Navy RBP and RCP Diversity Receivers
RBP Dual Triple-Diversity HF Receiver System
RCP Triple-Diversity HF Receiver System

RBP & RCP Spec Sheets

3-24 mc, RBP operates as two triple-diversity systems, three dual-diversity systems, or six separate receivers
(RBP and RBP-1 differ only in contract number)

RCP is 1/2 of an RBP

RBP-1 (6 receivers)
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RCP (3 receivers)
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RBP at Skaggs Island 1945
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Block Diagram - 1 receiver
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Spec Sheets
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RCP rear view
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RCP installation drawing
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NAVSHIPS 900,478 Manual for RBP-1 & RCP-1
(thanks to AWA)

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