BRPE Punch Block Info (under construction)

11/16" 5-level perforated paper tape standard
standard-gorn1966.jpg (167586 bytes)
Punch block assembly with punch pins, guides, retainer, and die
punch-drawing.jpg (83214 bytes)

Video of BRPE in action - includes slow-motion punching

I have a later model BRPE6 with a 146677 6-level punch block (with offset feed hole).
I am looking for a 170751 5-level punch block to replace it.
I also have an early model BRPE3 with a 124336 5-level block
      Q: is this compatible with the later BRPE6? A: No. I removed and examined the two.
BRPE3 5-level punch block assembly
BRPE3-punch-drawing.jpg (117988 bytes)
BRPE6 punch block parts - showing 5-level and 8-level dies
BRPE6-punch-assembly.jpg (420398 bytes)
BRPE3 Punch Block parts diagram
BRPE6 Punch Block parts diagram
Complete BRPE Parts Manual
Complete BRPE Tech Manual
Tape formats
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Some photos of a BRPE3 (old style) 5-level punch block

IMG_7402-ed.jpg (4312983 bytes) Right-side view from low
IMG_7390-ed.jpg (4819593 bytes)
Left-side view from low
IMG_7392-ed.jpg (5131008 bytes)
Left-side view
IMG_7394-ed.jpg (4453028 bytes)
top-front view
IMG_7395-ed.jpg (3420752 bytes)
IMG_7416.JPG (1317125 bytes) IMG_7420.JPG (1417451 bytes) IMG_7417.JPG (1216607 bytes)
I will know more about this when I disassemble a 6-level BRPE punch and see what is useful for a 5-level refit. The punch pins and associated solenoids and actuating levers should all be fine - The early style BRPE3 punch block dimensions are definitely different from the new style.

BRPE16 (new style) 6-level punch block (with advanced feed hole) - I need a 5-level with in-line feed hole. Feed hole should be at the same distance front-back as this one.
FRONT is to left in photos

Right side view  - Front is to left
Tape enters from this side
IMG_7411.JPG (1465299 bytes)
viewed from bottom - Front is to left
IMG_7412.JPG (1112733 bytes)
Delete marked hole for 5-level punch
 - Front is to left
IMG_7413-ed.jpg (1386693 bytes)
viewed from top - Front is to left
IMG_7414.JPG (1346499 bytes)

Delete the marked hole for 5-level block punch. Also move feed hole to be in-line with data holes.
FRONT is to left in photos

Die plate
IMG_7430-ed.jpg (2904807 bytes)
Bottom guide plate
IMG_7428-ed.jpg (2776883 bytes)
Bottom guide plate and die plate
IMG_7431-ed.jpg (3013561 bytes)
Top plate
IMG_7432-ed.jpg (3171709 bytes)
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Fabrication drawings revision 1- 12/14/21