AN/FGC-60(V) Teletype Multiplexer

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cv972-ugc-01.JPG (186627 bytes)
CV-972/UGC FSK Converter
Tele-Signal 102A
cv972-ugc-02.JPG (80940 bytes) ky346-ugc-01.JPG (179216 bytes)
KY-346/UGC Keyer
Tele-Signal 101A
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sa733-ugc-01.JPG (225203 bytes)
SA-733/UGC Electronic Switch
Tele-Signal 109
sa733-ugc-02.JPG (117586 bytes)
Module in center is complete.
Module on right is missing the network module.
Module on left is missing the Burnell bandpass filter and the network module

Please let me know if you have any parts like this.

telesignal_0493.JPG (167872 bytes)

Some more Tele-Signal components - 101D Keyer, 109 Switch, 102A Receiver, 153A Mixer
If you have any info on the 153A Mixer, please let me know -
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