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1975 message regarding Greek Navy (HN) use of USN communications facilities

1964 article on construction

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Wullenweber CDAA antenna
- please send me e-mail with any info on this installation
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12/68 newsletter

Most of these photos were taken while the trailers were under construction or as installed in 1963. There were changes later.

Receiver site
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Site drawing after initial installation
RG1 is missing
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RA2 - Off-Line and Crypto Repair 
RA3 - Not installed 
RB1 - Classified Control 
RB2 - Crypto 
RB3 - Crypto 
RC1 - Multi-Channel Crypto 
RD1 - Electronic Repair 
RD2 - Supply Container 
RE1 - Unclassified Control 
RE2 - HICOM Voice & Microwave
RE3 - Receivers and RF Patching 
RE4 - Not installed 
RF1 - Message Center 
RF2 - C/W Ship/Shore 
RF3 - Air/Ground
RG1 - Communication Office
RH1 - TTY Repair 
RJ1 - NTX Receive 
RJ2 - NTX Send  
Electric Power System

GR1 - Power Distribution
GR2 -Power Control
GR3 and GR6- Generators
GR4 and GR5 -No Break Power

RA1 HICOM/ASC - Provides 18-line HICOM/ASC torn-tape relay facility with provision for 12 receive page-copy monitoring. Equipment includes an AN/FGC-73 Multiple Address Processing System with console and and eight TT-329 high-speed punches; an AN//FGC-59 torn-tape relay system consisting of three TT-331 teletype receive groups, six TT-333 teletype transmitter groups, three TT-232 transmit monitor groups, and 12 TT-176A receive page copy monitors with an associated TTY monitor patch panel. Additional teletype equipment include an AN/UGC-6 run-off position, an AN/UGC-6 message correction position, and a TT-47 station order-wire. Additional facilities include monitor reel and broadcast tape storage cabinet, supervisor's desk, ditto machine, paper cutter, and a metal storage cabinet.
ra1-251-8.JPG (508647 bytes)
RA1 HICOM/ASC  during  installation
tcs35-r-c8.JPG (141740 bytes)
ra1-251-3.JPG (585136 bytes)
ra1-251-7.JPG (620827 bytes)
ra1-251-4.JPG (529875 bytes)
ra1-251-1.JPG (473626 bytes)
ra1-251-2.JPG (494878 bytes)
ra1-capt-01.JPG (566728 bytes)
RA2 Offline & Crypto Repair -  The Off-Line area houses two AN/GGA-1 positions, two HW-19/10 positions, one AN/UGC-6 and two TT-171A teletype units for use with the HW-19/10 equipment, one AN/UGC-6 and one TT- l7lA for use on pony circuits, and a large floor-mounted safe for storage of classified material. The repair area is equipped with workbenches, a utility shelf, test equipment, test carts, tools, and cabinets for storing parts and equipment. Signal trunk lines are provided from the workbenches to the RED MDF. A RED voice-intercommunication unit is installed on the utility shelf above the workbenches.

RA2 Offline Crypto
tsc35-ra2-1412-01.JPG (438742 bytes)
RA2 Offline Crypto
tsc35-ra2-1412-02.JPG (432617 bytes)
RA2 Crypto Repair
tsc35-ra2-1412-03.JPG (434569 bytes)
RA2 Crypto Repair
tsc35-ra2-1412-04.JPG (444453 bytes)
RA3 Special Receiver (NOTE - not installed at Nea Makri) - Container RA3 is a special equipment container designed to provide in itself a complete communication facility dependent only upon a primary power source. Container RA3 can operate at communication stations using 10-kc phase-shift signaling such as a Receiving Central AN/TSR-1, or at those stations using standard20-ma or 60-maDC signaling. RA3 is configured for both RED and BLACK circuitry and is equipped with completely separated RED and BLACK ferrous-shielded ducting, audio and DC patching and programming facilities, and RED and BLACK primary power distribution.
Equipment provided in container RA3 includes one RED and one BLACK signal control rack (each with audio and DC capability), one KW-26C rack, two AN/UGC-6 send positions, two TT-171A receive positions, one TT-47 order-wire position, an RF distribution rack housing two SPP-40416 RF patch panels and three CU-656 multicouplers, twenty-one pieces of special test equipment, and provisions for mounting three special receiver racks and one special test rack. Additional facilities include a safe for storage of classified material, a file safe, two file cabinets, one desk, two equipment storage cabinets, three spare-parts storage racks, and one workbench. The container is equipped with a baffled entrance door at the rear and an emergency exit door at the front end.

RB1 Classified Control -  RBI contains the RED Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and associated patchboard, four KW-37 positions, six point-to-point order-wire TTY's, four monitor TTY' s, one station order-wire TTY, one KW-37 order-wire TTY, a AN/GGM-1 distortion measuring set, a "Fox" 20-channel distribution amplifier, a tone converter rack, a desk, a file safe, RED and BLACK INTERCOM units, and provisions for installing four KG-14 units.
RB1 - Classified Control
rb1-221-12.JPG (458954 bytes)
RB1 - Classified Control
KW-37 equip not installed yet
rb1-221-13.JPG (468220 bytes)
RB1 - Red Patch & MDF
rb1-31-4.JPG  (573248 bytes)
RB1 - Red MDF
rb1-191-1.JPG (564142 bytes)
RB1 - Red Patch & MDF
rb1-mdf-01.JPG (674260 bytes)
RB1 during installation
ngr-ctl-13-003.JPG (541937 bytes)
RB1 - Red MDF
rb1-mdf-02.JPG (671453 bytes)
RB1 - Red MDF
rb1-mdf-03.JPG (578331 bytes)
rb1-221-1.JPG (516746 bytes) rb1-221-2.JPG (508807 bytes) -- --
RB2 & RB3 On-Line Crypto - Container RB2 is a part of the single-channel On-Line cryptographic area which consists of containers RB2 and RB3. Container RB2 houses twenty-eight KW-26 operating positions and associated order-wire equipment. Facilities provided in each operating position include a tone converter drawer, a card holder, and all hardware and wiring required for the installation of a send/receive KW-26 unit. Order-wire equipment includes eight full-duplex TT-176A teletype units and four control panels. Additional facilities provided in RB2 include a RED INTERCOM unit, a desk, a file safe, a file cabinet, and one equipment rack for future installation of KW-7 units.
Container RB3 houses thirty-five KW-26 operating positions, eight TT-176A order-wire teletype units and four order-wire control panels. The KW-26 operating positions are identical to those installed in RB2. A dual-readout digital clock is provided at the front end of the container.
RB2 Crypto
rb2-61-4.JPG (514730 bytes)
RB2- note marked red signal wire ducts
rb2-61-3.JPG (487688 bytes)
RB3 Crypto
rb3102-4.JPG (479660 bytes)
RB3 - note marked red signal wire ducts
rb3-102-3.JPG (517564 bytes)
rb2-61-2.JPG (553352 bytes) rb2-61-1.JPG (529123 bytes) rb3-102-2.JPG (539337 bytes) rb3-102-1.JPG (513409 bytes)
RC1 - Multi- Channel Crypto - Container RC1 is the multi-channel On-Line area providing five 4-channel cryptographic operating positions. Each position is equipped with a send/receive AN/UGC-1A multiplex terminal, tone converters, loop supplies, a TT-176A order-wire teletype unit, and all hardware and wiring required for the installation of a send/receive KW-22 unit. Additional facilities provided include a RED INTERCOM, dual readout digital clock, a supervisor's desk and a file safe. rc1-44-1.JPG (467152 bytes) RC1 - Multi-Channel Crypto
rc1-44-3.JPG (463779 bytes)
RC1 - Multi-Channel Crypto
rc1-44-2.JPG (477903 bytes)
RD1 - Electronic Repair & RD2 Supply Container - Container RD1 is the electronic repair shop of the Receiving Central. Equipment installed in RD1 includes workbenches, parts storage bins, equipment storage cabinet, drill press, bench-mounted vise and grinder, and a BLACK INTERCOM. Three electronic repair tool kits, four mobile service carts and twenty-one types of electronic test equipment are provided in this container.
Container RD2 is the supply area of the Receiving Central. A Dutch door equipped with a shelf for issuing supplies is located in the rear wall and a door for loading supplies into RD2 is at the front of the container. Supply facilities provided in RD2 include storage bins along both sidewalls, shelf-storage units in the center, and a storekeeper's desk, a supply catalogue shelf and an electric clock in the rear area adjacent to the Dutch door.
rd1-capt-01.JPG (467243 bytes)
RE1 Unclassified Control - Container RE1 is the Unclassified Control area of the Receiving Central. RE1 houses the BLACK MDF and patchboard, eight 16-channel diversity full-duplex tone-telegraph terminals, four 16-channel non-diversity full-duplex tone telegraph terminals, three sets of 8-narrow and 4-wideband non-diversity tone telegraph terminals, six point-to-point duplex order-wire and one station order-wire TT-176A equipments, two TT-176A monitors, an AN/GGM-1 distortion measuring equipment, an audio spectrum analyzer, an audio oscillator, a 20-channel "Fox" distribution amplifier, a BLACK INTERCOM unit, a desk and a storage cabinet. RE1 - AN/FGC-60 
re1-141-1.JPG (547301 bytes)
re1-caption-01.JPG (613850 bytes)
RE1 - Unclassified Control - Black MDF
ngr-re1-13-001.JPG (539150 bytes)
RE1 - Unclassified Control - Black MDF
re1-141-9.JPG (524016 bytes)
RE1 - Black  MDF
re1-mdf-01.JPG (600658 bytes)
RE1 - Unclassified Control
re1-141-3.JPG (452587 bytes)
RE1 - AN/FGC-60 
re1-141-10.JPG (429886 bytes)
re1-141-5.JPG (525534 bytes) RE1 - AN/FGC-60 during installation
tcs35-r-a5.JPG (152198 bytes)
RE1 - Unclassified Control
re1-141-2.JPG (414915 bytes)
RE2 HICOM Voice & Microwave - Container RE2 is the Voice and Microwave Operating area (see figure 1-21). The voice operating position contains two R-390A receivers, two CV-591A SSB converters, four BSP-2 speaker-amplifiers, five TA-401B voice terminals, transmitter and receiver control panels, two microphones, and headphones.
The microwave terminal consists of 74B-1 transmitters and receivers and an AN/FCC-17 voice terminal having 48-send and 12-receive channels. The AN/FCC-17 is expandable to 60-send and 60-receive channels.
Additional equipment includes AN/URR-27 and AN/URR-35 receivers, AN/GRT-3 and AN/URT-7 transmitters, an AN/SRC-20 UHF transceiver, a special distribution frame (SDF) with an associated patchboard, a 2067 two-tone telegraph keyer, SPU-2 speech processing units, a BLACK INTERCOM unit, and a dehydrator.
RE2 - HICOM voice, microwave, & VHF
tcs35-re2-01.JPG (480871 bytes)
re2-31-5.JPG (479969 bytes)
RE2- HICOM voice
tcs35-re2-02.JPG (516768 bytes)
RE2 - before  installation
re2-31-4.JPG (433414 bytes)
re2-31-1.JPG (417365 bytes) RE2 - during installation
re2-install-01.JPG (556906 bytes)
RE-2 during installation
tcs35-r-a6.JPG (115487 bytes)
RE3 & RE4 Receivers - NOTE - At Nea Makri, RE3 and RE4 equipments were combined into a single RE3 trailer, with just three FRR-60 dual diversity receivers.
Container RE3, in conjunction with RE4, comprises the primary Receivers area of the Receiving Central. Container RE3 houses six AN/FRR-60 dual-diversity synthesized SSB receivers, fifteen R-5007/FRR-502 monitor receivers, sixteen R-390A receivers, four R-389 receivers, twenty-eight frequency-shift converters, RLPA controls, a VLFC, the master station clock, two TT-176A TTY's, sixteen TD-411/UGC demultiplexers, a receivers intermediate distribution frame (IDF), a BLACK INTERCOM unit, and a desk.
Container RE4 is adjacent to RE3 and is part of the primary receivers area. Equipment installed in RE4 includes three AN/FRR-60 dual-diversity synthesized SSB receivers, one AN/FRR-60 non-diversity SSB receiver, an 80-line antenna patching facility, fifteen CU-656 multicouplers with mounting provisions and wiring for twenty-one additional units, one LFD-1 low-frequency RF distribution unit, and facsimile equipment including a TT-321 transceiver, an AN/UXH-2 continuous page recorder, an MD-168 modulator, a CV-1066 converter, and an R-390A receiver.
re3-301-4.JPG (470884 bytes)
RE3- antenna patch & multicouplers
tcs35-re3-01.JPG (546088 bytes)
RE3- antenna patch & multi couplers
re3-301-8.JPG (497231 bytes)
RE3- antenna patch & multi couplers
re3-301-2.JPG (490032 bytes)
RE3 - during installation
re3-install-03.JPG (476135 bytes)
RE3 - AN/FRR-502
re3-301-5.JPG (464662 bytes)
RE3 - AN/FRR-502
re3-301-11.JPG (516018 bytes)
RE3 - AN/FRR-502
re3-301-6.JPG (455808 bytes)
RE3 - Receivers (AN/FRR-60)
re3-301-9.JPG (455694 bytes)
RE3 - Receivers (AN/FRR-60)
re3-301-10.JPG (442675 bytes)
RE3 - Receivers (AN/FRR-60)
re3-install-02.JPG (603309 bytes)
RE3 - (12/63) after installation 
ngr-rcvr--631224-13-001.JPG (834295 bytes)
RE3 - after+++ installation (12/63)
tcs35-r-a1.JPG (134984 bytes)
RF1 Message Center - Container RF1 is the message center of the Receiving Central. Teletype equipment installed in RF1 includes two AN/UGC-5 units for NTX and Pony send circuits, two AN/UGC-6 units for Run-Off and Make-up positions, six TT-176A monitors, one TT-47for internal order-wire, and a 3-line AN/FGC-59 torn-tape relay facility consisting of one each TT-331 receive group, TT-333 transmitter group, and TT-332 transmit monitor group. This TT-333 transmitter group is not equipped for tandem operation. Desks are provided for the CWO, supervisor, traffic checker, and two routing positions. RED INTERCOM units are shelf-mounted above the CWO's desk and above the supervisor's desk. Storage facilities for monitor reels, tapes, and paper supplies are provided in two cabinets. rf1-221-5.JPG (454287 bytes)
RF1 - Message Center
ngr-rf1-13-001.JPG (429647 bytes)
RF1 - Message Center
rf1-221-3.JPG (484448 bytes)
RF1 - Message Center
rf1-221-6.JPG (454086 bytes)
RF1 - Message Center
rf1-221-4.JPG (450789 bytes)
RF2 CW Ship/Shore - Container RF2 is the CW Ship/Shore operating area of the Receiving Central. RF2 contains three CW operating positions, two equipped with two R-390A receivers, and one with two R390A receivers and one R389 receiver. Each position also contains dual speaker-amplifiers, hand keys, a transmitter control panel, and a receiver control panel. Teletype equipment provided in RF2 includes four AN/UGC-8 weather positions, one AN/UGC-6 and one TT-47 for pony circuits, two AN/UGC-6 and two model 660A electronic TTY-to-Morse code converters for CW/RATT broadcast operations, one TT-176A off-air monitor, and a TT-47 internal order-wire unit. Furniture includes a desk, a filing cabinet and a pigeon-hole tape-storage cabinet. A BLACK INTERCOM unit is mounted above the desk. rf2-caption-01.JPG (472534 bytes)
RF2 - CW Ship/Shore 
ngr-rf2-13-001.JPG (409327 bytes)
RF2 - CW Ship/Shore
rf2-292-2.JPG (497838 bytes)
RF2 - CW Ship/Shore
rf2-292-4.JPG (470550 bytes)
RF2 - CW Ship/Shore
rf2-292-3.JPG (476161 bytes)
RF3 Air/Ground - Container RF3 is the Air/Ground operations area of the Receiving Central and provides storage for message files and paper supplies. A partition divides the operations from the storage area. The operations area contains three operating positions, each equipped with a transmitter and a receiver control panel, a CV-591A SSB converter, two dual and one single speaker-amplifier units, a hand-key, two microphones, a microphone footswitch, and two R-390A receivers. A clothes locker is provided in this area. The storage area is equipped with three rows of racks for storing messages and supplies.
RF3 Air/Ground Operations
rf3-201-5.JPG (490788 bytes)
RF3 Air/Ground Operations
rf3-201-3.JPG (455155 bytes)
RF3 Storage
rf3-201-1.JPG (543224 bytes)
RF3 Storage
rf3-201-2.JPG (470650 bytes)

RG1 Communication Office - Container RG1 is the Communication Office and provides the main entrance to the Receiving Central. Communication office equipment includes six desks, six filing cabinets, a drafting table, and both RED and BLACK INTERCOM units. The forward end is a large vault with a manipulation-proof combination lock door. The rear area is partitioned to form an entrance foyer. The foyer has two doors to the outside and one into the office area.

rg1-51-6.JPG (452077 bytes) rg1-51-1.JPG (432202 bytes) RG1 - Communication Off ice
rg1-51-2.JPG (441201 bytes)
RH1 TTY Repair - Container RH1 is the TTY repair shop. RH1 contains workbenches, tools, parts storage racks, TTY test equipment, a BLACK INTERCOM unit, a desk, an air compressor, a sonic cleaner, a spray rinse, a hot-air dryer and a hot water heater.
RH1 - TTY Repair
rh1-221-20.JPG (386519 bytes)
RH1 - TTY Repair
rh1-221-18.JPG (444426 bytes)
RH1 - TTY Repair
rh1-221-10.JPG (466675 bytes)
RH1 during installation
tcs35-r-a8.JPG (139760 bytes)
rh1-221-9.JPG (419497 bytes) rh1-221-7.JPG (500289 bytes) rh1-caption-0`.JPG (486590 bytes)  
RJ1 NTX Receive - Containers RJ1 and RJ2 comprise the NTX torn-tape relay facility of the Receiving Central. Container RJ1 houses a 48-line NTX receive torn-tape relay facility. Teletype equipment provided in RJ1 includes eight TT-331 Teletype Receive Groups, nineteen TT-176A page copy monitors, a monitor patch panel, an AN/FGC-73 routing console, a TT-329 high speed reperforator for NTX overflow, an AN/UGC-6 for correcting tapes, and a TT-176A station internal order-wire unit. Furniture provided in RJ1 includes two monitor reel storage cabinets, a supervisor's desk, and two filing cabinets. A RED INTERCOM unit is shelf-mounted above the desk.
RJ1 - NTX Receive
rj1-152-9.JPG (439347 bytes)
RJ1 - NTX Receive
rj1-152-6.JPG (483594 bytes)
RJ1 - NTX Receive
rj1-152-5.JPG (456070 bytes)
RJ1 looking toward RJ2
During installation
rj1-rj2-install-01.JPG (497632 bytes)
rj1-152-4.JPG (452601 bytes) -- -- --
RJ2 NTX Transmit - Container RJ2 houses a 48-line NTX send torn-tape relay facility. Teletype equipment provided in RJ2 includes sixteen TT-333 Teletype Transmitter Groups, eight TT-332 Transmit Monitor Groups, sixteen TT-329 High-speed Reperforators, and two AN/UGC-6 units for tape makeup. The TT-333 Teletype Transmitter Groups are equipped for tandem operation. The TT-329 High-speed Reperforators are fed NTX messages by the AN/FGC-73 routing console which is located in container RJ1.
RJ2 - NTX Transmit
rj2-11-6.JPG (464893 bytes)
rj2-11-2.JPG (489592 bytes) rj2-11-1.JPG (475104 bytes) rj2-11-3.JPG (513750 bytes)

ANTENNAS - Photos and captions below thanks to Din SV1DB - In the 1980's his company serviced the rotatable log-periodics. After the bases closed they bought many of the towers, renovated them, and installed them at Greek Signal Corps bases.

Rotatable Log Periodic
(Wullenweber in background)
LP-ROT-N-MAKRI-01.JPG (36056 bytes)
Rotatable Log Periodic
LP-ROT-N-MAKRI-03.JPG (35292 bytes)
Rotatable Log Periodic
LP-ROT-N-MAKRI-02.JPG (33487 bytes)
Hydraulic Rotator
rotator-01.JPG (85600 bytes)
Hydraulic Rotator
rotator-02.JPG (115943 bytes)
Hydraulic Rotator
rotator-03.JPG (137718 bytes)