Cavite (Sangley Point) Philippines Naval Radio Station

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10 kw 16068 kc crystal controlled transmitter as in new high frequency room - June 1929
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New high frequency room (ex- station battery room) showing six station-built high frequency transmitters. Wiring trenches and spaces on left are reserved for TAL and TAG transmitters - June 1929
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500 watt A C W high frequency transmitter - June 1929
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Naval radio operators on duty in the receiving hut of the Navy's trans-Pacific high power station at Cavite, Philippine Islands 

 from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google


Three 600' towers were built in 1917 - one destroyed in 1941 attack, two demolished in 1945

NPO Cavite, Philippines 1927
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NPO Cavite, Philippines 1930 - Sangley Point antenna towers in background
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NPO Cavite, Philippines 1934 - Sangley Point antenna towers in background
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NPO Cavite, Philippines 1940
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NPO tower base
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Photo from atop an NPO tower
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Photo from atop an NPO tower
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NPO Cavite
View looking southwest from coal bunkers on Sangley Point, 10 April 1917. Note riveting stage on center tower. The other two 
towers have been completed

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View looking northwest, probably from Cavite, following World War I
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1930's photo
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1941 photo
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1945 Tower Demolition by 77th Construction Battalion (Seabees)

Before -
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