Teletype 2101AB Inktronic Printer - AN/UGR-14

I need manuals and wiring diagrams for the 2101AB version of the Inktronic. Please send me email if you have any to copy/borrow/rent/buy.
The manuals I need are BSP No. 578-500-101, 578-500-113, 578-500-114, 578-500-115, 578-500-201, 578-500-301, 578-500-704, 578-500-705, 578-500-803, 578-500-804, 578-500-805, and Wiring Diagram Package WDP 0256.

Note - the earlier documents call this the "INKTRONIC" printer and the later ones call it the "DATASPEED" printer

AN/UGR-14 Inktronic Receive-Only Page Printer Set. Teletype Model 2101AB-013-AA-002--MP serial no 1186
Consists of floor cabinet, friction feed non-impact printer and control logic. 7.00 unit code, 600 baud.

Ink specification. Paper specification.

How does it work? Electrostatic control of a stream of ink droplets.
Maximum printing rate is 120 characters/second (1200wpm)

A nozzle charged to -1900v produces a stream of ink droplets that are pulled toward the paper by a +10,000v charge on the platen.
Undesired droplets are blocked by a +500v gating electrode.
Desired droplets are steered up/down & left/right by deflection electrodes. Droplets impact the paper to create 8x10 dot characters (8x14 in the ASCII version).

There are 40 nozzles across a line, each of which is responsible for writing 2 characters. Nozzles are energized sequentially.

For more info see this manual and this one

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At the surplus dealer - 
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Printer & Paper Handler

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Front door removed  - lower bay removable units are power supply and interface
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Front door removed - middle bays empty - upper bay contains printer driver and character generator electronics?
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Rear panel removed

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A Saturn station wagon full
 - home from the surplus dealer
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ugr14-0776.JPG (1127718 bytes) ugr14-0781.JPG (1087966 bytes) ugr14-0782.JPG (1366734 bytes)
ugr14-0787.JPG (2830516 bytes) front cover removed
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front cover removed
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Rear cover removed
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upper electronics bay - front
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upper electronics bay - front
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Upper electronics bay - rear
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Earlier 2101AA Inktronic version with Character Generator and Printer Drive modules in middle bays
Changes from Model 2101AA to 2101AB - EL 1537 (April 1972)

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Miscellaneous Inktronic photos

December 1967
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