1963 DDG-2 Radio Central and Secure TTY - Layout & Equipment List

I recently acquired Boston Navy Yard blueprints concerning rework of Radio Central and Secure TTY spaces on board DDG-2 (USS Charles F. Adams)

She was commissioned in 1960 so it is interesting to see what was retained and relocated and what new equipment was installed at this time.
The big shift seems to be to multi-channel RATT with UCC-1 multiplexers, R-1051 receivers, and KW-7 and KG-14 crypto gear

ddg2-66-23a.jpg (57536 bytes)
1966 DDG-2 Cruise Book Photo

Here is the 120 MB pdf  blueprint for Radio Central & Secure TTY - it is a very large drawing, but I'll break it up into smaller sections some time soon.

Here are some drawing details
Plan View
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Here is the equipment list from the 1963 rework

Equipment Type Quantity Notes
RTTY Converter AN/URA-8B 1 reloc
Remote Unit KWX-8/TSEC 3 new
Receiver R-1051/URR 2 new
TTY set AN/UGC-16 1 new
TTY Writer TT-176/UG 3 new
Crypto Set TSEC/KW-7 4 new
Slide Mount TSEC/KW-7 4 new
Loop Adaptor KWL-4/TSEC 4 new
TTY Terminal AN/SGC-1A 1 reloc
Receiver R-390/URR 4 reloc
TTY Terminal AN/UCC-1 2 new
Test Set AN/UCC-1 2 new
Receiver AN/SRR-11 2 reloc
Ant Control AN/SRA-17 2 reloc
Freq meter AN/USM-105A 1 new
Crypto Set TSEC/KWR-37 2 reloc
Crypto Set TSEC/KG-14 4 new
Patch Panel TSEC/KG-14 1 new
Reperf TT-192/UG 2 1 reloc
1 new
Power Supply AN/URC-32 1 reloc
Freq Meter AN/URM-82 1 reloc
TTY Switchboard TT-23B/SG 3 reloc
Power Supply PP-424/U 1 reloc
SSB Converter CV-591/URR 4 reloc
Teletypewriter TT-69A/UG 2 reloc
Power Supply PP-765 2 reloc
Freq Shift Converter CV-1066 1 new
Fax Recorder AN/UXH-2 1 new
Multicoupler AN/SRA-12 2 reloc
Reperf TT-253/UG 2 reloc
Power Supply PP-3490 2 new
TTY Control Unit C-1008/SG 3 reloc
TTY Switchboard (red) SB-1210 2 new
TTY Switchboard Black) SB-1203 4 new
XMTR Switchboard SB-988/SRT 1 reloc
Chairs Type IV - 4 reloc
Worktable w/ stowage - 1 new
Cabinet CY-2416 2 reloc
XMTR Switchboard SB-863/SRT 2 reloc
RCVR Switchboard SB-82/SRR 18 reloc
XMTR Switchboard SB-83/SRT 1 reloc
Distr Panel ABQ-100 1 reloc
Key Control SB-315/U 2 reloc
Jackbox J-939/U 3 reloc
Amplifier AM-215/U 2 reloc
25KVA XFMR 450/120 Type 1D 3 reloc
Auto Bus XFER ABT-3 1 reloc
TTY Indicator ID-866/SG 2 1 reloc
1 new
TTY Switch SA-734/SG 3 1 reloc
2 new
SP Phone Handset Type TA7B 3 reloc
Call Signal Station Type IC/D Mod 2 reloc
Jackbox Type G-15A 1 reloc
Control Unit C-1138/UR 1 reloc
Telephone Type F 1 reloc
Annunciator IC/E4a 1 reloc
Handset H-169/U 1 reloc
Intercom Station LS-433A/SIG 1 reloc
Buzzer IC/Z1S4 1 reloc
Switch Box E-16B 1 reloc
Supervisor's Table - 1 reloc
LOP Table - 1 reloc
Distribution Box Type D-17A 2 reloc
Distribution Box Type D-23A 1 reloc
Loudspeaker 49546 2 reloc
Loudspeaker IC/SAG 1 reloc
CO2 Extinguisher - 2 reloc
Mechanical Clock - 2 reloc