USS North Carolina BB-55 Radio Rooms

Many many thanks to the Battleship North Carolina Museum staff for info and a great tour


BB-55 Radio 2 & Radio 3- as built 1941- photos here

Radio 1 (Radio Central)
- 1st Platform Starboard of Turret 2 Barbette

RADIO 1 - Supervisor's Desk (LOP 18) & Patch Panels - Click here for details

rad1-216.JPG (283321 bytes)
Rob Flory at Supervisor's Station

patch-090.JPG (478324 bytes)
Supervisor's Desk


patch-087.JPG (528456 bytes)
Left - xmtr radiophone parallel jacks
Lower Middle - xmtr radiophone
Upper Middle- rcvr antennas
Click here for patch panel details

Note gauges for pressurized VHF/UHF transmission lines

patch-086.JPG (605060 bytes)
Center- LR freq meter
Right - xmtr key/control
patch-099.JPG (3428494 bytes)

Click here for patch panel details

patch-085.JPG (517645 bytes)
Right side - rcvr audio

Click here for patch panel details

RADIO 1 - Local Operating Positions (LOP) 
LOP 1-11 outboard, LOP 12-17 inboard against curved bulkhead (turret 2 barbette)

Outboard bulkhead, in order L to R (forward to aft)
rad1-116.JPG (254408 bytes)
Repair desk with tube tester
LOP 11(RBB-2)
LOP 10 (RBB-2)
LOP 9 (RBC-2)

rad1-224.JPG (309323 bytes)
LOP 7 (RBA-2)
note antenna distribution trunk

Outboard bulkhead, in order L to R (forward to aft)
rad1-104.JPG (342555 bytes)
LOP 7 (RBA-2)
LOP 6 (RBB-2 & RBC-2)
note antenna distribution trunk

rad1-110.JPG (306284 bytes)
LOP 6 (RBB-2 & RBC-2)
LOP 5 (RBA-2)
LOP 4 (Hallicrafters S-27)
LOP 3 (rcvr?) No photo yet
LOP 2 (rcvr?) No photo yet
LOP 1 (RBB-2) No photo yet

Inboard bulkhead in order R to L (forward to aft)
rad1-114.JPG (196222 bytes)
LOP 12 (RBC-2)
LOP 13 (RBC-2)
LOP 14 (RBC-2)

rad1-rdp-111.JPG (217177 bytes)
LOP 15 (RBC-2) RDP on display

rad1-109.JPG (475204 bytes)
LOP 16 (rcvr?) RAO-7 rcvr on display
LOP 17 (rcvr?) No photo yet 
 rad1-brkr-01.JPG (307021 bytes)
Breaker panel for Radio 1 with equipment labeled - note "Model H.S.27" at Station 4 instead of "RBK"

rad1-01.JPG (178732 bytes)
Antenna cables mounted overhead
small flexible type for HF/MF receivers
larger rigid pressurized type for VHF/UHF

rad1-108.JPG (361898 bytes)
Radio 1 - phones and antenna cables

Miscellaneous to be sorted later

DSCF0059.JPG (414324 bytes)       DSCF0061.JPG (3617135 bytes)
ECM coding machine display - BB55 museum label says: 

"Electric Cipher Machine, Mark II

In the 1930s, two U.S. Army officers designed the first version of the Electric Cipher Machine, called SIGABA. The device was secretly patented and shared with the U.S. Navy a few years later. They called the machine an Electric Cipher Machine (ECM) Mark II. Neither Germany nor Japan broke messages the machine sent or received during World War II. It was retired from service in 1959.

All aspects of the code machine’s operation and repair were on a “need to know” basis. Selected officers operated the ECM and saw the messages and ciphers, but they did not know how to maintain the machine. Selected enlisted radiomen were trained on how to take care of the ECM. When the radioman arrived all others were dismissed from the code room while the machine was serviced.

ECM Loan courtesy of the National Cryptologic Museum, NSA, Ft. Meade, MD"

insul-076.JPG (202843 bytes)
Antenna insulator - receiving antenna?

cic-man-01.JPG (122629 bytes)
MAN (VHF-FM) control in CIC