US Navy Communication Stations

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    Naval Communication Station or Naval Communication Facility or Naval Communications Unit - main control site and message handling centers
    Naval Radio Station or Naval Radio Facility - transmitter (T) or receiver (R) remote sites
  • NRTF or NRRF 
    Naval Radio Transmitter Facility - transmitter site
    Naval Radio Receiver Facility - receiver site  
  • NAVSECGRU - Not covered on this web site - (DF & Interception sites) 

US Navy Communication Station FacilitiesRadioBarrigada02-vi.jpg (43615 bytes)

Air Transportable Communication Units - ATCU-100 & ATCU-100A

1954 "Shore-Based Communications" manual - NAVPERS 10891

COMMSTA Functional Organization Chart

COMMSTA Physical Organization Chart

COMMSTA Design and Construction - NAVELEX 0101,102 

COMMSTA Building Plans and Equipment Layout 
     - from 1956-60 NAVSHIPS 92675 "Handbook of Naval Shore Station Electronics Criteria"

US Navy Communication Stations - with links when known

Pre-war COMMSTA photos page - includes several very early shots

Miscellaneous COMMSTA photos to be sorted later

postcard-adak-91.jpg (83554 bytes)

1970 Post Card "At the foot of Adagdak Volcano (Inactive), the US Naval Communication Station Adak, Alaska overlooks Clam Lagoon"

morocco-1952-01.jpg (37906 bytes)
Port Lyautey 1952
-jimcreek-91.JPG (27419 bytes)
Jim Creek
RadioBarrigada02-vi.jpg (43615 bytes)
Transmitter site - Barrigada, Guam
Note semicircular transmission line switchyards surrounding building-


patch-comm.jpg (108477 bytes)

plaque-adak-61.jpg (41760 bytes)
plaque-sanfran-01.jpg (47301 bytes)
patch-wash.jpg (108470 bytes)
patch-honolulu.jpg (68275 bytes)
cutler-logo.jpg (97734 bytes)
plaque-norfolk-1103a.jpg (156233 bytes)
NRST-JimCreek.jpg (47427 bytes)
plaque-puget.jpg (73341 bytes)
plaque-pr-01.JPG (23546 bytes)
NCSRoosRds.jpg (13834 bytes)
patch-gitmo.JPG (72794 bytes)
nba-patch-01a.JPG (109793 bytes)
plaque-balboa-1121a.jpg (118550 bytes)
plaque-phil-01.jpg (18656 bytes)
plaque-san_miguel-01.JPG (55857 bytes)
patch-HaroldEHolt.jpg (47161 bytes)
iceland-patch.JPG (34144 bytes)
patch-londonderry-01.jpg (36625 bytes)
plaque-italy-01.jpg (27288 bytes)
plaque-sigonella-01.jpg (119535 bytes)
Greece_Patch.JPG (22888 bytes)
patch-atcu-utapao.jpeg (237519 bytes)
totsuka-NRTF-patch.jpg (54619 bytes)

More COMMSTA patches, plaques, etc.

COMMSTA Equipment Page

frr49-02.jpg (250724 bytes)
FRR-49 rcvrs at Wahiawa, HI
photo from TMC history web site
Receiver_Site_3.jpg (51312 bytes)
FRR-38 and FRR-40 dual diversity receiver systems at Salinas, PR - 1968
photo thanks to George Langenbrunner
RadioBarrigada08-vi.jpg (57524 bytes)
FRT-40 transmitters at Barrigada, Guam
AN/UGC-6 teletype units
Message processing at Finegayan, Guam

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US Naval Communication System Circuits

Circuits, Traffic Handling, and Messages

Radio Ship-Shore Communication Circuits

1964 Fleet Broadcast Areas
commsta-bcast-64.JPG (268388 bytes)

1957 Naval Communication System TTY Network
usn_network1957_b.jpg (367918 bytes)

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