Naval Communications Station San Diego (NPL)

On May 12, 1906, Navy Radio Station, San Diego commenced ship to shore wireless telegraph operations, handling 3,000 messages in its first year. By 1916, communications had become a key component of the new era of growing sea power. 

Naval Radio Station receivers and the Comm Center were originally at Point Loma. In 1917 Chollas Heights became the Transmitter Site. In 1922 the Comm Center was moved to downtown San Diego and in 1947 Imperial Beach became the Receiving Site.

In 1953, the command was renamed Naval Communications Station, San Diego. This new title reflected a growing mission and increased technical responsibilities. In 1966, the station established the Automated Digital Network (AUTODIN), the most advanced messaging system of its time. By 1989, the station had seen tremendous growth in its role as a leader in Naval telecommunications, delivering over 48 million messages in that year alone. 

Today it is the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station San Diego located on NAS North Island.

Photos and equipment displayed at the NCTS San Diego Museum

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Mike Wickersham & Nick England with CDR Kelvin McGhee, CO, NCTS San Diego
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Nick & Mike in ADM Grace Murray Hopper Museum
IMG_9976.JPG (8549362 bytes)
ADM Hopper's legendary one nanosecond long wires
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NAVCOMMSTA San Diego Photos

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GS-6 James N. Hall "Military and Civilian Working Together"
IMG_0020.JPG (1812181 bytes)
RM3 Audrey Tittle "Routing Message Traffic"
IMG_0022.JPG (1509888 bytes)
"Communication Center Fellowship"
IMG_0024.JPG (1692783 bytes)
Communication Center 1948
"Message Center Operatons"
IMG_0026.JPG (1920122 bytes)
"Typing Up a Message To Transmit"
IMG_0034.JPG (1582226 bytes)
AN/UGC-6 Teletype, Oscilloscope, and Frequency Counter
IMG_0036.JPG (1830325 bytes)
RMSB Douglas C Derrick "Duplicating Message for Routing"
IMG_0083.JPG (2039050 bytes)
Secondary Fleet Broadcast Operating Console in Message Center, May 1956
IMG_0039.JPG (1563804 bytes)
Secondary Fleet Broadcast Operating Console in Message Center, May 1956
IMG_0049.JPG (1283265 bytes)
E.J. Dubree, Teleman Apprentice, Operating Ship-to-Shore Teletype, May 1956
IMG_0047.JPG (1459500 bytes)
Wave CWO at Communications Center, WW II
IMG_0051.JPG (2161806 bytes)
RM3 James A Collins "Slotting Data Cards for Distribution"
IMG_0087.JPG (2119036 bytes)
RM2 Duplicating Messages to Route
IMG_0063.JPG (1459218 bytes)
CW Fleet Broadcast Console with Wheatstone Perforator, Boehme Keyer, and three RD-110/U Ink Recorders
IMG_0065.JPG (2338411 bytes)
Message Center, 1969
IMG_0095.JPG (2395871 bytes)
"Military and Civilian Routing Message Traffic"
IMG_0071.JPG (1993444 bytes)
Tuning AN/FRR-23 HF Receivers - 1950s
IMG_0089.JPG (1841230 bytes)
Message Center Operator Butterflying a Tape, 1970s
IMG_0091.JPG (2105031 bytes)
RMC D'Amico and RMCS Taylor Inspecting Troops - Retirement July 1978
IMG_9997.JPG (1416638 bytes)
"Communication Center"
(probably 1950s)
IMG_9987.JPG (1880335 bytes)
"Receiving Equipment, 1950s"
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Chollas Heights Photos - See also Chollas Heights Info and Photo Page

First High Power Electron Tube Transmitter - Chollas Heights 80KW - Installed 1926, 100KW 1935
IMG_0007.JPG (2066630 bytes)
100KW Tube Transmitter, Chollas Heights 1935
IMG_0045.JPG (1482071 bytes)
100KW Tube Transmitter, Chollas Heights 1935
IMG_0077.JPG (1570745 bytes)
"Power Supply"
IMG_0041.JPG (1509184 bytes)
1939 Wartime Emergency Radio Receiving Facilities, Chollas Heights
IMG_0018.JPG (1616664 bytes)
Chollas Heights Power House Main Board, Nov. 1919
IMG_0053.JPG (1635875 bytes)
"Transmitting and Receiving, Chollas Heights"
IMG_0037.JPG (1740263 bytes)
Message Center, Teletype Circuit, Chollas Heights
IMG_0081.JPG (2139425 bytes)
Chollas Heights Motor-Generators, 1939
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Point Loma Photos

Point Loma 1927, Chief Operator's Desk
IMG_0032.JPG (1598231 bytes)
"Communications Station During WW II" - (shows DF equipment?) 
IMG_0028.JPG (1207662 bytes)
Direction Finder (Radio Compass) Equipment, Point Loma, WW II
IMG_0059.JPG (1839268 bytes)
Traffic Chief's Desk, Point Loma, 1927
IMG_0067.JPG (1606629 bytes)
"Message Reproduction and Distribution, Point Loma 1927" (???)
IMG_0013.JPG (1853840 bytes)
Customer Service Window (Inside)
"Point Loma, 1927" (???)
IMG_0085.JPG (1909086 bytes)
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Long Beach Photos

"Sending Out Data on Cards", NTCC Long Beach
IMG_0016.JPG (1597410 bytes)
OCR Equipment NTCC Long Beach, Bldg 1, Naval Station
IMG_0055.JPG (1605484 bytes)
DCT 9000 Equipment, NTCC Long Beach, Bldg 1, Naval Station
IMG_9985.JPG (1704337 bytes)
DCT 9000 Equipment, NTCC Long Beach, Bldg 1, Naval Station
IMG_0079.JPG (1889744 bytes)
April 1982 Inspection, NTCC Long Beach
IMG_0030.JPG (1269732 bytes)
"Distributing Message Traffic, Long Beach NTCC"
IMG_0073.JPG (1991022 bytes)
GS-5 Edna L Kemmerer, "Preparing Message to Send Out, Long Beach NTCC"
IMG_0075.JPG (2110105 bytes)
"WAVE decoding and matching messages, Long Beach NTCC" (???)
IMG_0057.JPG (1789043 bytes)

Other Locations

"Air Traffic Control Room, West Coast Region, Early 1940s"
IMG_0069.JPG (2412948 bytes)
"ARC-27 Rack, Air Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, 1953"
IMG_0043.JPG (1503827 bytes)
US Navy Electronics Laboratory 1929
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Memorabilia from NRRF Imperial Beach

IMG_9991.JPG (8099243 bytes) IMG_9992.JPG (1103194 bytes) IMG_9993.JPG (1430321 bytes) IMG_9994.JPG (8448784 bytes)

Miscellaneous Displays

Teletype Model 35
IMG_0012.JPG (1964958 bytes)
T-827J/URT HF Exciter
IMG_9982.JPG (2098957 bytes)
R-1051B/URR HF Receiver
IMG_0002.JPG (7809716 bytes)
Speed Key - Last Use was on COMSEVENTHFLT Hi-Speed Circuit,  December 1965
- donated by Rodney M. Cupples, RMC USN (Ret)
IMG_0000.jpg (343683 bytes)
RBC/RBB/RBA Receivers
IMG_0009.JPG (3903463 bytes)
Lamp from Chollas Heights Tower
IMG_9967.JPG (2781065 bytes)
Plaque from NAVCOMMSTA San Francisco
IMG_9980.JPG (2833311 bytes)
Museum Opening 11/7/2002
CAPT Susan S Jannuzzi
IMG_9983.JPG (7309145 bytes)

CDR Tracy Hines (NCTS SD CO 1/2014-3/2016) started her career at NRRF Imperial Beach -1986 photo on left (RM3), 2016 photo on right (CDR)
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