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(1965 RATT)
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1945 Electronic Equipment Type Allowance Booklet

Lists all electronic equipment installed aboard each type of ship (AGC, BB, CVE, DD, etc.)

1995 List of Shipboard Communications Equipment for Shipyard Overhaul

During a typical carrier overhaul, approximately 50 pallets of communications equipment are sent to the Electronic Shop for overhaul. 
A typical surface ship will require approximately 20 pallets and a submarine about 10 pallets. Each pallet equates to 9 Cu Ft per pallet.

Shipboard QUIC vans for NAVSECGRU intercept

Trident Submarine Integrated Radio Room AN/BSC-1 - 1985 article

1995 Submarine Communications Systems Info - 

SSN688 radio room
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SSN21 radio room
ssn21-rack-01.gif (40201 bytes)
Trident radio room
ssn-trident-rack-01.gif (44996 bytes)
Trident radio room (cont'd)
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Unknown ship - click here for closeups and details
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USS Hornet in WW2 maybe? Please send e-mail with any info. Caption says "Nerve center of the ship is the shack - Communications Office. Here, among the maze of cable, typewriters, senders, and receivers, contact is maintained with other ships of the fleet, with bases, and intership phones."
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exposure for shadows....
LOP - Local Operating Position Desk
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USS Mauna Kea AE-22 - 1966 Photos

Comms Office
ae22-comms-1966.jpg (862770 bytes)
Radio Central
ae22-radio-1966.jpg (932441 bytes)
Secure Teletype Room
ae22-tty-1966.jpg (812451 bytes)
Transmitter Room
ae22-xmtr-1966-01.jpg (780695 bytes)
Transmitter Room
ae22-xmtr-1966-02.jpg (799813 bytes)

USS Pyro AE-24

1959 configuration?
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ae24-radio-1968-03.jpg (1030447 bytes)

USS Rigel AF-58 - 1961 photos

af58-1961-01.JPG (1813981 bytes) af58-1961-02.JPG (1815193 bytes) af58-1961-03.JPG (2078296 bytes)

USS Electron AG-146 - Electronics Supply Ship

ag146-electron-1950-01.JPG (592519 bytes) Looking forward aboard USS Electron, late 1950 at Oakland Naval Supply Center.

With 30,000 electronic line items loaded for service with the Far Eastern fleet.

USS Adirondack AGC-15

adirondack-rtty-01.jpg (63748 bytes) Radio-teletypewriters in use aboard Adirondack (AGC-15) circa 1946. Radioman Second Class J. V. Miceli is shown in the foreground seated at the Model 19 teletypewriter used in copying MERFOX radio broadcast schedules. He is using the tape machine next to the teletypewriter to work with a message punched onto paper tape. Seaman First Class J. K. Wooster is seated at a Model 19 teletypewriter that was used to handle traffic to and from NSS, the Navy's long-range communications station at Annapolis, Md. Behind him are two Model 15 teletypewriters. The transfer panel on the rear bulkhead was used for connecting various teletypewriters throughout the ship. The photo may have been taken on 26 August 1946; it later appeared in All Hands magazine. US Navy photo # NH 104251 from the "All Hands" Collection at the Naval Historical Center.

USS Relief (AH-1)

ship-ah1-1402-02.jpg (329110 bytes)

USS Washburn AKA-108

RM2 Ron Martin 1957
aka108-1957-rm2ronmartin.jpg (132490 bytes)

USS Sabine AO-25

1962 - Joe Valinoti
Joe-SabineJan1962.jpg (224421 bytes) 
1963 AO-22 Class Radio Room Plans

AO22_class_Oilers_19.JPG (2714553 bytes)

AO22_class_Oilers_20.JPG (2323782 bytes)

USS Henrico APA-45

Photos and notes from Tony Cappiello  1958-61
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Radio 1 (Radio Central) -"...different angle of Radio 1.You can see just a little bit of the transmitter patch panel. Its just as you go out the door on the left. Across the passage way is the door that led to Troop Radio. It looks dark in there so this was taken late at night on the mid-watch. We were out to sea probably and standing two section watches. Each section was divided into an A & B group. We would then do chow to chow watches. One day on One day off. On the off day you still had work to do even though you were not on watch. That's me messing with my camera. Across from me was the Supv. desk with the 1MC intercom.


cappiello-04.JPG (59183 bytes)
Tony in Troop Radio - "I was practicing on my speed key. It was a Vibroplex I bought off another radioman who was leaving. Against the rear bulkhead was a telephone switchboard. To my left in the gray cases were TEDs, uhf gear that were used for aircraft mostly. They used fixed crystals. Above is a single side band transmitter (SSB-1). I don't remember using it very often. We were one of the first to have. Later we got a bigger one installed down in Radio II where a lot of the big transmitters were located. It was also where the ET's had their work place, etc. They were primarily SRTs and one had a 500 watt booster. We also had one in Radio III which was our emergency radio room. The ship's company Radioman 1st Class used it as his own private compartment at sea (rank). On the opposite bulkhead behind me was all the troop radio gear. I believe they were uhf also. There were a couple of TCSs on that side too."
cappiello-01.JPG (24060 bytes)
Radio Central - "...more clowning around. The equip on the right (top) was a LM frequency meter or calibration meter. The bottom was a field strength meter. We could patch that into the receivers to get the correct freq."
cappiello-03.JPG (15956 bytes)
Troop Radio - Tony doing maintenance on an SRR. "You can see the GRC next to it. They were green color. Those two pieces of equip above right I don't remember what they were. It was troop gear. Most of the time we would have Marines aboard and they set up communications in here. We did have the Army aboard maybe twice, once for sure."
cappiello-05.JPG (27480 bytes)
Radio Central - "On the door there was a list of all the ships in Squadron with their voice and CW call signs. You could make notes on it with a grease pen. Above the Radioman was a small receiver that we used in port for music and out to sea we covered the emergency freq. I think it was 500 kc. You can see the antenna patch panel. Sometime around 1957 or 1958 the ship had gone into dry-dock and had all this new equip installed, including the huge patch panels for the receiver and transmitters."
cappiello-06.JPG (39434 bytes)
"...clowning around. Shows the Fox Desk with the Model 28's copying the Fox broadcast. The guy seating behind the desk was from a Tacron Squadron that was aboard so they were implemented into the watch section. One radioman sat at that desk checking for messages for the Henrico, Comphibron One, Tacron, etc. He also had to check for the encrypted call signs."
cappiello-07.JPG (31484 bytes)
"These were the circuit positions. I think there were 3 or 4.It was where we handled the cw circuits. The receivers on the shelf were SRR-11 or 13's.RCA's.To the right was the Watch Supervisors Desk, he was actually the guy in the foreground with the pencil on his ear. That desk was usually used for relay traffic. We would take or send  the traffic within the squadron on the very first desk where that radioman is bending over. If it needed to be relayed to a Commsta it was done on the relay desk. Over by the hatch/doorway to the weather deck was the antenna patch panel which you can't see."

USS Texas BB-35

USS North Carolina BB-55

USS Massachusetts BB-59

USS Iowa BB-61

bb61-xmtrs-1984.jpg (1311836 bytes)
RM1 Pete Turick operates transmitters aboard BB 61, 11/01/1984         

USS New Jersey BB-62 

USS Missouri BB-63

USS Wisconsin BB-64 - Photo Pages

bb64-r_lueck-radio2-1951.jpg (57294 bytes)

USS Los Angeles CA-135

USS Salem CA-139

USS Albany CG-10

1962-64 - info and photos from Bill Diaz
"We had mostly R390A's, tons of them. We also had a few other receivers, can't remember the model but they were used for LF mostly. The main transmitter room on the main deck had 2 WRT-1's, 3 WRT-2's and 2 URC-32. Also had multi-couplers feeding a vertical fan amidships and a horizontal fan aft. Also had a HF discone on the bow. The URC-32's had the remote tuners at the base of 35' whips. The auxiliary radio room on the main deck had a WRT-1 and a TBS. Don't recall much about the VHF/UHF gear but had a room full on the 01 level.
    I am a Albany Plank Owner from the 1962 commissioning. Shortly after commissioning we were "asked" to donate $5 or so towards the purchase of 2 Vibroplex bugs. Navy wouldn't buy them for us."
AlbanyMainCom.jpg (84319 bytes) AlbanyORDivPort.jpg (197825 bytes) AlbanyORDivStbd1.jpg (193356 bytes) AlbanyRadioCentral1.jpg (101582 bytes)
AlbanyMainXmitter_edited-1.jpg (88344 bytes) AlbanyTeletype.jpg (121917 bytes) AlbanyRadioCentral2.jpg (160548 bytes)
1966 - WRR-2 receivers galore - thanks to John KB0UPL
albany-1966.jpg (597867 bytes)

USS Belknap CG-26

cg26-rcvr-1989.jpg (1344095 bytes)
1989 - R-2368, URA-17

USS Yorktown CV-10

Radio Room 3 Restoration Photos - 6/15 - thanks to Dave Sowers and Monti Montillo

    See The Video

cv10-k4sue-001.jpg (83556 bytes) cv10-k4sue-002.jpg (72933 bytes) 141015_Radio_Sowers-Montillo_006.jpg (2573578 bytes)
   As they found it - 

most of CV10's radio gear 
had been removed

cv10-102-1506.jpg (29358 bytes) cv10-101-1506.jpg (25468 bytes) cv10-103-1506.jpg (55105 bytes)

Cruise Book Photos - thanks to Dave K4SUE

cv10-book-10001.jpg (5078262 bytes) cv10-book-10002.jpg (5796660 bytes) cv10-book-10003.jpg (5817388 bytes) cv10-book-10004.jpg (6028106 bytes)
cv10-book-10005.jpg (5451911 bytes) cv10-book-10006.jpg (5814731 bytes) -- --

USS Intrepid CVS-11

USS Hornet CVS-12

hornet-02.jpg (951298 bytes)
Photo Credit Info Here

hornet-03.jpg (870535 bytes)
Photo Credit Info Here

hornet-04.jpg (926766 bytes)
Photo Credit Info Here
hornet-01.jpg (974924 bytes)
Photo Credit Info Here
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Photo Credit Info Here
  hornet-06.jpg (971623 bytes)
Photo Credit Info Here

USS Hancock CVA-19

December 1956 photos - Meteorology Office 

URA-8A + SRR-13 + RBC
Port-Fwd Bulkhead in Fwd Compartment
cva19-5612-01.jpg (4370264 bytes)
URA-8A + SRR-13 + RBC
Port-Fwd Bulkhead in Fwd Compartment
cva19-5612-03.jpg (4445253 bytes)
CV-172 + RD-92 Facsimile Equipment
Starboard-Fwd Bulkhead in Fwd Compartment
cva19-5612-04.jpg (4333874 bytes)
AN/FMQ-1 Radiosonde equipment
TT-128 Weather Symbol Teletype
Fwd Bulkhead in Fwd Compartment
cva19-5612-02.jpg (4182601 bytes)
Pneumatic Tube to Main Comms
Aft Starboard Bulkhead in Fwd Compartment
cva19-5612-05.jpg (4119646 bytes)
Starboard & Fwd Bulkheads in Aft Compartment
cva19-5612-06.jpg (4249709 bytes)

USS Midway CV-41

USS Independence CV-62

       CR Division photos from 1963 cruise book

SB-82/SRR Receiver Audio Switchboard
cv62-1963-05.JPG (174778 bytes)
M28 teletypes
cv62-1963-02.JPG (71137 bytes)
AN/URC-32 transceiver
cv62-1963-03.JPG (103313 bytes)
Main Radio
cv62-1963-04.JPG (393942 bytes)
GenRad freq meter
cv62-1963-01.JPG (120219 bytes)
AN/SRA-12 antenna coupler and patch panels
cv62-1963-06.JPG (558659 bytes)

USS America CV-66

cv66-rcvr-1982.jpg (1150326 bytes)
1982 - R-1051, URA-17, KW-7

USS The Sullivans DD-537

USS Kidd DD-661

DD-754 or DD-755 Sumner Class

USS Willard Keith DD-775

USS Cassin Young DD-793

USS Rowan DD-782

USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. DD-850

USS Orleck DD-886

USS Charles R. Ware DD-865

USS Barry DD-933

USS Hayler DD-997

USS William V. Pratt DDG-44

ddg44-1990.jpg (941006 bytes)
1990 - AN/URT-23

USS Slater DE-766

USS Turner Joy DD-951

USS Fox DLG-33

NFMK_rtty-shop.jpg (70880 bytes)
1968 - Look at all that great TTY gear! - Fox call sign was NFMK
Copyrighted photo - thanks to W5JV for permission to post it here
USSFox_RCFoyer_Col5kwshipshore.jpg (172236 bytes)
Outside Radio Central - AN/SRC-16
photo thanks to W5JV
Fox_DLG33_1981.jpg (211599 bytes)
photo thanks to W5JV

FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates

USS Zeelandia ID-2509

karlik-04.jpg (132957 bytes) Photos thanks to Jerry Karlik - in WW1 his father Joe served aboard Zeelandia and Morse, and in WW2 aboard Abbott DD-629 and Maddox DD -731 - Jerry was also a Navy RM.
karlik-03.jpg (254393 bytes) karlik-02.jpg (264233 bytes) karlik-01.jpg (365675 bytes)

USS Clamagore SS-343

USS Pampanito SS-383

USS Torsk SS-423

Misc photos found on the web - to be sorted later

See History San Jose to browse some early photos and news clippings

clymer-Tuning_Receiver_500.jpg (49320 bytes)
USS Clymer
brooklyn-1938.jpg (109505 bytes)
USS Brooklyn 1938
ship-ura8-101.JPG (307613 bytes)
pillsbury-radiorack3.jpg (75106 bytes)
USS Pillsbury


sanjose-Transmitter%20Room.jpg (75750 bytes)
USS San Jose
sanjose-Xmitter%20Room%201.jpg (92064 bytes)
USS San Jose
spinax-radiocentral.jpg (82227 bytes)
USS Spinax
sanjose-Xmitter%20Room%207.jpg (93294 bytes)
USS San Jose
sanjose-Xmitter%20Room%204.jpg (101655 bytes)
USS San Jose
sanjose-Xmitter%20Room%202.jpg (89089 bytes)
USS San Jose
torsk-5679.JPG (989324 bytes)
USS Torsk
sherman-01.jpg (215221 bytes)
USS Sherman
sherman-02.jpg (252396 bytes)
USS Sherman
sherman-03.jpg (218881 bytes)
USS Sherman
sherman-04.jpg (80928 bytes)
USS Sherman
sherman-05.jpg (82560 bytes)
USS Sherman
sherman-06.jpg (77272 bytes)
USS Sherman
sherman-07.jpg (15612 bytes)
USS Sherman
robertelee-01.jpg (123199 bytes)
USS Robert E Lee, 1966
mugford-01.jpg (15019 bytes)
USS Mugford 1946
cassin-young-01.jpg (21362 bytes)
USS Cassin Young
ship-early-150925-s.jpg (1173885 bytes)
altair-91.jpg (45807 bytes)
USS Altair - Paul Meierdierks
bowfin-radio-01.jpg (395133 bytes)
USS Bowfin
photo by cliff1066

another good Bowfin photo

kidd-01.jpg (15312 bytes)
USS Kidd

another USS Kidd photo

altair-92.jpg (44886 bytes) altair-93.jpg (37353 bytes)
USS Altair
liberty-sturman2.jpg (324613 bytes)
USS Liberty - Rocky Sturman
liberty-halman-RM2.jpg (99271 bytes)
USS Liberty - RM2 Halman
radioroom-01.jpg (16857 bytes)

ww1-shipboard.JPG (17273 bytes)

radioroom1.jpg (33438 bytes)
ship-baltimore-1904.jpg (90941 bytes)
USS Baltimore 1904-06
ship-manchuria-01.jpg (94116 bytes)
USS Manchuria - 1900's?
WWI radio room recreation - photo
Description at bottom of this page 

1920 Radio room - good photo detail and info

ship-walke-1914.jpg (70372 bytes)
USS Walke 1914
1914 - USS New Jersey BB-16
bb16-new-jersey-1914-02.jpg (4108436 bytes)

ship-scranton-1919.jpg (83274 bytes)
USS Scranton 1919

USS Boggs 1932
boggs-01.jpg (121040 bytes)
USS Boggs 1932
boggs-02.jpg (129142 bytes)

ship-pretoria-1919.jpg (92348 bytes)
USS Pretoria 1919

MULTICOUPLER SYSTEM ON THE DL-2 (1952)ant-dl2-01.JPG (800176 bytes)

The multicoupling system to be installed on a new vessel, the Destroyer Leader DL-2 [DL was later called DDG] is shown in Figure 3- 30. The communications system on this ship uses a minimum number of antennas and is designed for maximum flexibility.

There are six antennas used with the multicoupling system: two 35 -foot whips and one wire antenna for receiving, and two 35-foot whips and one flat -top antenna for transmitting. The receiving antennas are located forward and the transmitting antennas are located aft so as to provide the best possible isolation between the two types. Provision is made to use any equipment with any of the antennas (except the flat -top) in the event of failure or damage t o certain portions of the ship.

This ship uses three AN/SRA-9 receiving filter assemblies. Two located at the central Receiving Distribution Unit and one at the Auxiliary Distribution Unit.

Three transmitting filter assemblies are located at the Central Transmitting Distribution Unit. One of the filter assemblies, F-159/SRT has a crossover frequency of 375 kc with switching provisions for shifting the crossover frequency to 425 kc; another filter assembly, F-160/SRT has a crossover frequency of 1750 kc; the third filter assembly, F-161/SRT, has a crossover frequency of 3250 kc with provisions for shifting the crossover frequency to 3750 kc.

The three transmitting filter assemblies are stack-mounted. A four-pole, three-gang, Filter Selector Switch is mounted on the rear of the cabinets. The purpose of this switch is to allow both transmitters to be connected to any one of the three filter assemblies or to allow one of the transmitters to be connected directly to the antenna. This permits more versatile use of the transmitting equipments .

'The UHF multicoupling system for the DL-2 is not included in this discussion,