Navy HF Diversity Receiving Systems

HF Diversity Receiver Systems

model type primary use freq features
frr3-spec-01.JPG (325534 bytes) Dual Diversity 2.4-23 mc
HF Shore FSK
Remote dial-up to select 5 fixed frequencies and 4 antenna combinations

frr3-block.jpg (352441 bytes)

frr3-spec-02.JPG (212320 bytes) manuf Press Wireless

TM 11-872 Manual extract


frr3-03.JPG (13268 bytes)

frr3-02.JPG (8189 bytes) frr3-01.JPG (146440 bytes) frr3-04.JPG (151526 bytes)
AN/FRR-10 frr-10-sys-02.JPG (95001 bytes) Dual Diversity
HF shore SSB
  (simultaneous USB & LSB)
variant of FRR-24

click here for info

2-32 mc dual diversity

253 tubes

Manuf National


AN/FRR-24 frr24-sys-01.JPG (138002 bytes) Triple Diversity
HF shore RTTY & CW

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2-32 mc triple diversity

420 tubes

Manuf National



0.54-54 mc
Dual Diversity - HF shore

frr28-01.jpg (84329 bytes)
two R-450/FRR-28 rcvrs
O-165/UR master oscillator
AM-615/UR amplifier/detector
KY-79/UR keyer
SB-224/UR patching panel
LS-187/UR speaker
r450-frr28-07.JPG (128743 bytes)
r450-frr28-08.JPG (107728 bytes)
showing AVC switch and ID tags

frr28_feb_1959.jpg (39720 bytes)
FRR-28 at NAVCOMMSTA Kodiak 1959

More R-450/FRR-28 photos 

Manual - NAVSHIPS 91582

manuf - Northern Radio

frr28-ad-5212.jpg (1161590 bytes)


frr32-sys-01.jpg (3473370 bytes)

frr32-02.JPG (123908 bytes)

Dual Diversity - HF shore system

two R-618/FRR-32 rcvrs
     (probably modified FRR-23)
O-330/FRR-32 master xtal oscillator
CM-70/FRR-32 comparator/keyer
SB-431/FRR-32 patching panel
LS-169/G speaker
CY-597A/G rack  

frr32-01.jpg (17511 bytes)

Manuf RCA

manual pdf

AN/FRR-37 frr37-sys-01.JPG (155346 bytes) Dual Diversity version of FRR-24
HF shore RTTY & CW

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2-32 mc dual diversity
approx 250 tubes

Manuf National


AN/FRR-38 frr38-01.JPG (135502 bytes) Dual Diversity FSK
two R-390(*) receivers
CV-116/URR dual FSK converter

frr38-03.JPG (76372 bytes)

frr38-02.JPG (150637 bytes)

0.5-32 mc

Receiver_Site_3.jpg (51312 bytes)
FRR-38 and FRR-41 at NAVRADSTA ( R) Salinas

Signal Corps procurement but used by USN

Manuf Collins & Hoffman

TO: 31R2-2FRR38, 31R-1-8

AN/FRR-41 frr41-01.JPG (296023 bytes) Dual diversity SSB
two R-390(*) receivers
two CV-157 SSB converters
  (simultaneous USB & LSB from each)

frr41-02.JPG (104447 bytes)

0.5-32 mc

AN/FRR-38 and AN/FRR-40
FRR-38 and FRR-41 at NAVRADSTA (R) Salinas

Signal Corps procurement but used by USN

Manuf Collins & others

TM 11-649
TO: 31R2-2FRR-221

Subset of AN/FRR-24 Click Here for Info  -
AN/FRR-51 need photo Dual-diversity HF with 10 channel auto-tune
  • R-792/URR receiver (2 ea.)
  • CU-560/URR antenna coupler
  • C-2087/URR receiver control
  • C-2086/URR remote switching control
  • CV-116/URR FSK converter
  • CV-395/U Signal Data Converter
  • CY-1119/U cabinet
need info need info - please send e-mail
AN/FRR-55 AN/FRR-55 was the Receiving Set portion of the AN/FRC-63 UHF Moon Bounce System frr55-b17-02.jpg (120091 bytes) frr55-b17-04.jpg (227708 bytes) frr55-b17-07.jpg (247231 bytes)
frr55-b17-01.jpg (45954 bytes) frr55-b17-03.jpg (66865 bytes) frr55-b17-06.jpg (269726 bytes) frr55-b17-05.jpg (256016 bytes)
AN/FRR-60(V) frr60-02.jpg (240718 bytes)
photo from TMC vintage radio web site
 HF shore diversity system

guam-146.jpg (46764 bytes)
NAVCOMMSTA Guam - 1960's


More Info - AN/FRR-60 Page  

Manuf TMC
Model DDR-5


Similar to FRR-60 but with 4 ISB

spec sheet --
AN/FRR-85 frr85-01.jpg (34407 bytes) TMC DDRR-10 w/ remote tuning  spec sheet

manual download

AN/URR-49 R-390 rcvrs and URA-8A RTTY converters
Guam 1968 - URR-49 configurations
HF shipboard/shore FSK dual-diversity system
  • two R-390A receivers
  • AN/URA-8A dual FSK converter
 info needed Nomenclature was assigned and this configuration was widely used both afloat and ashore, but I'm not sure it was ever procured as AN/URR-49
AN/URR-63 need to add photos TMC DDRR-10 w/ remote tuning  manual download -
AN/URR-64(V) AN/URR-64(V)1 dual diversity
(two receivers with two synthesizers)
urr64-tmc-01.jpg (475551 bytes)
AN/URR-64(V)2 single receiver

urr64-ne-01.jpg (1868542 bytes)

More URR-64 Photos

AN/URR-64(V)3 dual space diversity
(two receivers with one synthesizer
urr64-tmc-01.jpg (441377 bytes)
TMC model DDR-10
- photos thanks to

manual download

TN-512/URR tuner
TD-915/URR demultiplexer
O-1511/URR freq synthesizer


RAE Pre-war triple-diversity HF unit using three RAB receivers  See RAB photos and info on WW2 Receiver Page - -
skaggs_1945_rbp-2.jpg (67934 bytes) skaggs_1945_rbp-3.jpg (74652 bytes) 1940's system

3-24 mc

RBP is dual triple-diversity system
(6 rcvrs)

RCP is single triple-diversity system
(3 rcvrs)

Manuf RCA

RBP & RCP Page - spec sheets, photos, and downloadable manual

RDM  (RCA DR-89)


Triple Diversity HF System using RCA AR-88 receivers
rdm-01.jpg (117416 bytes)
rdm-02.jpg (126783 bytes)

CRV-46246-A (RCA-AR-88F) as used in RDM
rdm-51.jpg (30785 bytes)

rdm-56.jpg (48220 bytes)

CRV-46246-B (RCA CR-88) as used in RDM-1
cr88a-navy.jpg (85693 bytes)

Manual NAVSHIPS 91061
Download 28.9 MB pdf

rdm-55.jpg (32085 bytes) rdm-52.jpg (31101 bytes) rdm-53.jpg (30620 bytes) 1945 photo
rdm-diversity-1945-2206-01.jpg (76439 bytes)
rdm-54.jpg (21747 bytes) CRV-46246-A (RCA-AR-88F) as used in RDM
rdm-1403-01.jpg (246808 bytes)
rdm-1403-02.jpg (248035 bytes)
rdm-1403-03.jpg (155977 bytes) rdm-1403-04.jpg (216266 bytes) rdm-1403-05.jpg (145687 bytes) rdm-1403-06.jpg (278781 bytes)
rdm-1403-07.jpg (275509 bytes) rdm-1403-08.jpg (189967 bytes) rdm-1403-09.jpg (146963 bytes) rdm-1403-10.jpg (136981 bytes)
rdm1-1403-01.jpg (2502266 bytes) rdm1-1403-02.jpg (2457507 bytes) rdm1-1403-03.jpg (2892298 bytes) rdm1-1403-04.jpg (2962032 bytes)
rdm-221.jpg (30785 bytes) rdm-222.jpg (30855 bytes) rdm-crv46264B-201.jpg (221261 bytes) ==
Tone Keyer for RDM
rdm-tone_keyer-01.jpg (126089 bytes) rdm-tone_keyer-02.jpg (195854 bytes) rdm-tone_keyer-03.jpg (200870 bytes) rdm-tone_keyer-04.jpg (190773 bytes)
rdm-tone_keyer-05.jpg (176105 bytes) rdm-tone_keyer-06.jpg (167435 bytes) rdm-tone_keyer-07.jpg (134284 bytes) rdm-tone_keyer-08.jpg (190773 bytes)
rdm-tone_keyer-09.jpg (176105 bytes) rdm-tone_keyer-10.jpg (234635 bytes) rdm-tone_keyer-11.jpg (300919 bytes) ==

Crosby SSB Diversity Receiver

Info and Photos from NAVSHIPS 93224 - not known if a mil-spec version was fielded