flameproof key used with TBP
includes send-receive toggle switch

NT-26012 key

insulated type

clt26012a-1210-02.JPG (287247 bytes)

CRL- 26012_key_1.jpg (14371 bytes)
photo thanks to WF2U
CRL- 26012_key_2.jpg (10298 bytes)
insulated straight key with slot for wedge connection from a bug
    another photo here
    another photo here
    another photo here
CAPH-26012 - Telegraph 
CLT-26012A - Lundquist Tool
CMH-26012B - American Radio Hardware
CRL-26012 - Remler

see Artifax web site for more info
see W1TP web site for more info

clt26012a-1210-04.JPG (280405 bytes)
clt26012a-1210-01.JPG (263934 bytes) clt26012a-1210-03.JPG (324306 bytes) clt26012a-1210-05.JPG (366709 bytes)
key-26012b-120301.JPG (58926 bytes)
key-26012B-1308-02.JPG (499396 bytes) key-26012B-1308-03.JPG (528583 bytes)

key-26012B-1403-01.JPG (291461 bytes)

For some reason, unused CMH-26012B keys from December 1944 still show up on eBay every now and then.

key-26012B-1408-02.jpg (28664 bytes)

key-26012b-120302.JPG (46208 bytes) key-26012B-1308-01.JPG (493623 bytes)

NT-26013 key

need photo flameproof key used with TBY
includes send-receive toggle switch

NT-26013A key

need photo for TBY-4, -5 - same as 26013 but with an extra internal rubber seal

NT-26013B key

need photo for TBY-6, -7, -8 - same as 26013A except neoprene covered cable, rather than rubber

NT-26014 signaling set

need photo - mounts on searchlight arm 26003 key and capacitor in a waterproof housing --

NT-26015 key
Army type J-45

Photos thanks to Pete G4TFH

key-j45-03.jpg (170737 bytes) key-j45-04.jpg (179303 bytes) Manufacturer Bunnell

J-45 is a J-37 key plus leg clamp

NT-26018 key

same as 26001 except slight variation in dimensions

key-cse26018-01.jpg (30317 bytes)

manuf CSE - Signal Electric

CSE26018-2012-1.jpeg (928322 bytes)

CSE26018-2012-2.jpeg (962141 bytes)


key-cse26018-03.jpg (32774 bytes)

NT-26021 key - used with OAH-2 

key-200.JPG (848319 bytes)
Bunnell key, with CJB-26021 on wooden base (thanks to NN8B)

Uses 26001 key without closure switch CJB-26021 missing knob
key-cjb26021-1305-01.jpg (524366 bytes)
More CJB-26021 photos here

key-cjb26021-1305-02.jpg (354636 bytes)

key-26021-1403-01.JPG (347779 bytes) key-26021-1403-02.JPG (192932 bytes) key-26021-1607-01.jpg (162347 bytes) key-26021-1607-02.jpg (151892 bytes)
OAH-1 key - CJB-26001 without circuit closure switch
key-223.JPG (376503 bytes)
Bunnell key, with anchor stamp on metal base. No Navy marking on the key itself
oah1-1604-02.jpg (341318 bytes)
Keys from OAH-1 Morse training set
oah1-1604-03.jpg (430418 bytes)

NT-26022 key

mounts on transmitter-receiver or on leg band

key-26022-1101.jpg (19954 bytes) key-26022-1102.jpg (16957 bytes) CAQZ-26022 Brelco
key-26022-1311-01.JPG (230501 bytes) key-26022-1311-02.JPG (252916 bytes) key-26022-1311-03.JPG (260286 bytes) key-26022-1311-04.JPG (289993 bytes)
key-26022-1311-05.JPG (256797 bytes) key-26022-1311-06.JPG (244639 bytes) -- --

NT-26026 key
key-tbx-1301.jpg (48054 bytes)

key-26026-1311-01.JPG (53693 bytes) flameproof straight key
used with MAR and TBX-8

another photo here

CAQZ-26026 Brelco
see W1TP web site for more info
see Artifax web site for more info

NT-26032 key

photo here straight key used with OAH code practice set   -

Bulkhead Blinker Key - NAVPERS 40008
Training Aid

Photo from October 1944 NAVPERS Training Bulletin magazine thanks to Pete G4TFH


key-40008-4410.jpg (64686 bytes) key-blinker-01.jpg (389175 bytes)

key-blinker-02.jpg (404788 bytes)

key-blinker-1710-01.jpg (90382 bytes)

key-blinker-1710-02.jpg (111176 bytes)

Morse Code Training Equipment & Material