AN/URC-9 UHF Transceiver - USAF Version

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This USAF contract version has the blower removed from the RT-581 section. Air is blown through a duct from the PP-2702 section and into the final amp portion of the RT-581. Air exhausts from the RT-581 through the right side of the cabinet.
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L300 series coils do have slugs but they are pretty deep down IMG_5649.JPG (4163786 bytes) IMG_5652.JPG (3001219 bytes) ==
Filter FL-901 IN connector
Cable plugs into 400 series module
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Filter FL-901 OUT cable goes to 500 series module - hardwired IMG_5656.JPG (2794617 bytes) IMG_5658.JPG (2601846 bytes) IMG_5659.JPG (2928663 bytes)