1970s Typical DDRadio Equipment

Info taken from a 1969 report on projected reliability of communications equipment.
 - there is more info in the report about TRED and TRED/SATCOM configurations

This is the projected conventional communications suite for a 1970's DD

Receiving Equipment Use Quantity
R-1051/URR HF synthesized receiver 12
R-390A/URR HF tuned oscillator receiver 2
AN/WRR-3 MF/LF receiver 2
AN/SRR-19 LF receiver 1
AN/SRA-17 LF antenna tuner 3
AN/SRA-49 (20 channel) HF antenna multicoupler 1
Transmitting Equipment Use Quantity
AN/URT-23 HF manually tuned transmitter 7
AN/SRC-23 HF auto-tuned transmitter 2
AN/WRT-1 LF transmitter 1
AN/WRC-1 HF transcieiver 1
AN/SRA-57, 58 manually tuned HF multicoupler 12
MX-4845/SRA-34 auto-tuned HF multicoupler coupler adapter 12
MX-4847/SRA-34 auto-tuned HF multicoupler xmtr adapter 7
OA-4794/SRA-34 auto-tuned HF multicoupler 2-6mc antenna coupler group 8
SA-1070/SRA-34 auto-tuned HF multicoupler switch 3
C-4787/SRA-34 auto-tuned HF multicoupler remote control 3
AN/URA-38 manually tuned HF multicoupler 1
SB-863 switchboard 12

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