NAA Arlington - US Naval Radio Station
   (Fort Myer, Radio VA)

NAA History Article from BuShips Journal - Jan 1957

NAA Early Photos and History from Sparks Journal   - thanks to John Dilks and Society of Wireless Pioneers

NAA Spark Transmitter 1913
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NAA Spark Transmitter 1913
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Synchronous Gap for 100 kW Spark Transmitter
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Arlington used as relay station after towers were demolished in 1941
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1913 NAA Arlington antenna towers
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1920 NAA Arlington antenna towers
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1917 NAA Arlington antenna towers
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1924 - Insulator brought from NAA to exhibit in a NYC radio show (Photo by United)
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1925 - RMC Gilmour holds 1905 NAA receiver - on table is contemporary receiver (Photo by United)
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Arlington post card text: "The United States Naval Radio Station at Radio, Virginia. Situated at the Southwestern side of the Fort Meyer Military Reservation near Washington DC. Built by the US Navy Department (Bureau of Steam Engineering) on Land rented to the Navy Department by the War Department. Rated Power of Station ?? kilowatts. Towers, one 600 feet high, 150 feet square at the base, and two 450 feet high 120 feet square at the base, located at angles of an isosceles triangle, large tower at the apex, base of triangle 350 feet between center of towers, perpendicular to base 550? feet. Normal range, day 2000 miles, night 3000 miles, Cost about $250,000."