US Navy Teletype Equipment - 1950's & 1960's

1956 - 3rd Naval District, NYC
waves-tty-02.jpg (226164 bytes)
Model 15 Teletypes
(WAVES with Teleman ratings)
Photo Info
1955 - Port Lyautey Comm Station
lyautey-551019-2008-01.jpg (3561097 bytes)
Model 15 and Model 28
"10/19/1955 "Communications Control Array"? "Admiral Ellis"?
1966 - USS Mauna Kea
ae22-tty-1966.jpg (812451 bytes)
USS Mauna Kea AE-22, 1966
TT-192A reperforators
TT-176 KSR (keyboard/printer)
Late 1960's - NAVCOMMSTA Guam
Guam teletype operations (71591 bytes)
bottom row - AN/UGC-25 printer
middle row - TT-176/UG keyboard/printer
top row - TT-187A/UG tape reader plus TT-192A/UG tape punch
wall - KWX-7 sync switch for crypto gear 

Click here and here for many more interesting photos of NAVCOMMSTA Guam - thanks to Rodney Rood


1953 Teleman Video showing teletype operations

"Teletype Is Here to Stay" - September 1945 Electron

ship-tty-bulkhead.png (280923 bytes)
Click here for 1972 video about Navy weather information that shows many shots of shipboard teletypes in operation.

Individual TTY Equipment

NOTE - This page mainly shows High-Level signaling (60ma current loop) equipment - In the 1960's, the Navy converted to TEMPEST MIL-STD-188B Low-Level signaling (+/- 6v) and there were equivalents to most all the High-Level equipment. 
For a full listing of High-Level and Low-Level equipment see The 1977 Index
USN Teletype Installation Plans



Primary Use

Features & More Info

RO - Receive Only Printer

ugc25-rest-81.JPG (143967 bytes)

Model 28 Receive-Only Page Printer Set (Compact). Consists of friction feed typing unit, cover, base unit, synchronous motor and gearshift for 45.5, 50 and 74.2 baud. 

ugc25-1301-02.JPG (855899 bytes)
AN/UGC-25 aboard USS Midway

7.42 unit code, 60 Hz, 115VAC. Includes communication symbol arrangement.

ugc25-rest-76.JPG (220036 bytes)

Teletype 28RO "compact"

more photos

Videos of UGC-25A in operation
 - 60wpm
 - 100wpm

I need the ON-OFF switch and the LOC-LF lever - please send e-mail if you can help
ugc25-base-02.jpg (57398 bytes)
ON-OFF Switch (made by Rockette)
Teletype part 198566
ugc25-rest-69.JPG (118557 bytes)
Broken off LOC-LF lever
Teletype part number 198571 or 326632
ugc25-rest-71.JPG (101027 bytes)
It should look similar to the CR lever on the right.

ugc25-rest-80.JPG (135732 bytes)

ON-OFF Switch
ugc25-rest-74.JPG (124858 bytes)
LOC-LF Lever
ugc25-rest-73.JPG (170623 bytes)
Other parts I need: 

195349 Speed Control Knob (2 ea.)
 <=   <=    <=    <=



ugc40-01.JPG (783957 bytes)


UGC-38 is Weather symbol version

ugc40-mite-2007-03.jpg (218550 bytes)

ugc40-1202-02.JPG (179036 bytes)

NAVSHIPS 0967-170-8010

More MITE photos and info

ugc40-mite-2007-06.jpg (232621 bytes)

ugc40-mite-2007-01.jpg (215694 bytes) ugc40-1202-03.JPG (271843 bytes) ugc40-1202-04.JPG (303579 bytes)
ugc40-1202-01.JPG (273431 bytes) ugc40-mite-2007-02.jpg (248991 bytes) ugc40-mite-2007-05.jpg (266461 bytes) ugc40-mite-2007-04.jpg (219183 bytes)


ugr14-1606-04.jpg (69526 bytes)

Inktronic Receive-Only Page Printer Set. Consists of floor cabinet, friction feed non-impact printer and control logic. 7.00 unit code, 600 baud.. Includes communication symbol arrangement.

ugr14-1606-02.jpg (163255 bytes)

More Inktronic info and photos  

ugr14-1606-05.jpg (116248 bytes)

ugr14-1606-07.jpg (122596 bytes)
ugr14-1606-01.jpg (169377 bytes) ugr14-1606-03.jpg (155906 bytes) ugr14-1606-10.jpg (111222 bytes) ugr14-1606-09.jpg (75657 bytes)

ugr14-1606-08.jpg (110135 bytes)


tt171-ug-01.JPG (50083 bytes)

tt171a-1401-02.jpg (145201 bytes)

floor mount

tt171a-1401-01.jpg (43684 bytes)

Teletype 28RO

TT-171 - Model 28 Receive-Only Page Printer Set. Same as TT-47A/UG except uses base LB3/101 and is without a keyboard

TT-284/UG Lightweight

need photo

RO similar to TT-242 KSR - Teletype - prototype
(lost competition to MITE)

tt306-ro-1611-01.jpg (866748 bytes)

Rack-mounted 28RO in "skintight" case
100wpm, 7.00 unit code
tt448-tgc21-1611-02.jpg (206233 bytes)
MK-1114/UG kit converts TT-306 to low-level version (AN/UGC-50)
tt448-tgc21-1611-01.jpg (225226 bytes)
Note- photos are of closely related TT-448/TGC-21
tt448-tgc21-1611-03.jpg (233248 bytes)

TT-394/UG Mite
tt394-ug-110425-01.jpg (54915 bytes)

tt394-ug-110425-02.jpg (57108 bytes) tt394-ug-110425-03.jpg (56243 bytes) tt394-ug-110425-04.jpg (47128 bytes)
tt394-ug-110425-05.jpg (48356 bytes) tt394-ug-110425-06.jpg (67688 bytes) tt394-ug-110425-07.jpg (82555 bytes) More MITE photos and info

KSR - Keyboard Send/Receive - Typing Unit +Keyboard

fgc10-01.JPG (279936 bytes)

Model 15 and Model 19
 - training at Great Lakes
k9usa-02.jpg (1100721 bytes)
BP128/247 Typing Unit
BK22LD Keyboard
BB-44 Base
MU-4 Motor Unit
PP-424/U Power Supply
Teletype Model 15

Navships 91240


tgc14-1905-01.jpg (67893 bytes)

tgc14-1905-02.jpg (64840 bytes) tgc14-1905-03.jpg (62544 bytes) tgc14-mite-1901-04.jpg (69366 bytes)


Mark's TGC-14A project

John's TGC-14A video  

mite-tgc14a-1608-02.jpg (243017 bytes)

mite-tgc14a-1608-03.jpg (274121 bytes)

mite-tgc14a-1608-05.jpg (216077 bytes)

mite-tgc14a-1608-01.jpg (222857 bytes)

mite-tgc14a-1608-06.jpg (195719 bytes)

mite-tgc14a-1608-04.jpg (281717 bytes)

Manuals thanks to Chuck N7UVZ
     manual part 1
      - appendix 11x17

mite-tgc14a-1608-08.jpg (264172 bytes) mite-tgc14a-1608-07.jpg (230020 bytes) mite-tgc14a-1608-09.jpg (243972 bytes)    More MITE photos and info

DSC01949.JPG (3658833 bytes)

Model 28 Keyboard Send-Receive Page Printer Set (Compact). Consists of cover, friction feed typing unit, keyboard, distributor, and synchronous motor. Includes communication symbol arrangement and gearshift for 45.5, 50 and 74.2 baud.

DSC01947.JPG (3640494 bytes)

7.42 unit code, 60 Hz, 115VAC.

DSC01948.JPG (3817492 bytes)

Teletype 28KSR "compact" - the keyboard is a M32-style 5-line parallel electrical unit with a separate distributor on the same shaft as the typing unit.

more UGC-20 photos

AN/UGC-77 and UGC-91 (weather) are Low-Level (+/-6v) TEMPEST versions - Info Page

AN/UGC-20 disasssembled
DSC01940.JPG (3808471 bytes)
DSC01942.JPG (3633969 bytes)
base, motor, & distributor (left rear)
DSC01943.JPG (4320110 bytes)
typing unit
DSC01944.JPG (4367807 bytes)


AN/UGC-20B is similar to AN/UGC-77 and has the same photoelectric keyboard and distributor.
Unlike the UGC-77, it has a built-in 60ma keyer (or can output 1.5v/70uA directly from the photocells). It does not have +/-6v output.


ugc20b-01.jpg (214657 bytes)

ugc41-01.JPG (656126 bytes)

ugc41-wsj-01.jpg (16782 bytes)
... from a Wall Street Journal article

ugc41-1406-01.JPG (46650 bytes)
ugc41-1406-10.JPG (37452 bytes)  

MITE Corporation

More MITE photos and info

NAVSHIPS 0967-170-8010

ugc41-1406-09.JPG (66149 bytes) ugc41-1406-02.JPG (51406 bytes) ugc41-1406-04.JPG (56749 bytes) ugc41-1406-03.JPG (56042 bytes)
ugc41-1406-05.JPG (60037 bytes) ugc41-1406-06.JPG (30407 bytes) ugc41-1406-07.JPG (37206 bytes) ugc41-1406-08.JPG (33264 bytes)
ugc41-mite-2007-01.jpg (312131 bytes) ugc41-mite-2007-04.jpg (217874 bytes)

ugc41-mite-2007-02.jpg (305401 bytes)

ugc41-mite-2007-03.jpg (183377 bytes) ugc41-mite-2007-05.jpg (241209 bytes)

AN/UGC-77 (and UGC-91 weather version) - Info Page

low-level TEMPEST version of AN/UGC-20 above

1987 - Newly installed aboard FFG-60
ffg60-06170.jpeg (4628633 bytes)
ugc-77.jpg (82934 bytes) --

AN/UGC-136 - Info Page


ugc136ax-1710-03.jpg (204969 bytes) ugc136ax-1710-02.jpg (212743 bytes) ugc136ax-1710-04.jpg (204793 bytes)

TT-47/UG & TT-48/UG
tt47-01.jpg (56494 bytes)

floor mount

tt48-1404-01.JPG (73971 bytes)

TT-47 - PD-17/U synchronous motor

TT-48 - PD-18/U governor motor

CY-870/UG cabinet 
CB-154/UG power panel
MX-1114/UG keyboard
MX-1115/UG typing unit

Teletype 28KSR

spec sheet


Model 28 Keyboard Send-Receive Page Printer Set. Consists of floor cabinet, friction feed typing unit, 
electrical service unit, keyboard, 
synchronous motor and gears for 45.5 baud. 7.42 unit code, 60 Hz, 115VAC. 
Includes communication symbol arrangement and selective calling feature.

Keyboard sync magnet for crypto use

TU- LP1/291 (MX-1115/UG)
ESU- LESU1 (SB-154/UG)
KBD- LK1/MT (MX-1114/UG)
MU- LMU1 (PD-111/U)
CAB- LAC200BJ (CY-870/UG)
TU- LP3RN/AC100 (MX-1115A/UG)
ESU- LESU5/103 (SB-154A/UG)
KBD- LK3RN101 (MX-1114A/UG)
MU- LMU3 (PD-17A/U)
CAB- LAC200BJ104 (CY-870/UG)
TU- LP4RN/AC142 (MX-1115B/UG)
ESU- LESU5/103 (SB-154A/UG)
KBD- LK4RN126 (MX-1114B/UG)
MU- LMU3 (PD-17A/U)
CAB- LAC200BJ104 (CY-870/UG)
TU- LP14RN/AY (MX-1115B/UG)
ESU- LESU7/147 (SB-964/UG)
KBD- LK4RN/126 (MX-1114B/UG)
MU- LMU3 (PD-17A/U)
CAB- LAC204BR237 (CY-2538/UG)

TT-49/UG & TT-50/UG
tt49-101.jpg (1718976 bytes)

Teletype Model 15 modified for shipboard service "with aluminum side frames, a new carriage return 
assembly, and lighter weight carriage parts. As a result of these modifications, they operate satisfactorily while tilted as much as 45 degrees."

ship/shore - floor mount
photos thanks to KD6UDA
tt49_155147.jpg (78213 bytes)
TT-49/UG synchronous motor
TT-50/UG governor motor
tt49_155103.jpg (96118 bytes)
spec sheet

index to manual

BP149/247 typing unit
BBK200BJ/LD keyboard
MU40 motor unit
AC203BJ cabinet
80437 gear set
106965 set of spares

tt49-102.jpg (2202719 bytes)

TT-49 (left) & Model 15 (right)
photo thanks to Larry Tighe
tt49-006F.JPG (20925 bytes)
TT-49 (left) & Model 15 (right)
photo thanks to Larry Tighe
tt49-002F.JPG (77989 bytes)
Showing different keyboard
photo thanks to Larry Tighe
tt49-005F.JPG (94016 bytes)
Showing shock mount
photo thanks to Larry Tighe
tt49-004F.JPG (59905 bytes)
These 8 photos from KD6UDA

tt49-162825.jpg (318584 bytes)

tt49-162853.jpg (295132 bytes) tt49-162950.jpg (356227 bytes) tt49-163410.jpg (352475 bytes)
tt49-163005.jpg (396577 bytes) tt49-163053.jpg (389821 bytes) tt49-163136.jpg (331143 bytes)

tt49-163608.jpg (2026024 bytes)


TT-69/UG & TT-70/UG
tt69-ug-01.JPG (25812 bytes)

ship/shore - tabletop

tt69-02.jpg (21332 bytes)

TT-69 synchronous motor
TT-70 governor motor

Same as TT-47 & TT-48 but with CY-971/UG cabinet 

Teletype 28KSR

spec sheet


tt70a-ug-01.JPG (49510 bytes)

tt70a-ug-02.JPG (65385 bytes) tt70a-ug-03.JPG (64018 bytes) -

tt70a-ug-04.JPG (35248 bytes)

tt70a-ug-05.JPG (61919 bytes) tt70a-ug-06.JPG (66370 bytes) -


tt70f-1608-02.jpg (34117 bytes)
tt70f-1608-01.jpg (35389 bytes) tt70f-1608-03.jpg (33171 bytes) tt70f-1608-04.jpg (43040 bytes)
tt70f-1608-05.jpg (58957 bytes) tt70f-1608-06.jpg (25913 bytes) tt70f-1608-07.jpg (21908 bytes) tt70f-1608-08.jpg (26537 bytes)

tt176c-ug-11.JPG (80478 bytes)

tabletop or 19" rack-mount

tt176-01.jpg (34461 bytes)

TT-434/UG keyboard
TT-438/UG typing unit
SB-408/UG electrical unit

tt176-02.jpg (59479 bytes)

Teletype 28KSR "skintight"

Model 28 Keyboard Send-Receive Page Printer Set (Relay Rack Mounted). Consists of cover, 
friction feed typing unit, keyboard, 
electrical service assembly, 
synchronous motor and gears for 45.5 baud. 7.42 unit code, 60 Hz, 115VAC. 
Includes communication symbol arrangement, stepping magnets, automatic carriage return and line feed.

more photos

TT-176C from a carrier - used by VA-75 and VFA-11
tt176c-2302-02.jpg (2290158 bytes)
tt176c-2302-03.jpg (2883586 bytes)

TT-242/UG Lightweight (20 lbs)
tt242-ugc-1411-01.jpg (29958 bytes)

tt242-1412-04.jpg (665190 bytes) tt242-1412-03.jpg (666888 bytes) Teletype - prototype
(lost competition to MITE)

tt242-1412-14.JPG (1066524 bytes)

tt242-1412-10.JPG (635109 bytes) tt242-1412-11.JPG (871152 bytes) tt242-1412-12.JPG (1542959 bytes) tt242-1412-13.JPG (1163620 bytes)

TT-264/AG Airborne MITE KSR

tt264ag-mite-2004-01.jpg (812631 bytes)

tt264ag-mite-2004-02.jpg (536648 bytes) tt264ag-mite-2004-03.jpg (257611 bytes) tt264ag-mite-2004-04.jpg (380364 bytes)
tt264ag-mite-2004-05.jpg (255105 bytes) tt264ag-mite-2004-06.jpg (266209 bytes) tt264ag-mite-2004-07.jpg (335303 bytes) tt264ag-mite-2004-08.jpg (392135 bytes)


28ksr-skintight.jpg (2548716 bytes)

CRITICOM - 100wpm, 7.00 unit code

tt307-k6yic-01.jpeg (107833 bytes)
photo thanks to Dan K6YIC

Skintight case, Same as TT-306/UG except includes keyboard and stepping magnet.

Has an external ESA with selector magnet keyer.

MK-1115/UG kit converts TT-307 to the low-level version (AN/UGC-51)


External ESA 173395
esa-173395.jpg (2283004 bytes)

ASR - Automatic Send/Receive - Typing Unit +Keyboard +TD (tape reader) + Typing Reperf (tape punch)

fgc8-01.JPG (214622 bytes)

-- BP119/210 Typing Unit
PEX25JX Perforator Transmittter
TT-52/GG Transmitter-Distributor
PP-315/GGA-1 power supply

tty-fgc9-72.jpg (174587 bytes)

Teletype Model 19
tty-fgc9-71.jpg (312201 bytes)
Ship or Shore use - 60 wpm

TT-57/FG Transmitter-Distributor
PP-315/GGA-1 power supply
BP119/210 Typing Unit
MU-4 Motor Unit
PEX25JX Perforator Transmittter

more info and photos

spec sheet

fgc9-1803-01.jpg (66291 bytes)

fgc9-1401-02.jpg (164727 bytes)

fgc9-1401-01.jpg (68743 bytes) fgc9-1401-03.jpg (118791 bytes) fgc9-1803-02.jpg (258440 bytes)

fgc11-01.JPG (182861 bytes)

Model 19 - governed motor

fgc11-1101.jpg (33673 bytes)

need more info
BP22/247 Typing Unit
PEX25LE Perforator Transmitter
XD76FR Transmitter Distributor
PU-109/GG Motor Unit

fgc11-1407-02.JPG (86428 bytes)

fgc11-1407-01.JPG (61503 bytes)
fgc11-1407-03.JPG (60881 bytes) fgc11-1407-04.JPG (63614 bytes) fgc11-1407-08.JPG (65214 bytes) fgc11-1407-06.JPG (59877 bytes)
fgc11-1407-07.JPG (63125 bytes) fgc11-1407-09.JPG (56577 bytes) fgc11-1407-10.JPG (28583 bytes)
fgc11-1706-01.jpg (329409 bytes) fgc11-1706-02.jpg (284770 bytes) fgc11-1706-03.jpg (368095 bytes) fgc11-1706-04.jpg (359684 bytes)
fgc11-1706-05.jpg (261830 bytes) fgc11-1706-06.jpg (354608 bytes) fgc11-1706-07.jpg (346880 bytes) fgc11-1706-08.jpg (390004 bytes)
fgc12-01.JPG (225515 bytes)
Model 19 variant

need better photo

need info

FPR23H247 Printing Unit
FK11OLD 15 keyboard
TT-57/FG Transmitter-Distributor
REC-10 Rectifier
Model 15 and Model 19
 - training at Great Lakes
k9usa-02.jpg (1100721 bytes)


need photo

AN/FGC-11 with FC#2

Model 19 variant

need info

-- --


  • TT-541/TGC-29 reperf
  • TT-542/TGC-29 keyboard/transmitter
  • TT-548/TGC-29 printer
  • CY-6274/TGC-29 case
tgc29-mite-asr-2006-01.jpg (231715 bytes) tgc29-mite-asr-2006-02.jpg (284666 bytes) tgc29-mite-asr-2006-05.jpg (267579 bytes)
If you have a manual I could borrow to scan, please let me know. tgc29-mite-asr-2006-03.jpg (313054 bytes) tgc29-mite-asr-2006-04.jpg (317116 bytes) ==
AN/TGC-29(V) Photos and info from Duncan Brown

MITE ASR complete patent

Early AN/GRC-142 configuration

MITE ASR in Canadian Argus aircraft

TGC29-db-c.JPG (115663 bytes) Collins AN/ASC-12   
     with TGC-15(XN-4) MITE ASR
TGC29-ASC12-01.jpg (677591 bytes)
TGC29-USAF Doomsday equip-txt.jpg (43776 bytes)

TGC29-USAF Doomsday equip.jpg (263960 bytes)

TGC29-db-a.jpg (277834 bytes) TGC29-db-b.jpg (250071 bytes) TGC29-patent-01.jpg (1009614 bytes)

(Teletype 28ASR)
ugc6-01.jpg (87430 bytes)


Model 28 Automatic Send-Receive Page Printer Set. 

UGC-5 without auxiliary typing reperf consists of floor cabinet, friction feed typing unit, keyboard, chadless typing perforator, transmitter distributor, synchronous motor, electrical service unit, and gears for 45.5, 56.9 and 74.2 baud. 

UGC-6 also includes auxiliary chadless typing reperforator, with motor and ESU - see below

7.42 unit code, 60 Hz, 115VAC. Includes communication symbol arrangement.

more photos

Photos of 28ASR restoration

ugc6k-1707-01.JPG (50448 bytes)

ugc6k-1707-03.JPG (1807571 bytes)

   28ASR Prototype Photos

Auxiliary Reperf for AN/UGC-6
reperf-dome-mt2234-01.jpg (216187 bytes)
reperf-dome-mt2234-04.jpg (354876 bytes) reperf-dome-mt2234-03.jpg (174042 bytes) SB-2611/UG ESU for aux reperf
ugc6k-1707-02.JPG (1884213 bytes)

reperf-dome-mt2234-02.jpg (377624 bytes)

MT-2234/UG Auxiliary Reperf Base
reperf-dome-mt2234-05.jpg (165106 bytes)
reperf-dome-mt2234-06.jpg (86014 bytes) reperf-dome-mt2234-07.jpg (89220 bytes)

ugc49-01.jpg (31443 bytes)

Model 28 Low Level Automatic Send-Receive Page Printer Set.

Consists of floor cabinet, friction feed typing unit, keyboard, fully perforated typing reperforator, transmitter distributor, 2 synchronous motors, electrical service unit, signal and clutch electrical service assemblies, auxiliary fully perforated typing reperforator and gears for 45.5 and 75 baud.


ugc49-1402.JPG (642890 bytes)

7.00 unit code, 60 Hz, 115VAC.

Includes communication symbol arrangement, MIL-STD-188B six volt polar interface and Teletype's TEMPEST feature.CRITICOM type.

info from CTO manual

more photos


Teletype Model 42 ASR
4220 AAB + 4250 AAA

used for training simulator and other uses? Please send me email with any info.

More photos

IMG_2934.JPG (3686331 bytes) Note "Transmit"-"Receive"-"Transmit Simulator" switch
IMG_2912.JPG (1526350 bytes)
IMG_2913.JPG (1677153 bytes)

KTR - Keyboard Typing Reperforator - Keyboard + Tape Punch
also called SRTR - Send-Receive Typing Reperforator

photos thanks to Larry Tighe
tt103-fg-02.jpg (19555 bytes)

keyboard typing reperforator

tt103-fg-01.jpg (72705 bytes)

tt103-fg-03.jpg (39811 bytes) Teletype 14KTR
uses FPR23H246 typing reperf

tt103-reperf-2310.jpg (1669959 bytes)


tt253c-ug-12.JPG (87418 bytes)

keyboard typing reperforator

tt253c-ug-13.JPG (131098 bytes)

tt253-ug-01.JPG (33453 bytes) Teletype 28KTR

AN/UGC-78 was the Low-Level version

more photos


28KTR Compact
Need more info! - please send email if you have ANY info on this unit
ktrc-1412-01.JPG (171200 bytes)

3-speed (45.5, 50, 74.2 baud) gearshift
motor time-out stop control at center
keyboard code bar contacts at left
ktrc_5419.jpg (2584563 bytes)
3-speed gearshift at left
ktrc_5418.jpg (2404241 bytes)
AC line filter and chad bag at left
ktrc_5417.jpg (2393209 bytes)
ktrc_5413.jpg (2309407 bytes) M32-style electrical keyboard with distributor for serial line output
ktrc-2507.JPG (4069008 bytes)
ktrc-1412-03.JPG (150976 bytes) ktrc-1412-02.JPG (231036 bytes)
bell w/distributor underneath.
motor control at bottom of photo
ktrc-2500.JPG (4138411 bytes)
bell switch on reperf
ktrc-2501.JPG (4106022 bytes)
distributor w/ clutch solenoid at left
tape feed-out solenoid at top
ktrc-2502.JPG (4120704 bytes)
distributor w/ clutch solenoid at left
ktrc-2503.JPG (4185214 bytes)
ktrc-2506.JPG (3881252 bytes) distributor in center
ktrc-2508.JPG (4039650 bytes)
motor time-out stop control
ktrc-2510.JPG (4020336 bytes)
power train - motor & gearbox above
belt drive from gearbox to distributor and reperf
ktrc-2512.JPG (4198332 bytes)
NOTE - the unit above is not the same as a Model 34 tape punch. The M34 has a mechanical keyboard, not an electrical keyboard plus distributor. 1967 Teletype Corp photo
Model 34 keyboard perforator
ktr-compact-1967.jpg (2113378 bytes)
Model 34 keyboard perforator
34-perf-01.jpg (319355 bytes)

ROTR - Receive-Only Typing Reperforator - (paper tape punch) 

(FPR23H246 w/synchronous motor)

TT-46/FG has governed motor

tt45-reperf-2103-01.jpg (206121 bytes)

tt45-reperf-2103-05.jpg (20187 bytes)


tt45-reperf-2103-02.jpg (156807 bytes)

tt45-reperf-2103-03.jpg (176892 bytes)

tt45-reperf-2103-06.jpg (210138 bytes)

tt45-reperf-2103-07.jpg (231145 bytes)

tt45-reperf-2103-04.jpg (169578 bytes)

TT-192/UG (synchronous motor)
TT-274/UG (governor motor)

tt192-110619-01.jpg (76841 bytes)

tt192-110619-02.jpg (92850 bytes)

 tape reel is on side

tt192-ug-1205-04.jpg (32598 bytes)

tt192-110619-04.jpg (127813 bytes)

base LRB8
reperf LPR9AWA
motor LMU3
cover LRC202 

tt192-110619-05.jpg (131463 bytes)

tt192-110619-03.jpg (193124 bytes)

tt192-110619-07.jpg (125123 bytes) tt192-110619-08.jpg (160577 bytes) tt192-110619-06.jpg (112502 bytes)
M28-rotr-1412.jpg (93255 bytes) reperf-110613-04.jpg (108197 bytes) reperf-110613-02.jpg (116611 bytes) reperf-110613-03.jpg (109081 bytes)
tt192-ug-1205-01.jpg (29149 bytes) tt192-ug-1205-02.jpg (45809 bytes) tt192-ug-1205-03.jpg (51980 bytes) tt192-ug-110603-01.jpg (820704 bytes)

TT-192A/UG Miniature ROTR

hornet-03.jpg (870535 bytes)
USS Hornet - Photo Credit Info Here


mini-reperf-p4a.jpg (37406 bytes)

tape reel is on top, not on side as in standard-sized TT-192 unit

Slow-motion movie  

tt192a-ug-1302-02.jpg (51947 bytes)

base LRB31
reperf LPR40AWA
motor LMU24
cover LRC205

more photos

tt192a-ug-1302-01.jpg (28313 bytes)

tt192a-1304-01.jpg (314117 bytes) tt192a-1304-02.jpg (419235 bytes) tt192a-ug-1302-04.jpg (30197 bytes) tt192a-ug-1302-03.jpg (42393 bytes)
tt192a-1910-01.jpg (370700 bytes) tt192a-1910-2.jpg (304504 bytes) tt192a-1910-03.jpg (325507 bytes) tt192a-1910-04.jpg (315661 bytes)


tt549-1503-01.JPG (241823 bytes) tt549-1503-02.JPG (193948 bytes) IMG_1996.JPG (1488338 bytes)

tt605-1417.jpg (3989321 bytes)

Like TT-192A but low-level signaling (+/- 6v) and RFI shielding

Miniature ROTR

Includes MIL-STD-188B six volt polar interface and Teletype's TEMPEST feature. Interface is in a separate Electronic Service Assembly. 

Photo to right shows double-shielded selector magnets.

tt605-1425.JPG (1595159 bytes)
tt605-1418.jpg (2596055 bytes) tt605-1419.JPG (2260235 bytes) tt605-1420.jpg (4754178 bytes) Chad vacuum system
tt605-1421.JPG (2431443 bytes)

TD - Transmitter/Distributor (tape reader)  - guide to TD components

TT-57/FG (Model 14 TD)

tt57-td-2305-01.jpg (397362 bytes)

tt57-td-2305-05.jpg (188017 bytes)

tt57-td-2305-04.jpg (1334043 bytes) tt57-td-2305-03.jpg (1236951 bytes) tt57-td-2305-06.jpg (1171407 bytes)


(Model 14 TD)

tt143-1701-01.jpg (123624 bytes) tt143-1701-02.jpg (121697 bytes) tt143-1701-03.jpg (114803 bytes)
tt143-1701-04.jpg (135115 bytes) tt143-1701-05.jpg (123234 bytes) tt143-1701-06.jpg (189544 bytes) tt143-1701-07.jpg (186019 bytes)


tt187-ug-11.JPG (79937 bytes)

tt187-ug-12.JPG (143236 bytes)

Standard size M28 TD - transmitter-distributor (tape reader)

Model 28 Transmitter Distributor Set Consists of cover, base, transmitter distributor, synchronous motor and gears for 45.5, 56.9 and 74.2 baud. 

7.42 unit code, 60Hz, 115VAC.

tt187-ug-13.JPG (95277 bytes)
Components of TT-187 & TT-187A

tt187-ug-14.JPG (46687 bytes)
TT-187 & TT-187A dimensions
Teletype 28LXD

more photos


tt187a-ug-11.JPG (78494 bytes)


Miniature size TD - transmitter-distributor (tape reader)

Model 28 Transmitter Distributor Set Consists of cover, base, transmitter distributor, synchronous motor and gears for 45.5, 56.9 and 74.2 baud. 

7.42 unit code, 60Hz, 115VAC.

tt187-ug-15.JPG (61130 bytes)
TT-187 & TT-187A wiring
Teletype 28LXD

more photos

tt187a-ug-12.JPG (132536 bytes)

tt187a-1403-01.JPG (91810 bytes) tt187a-1403-02.JPG (91964 bytes) tt187a-1403-05.JPG (127836 bytes) tt187a-1403-04.JPG (117360 bytes)

tt187a-1403-08.JPG (111992 bytes)

tt187a-1403-09.JPG (168341 bytes) tt187a-1403-06.JPG (173237 bytes) tt187a-1403-07.JPG (149406 bytes)
tt187b-1712-01.jpg (496740 bytes)
tt187b-1712-03.jpg (512322 bytes) tt187b-1712-06.jpg (413718 bytes) tt187b-1712-05.jpg (500958 bytes)
tt187c-01.JPG (2557100 bytes)
tt187c-02.JPG (2117964 bytes) -- --



transmitter distributor (tape reader)
- low-level version of  TT-187

Model 28 Low Level Transmitter Distributor Set (Miniature Size).
Consists of cover, base, transmitter distributor, synchronous motor and gears for 45.5, 50 and 74.2 baud.

7.42 unit code, 60 Hz, 115VAC.

Includes MIL-STD-188B six volt polar interface and Teletype's TEMPEST feature.

Teletype 28LXD




tt71-ug-01.JPG (51743 bytes)


Consists of a single unit which contains two TTY units and the optical projection system and illumination source. One of the TTY units is a M15 page-printing teletypewriter. This unit is supported within the cabinet by the projector frame which also holds the optical assembly. The other TTY unit is a M14 type-bar tape printer. The page-printer TTY produces typewritten messages, in successive lines, upon a transparent web, from which the message is projected upon a screen, 3' wide by 2' high. The tape-printer TTY typewrites the message upon a continuous strip of paper tape for reference purposes.

used for conferences and carrier briefing room - 1942 contract calls for installation aboard CV-31 through CV-40

Also used aboard Amphibious Assault Command Ships - TT-71 in use aboard USS Estes in WW2

tt71-projector-02.jpg (179430 bytes)


In this video of the dedication of the Navy's Jim Creek transmitter site you can see the TT-71 screen/base briefly at 0:33 and a message printing on it starting at 0:40

tt71-projector-03.jpg (121659 bytes)


ugr1-projector-01.jpg (259249 bytes)

Projector like TT-71 but with Model 28 typing mechanism

ugr1-projector-04.jpg (82882 bytes)


ugr1-projector-02.jpg (200433 bytes)

AN/UGR-1 - Model 28 Receive-Only Page Printer Projector Set. Consists of floor cabinet, friction feed typing unit, tape printer, 2 synchronous motors, screen, mirror, lamp, and gears for 45.5, 50 and 74.2 baud operation. 7.42 unit code, 60 Hz, 115VAC. Includes communication symbol arrangement.

AN/UGR-1A - Same as AN/UGR-1 except includes automatic carriage return and line feed, and automatic line feed with carriage return.

ugr1-projector-03.jpg (261057 bytes)

TT-262/UG - same as AN/UGR-1 except no tape printer.

TT-287/GPA-73 - same as TT-262/UG except  with series governed motor


tt268-01.JPG (421536 bytes)

Super-speed reperf (2400 wpm)
+ TT-187/UG TD

tt268-02.JPG (331909 bytes)

manuf Sylvania
    Soroban (reperf)
    Teletype (TD)

Used for RATT intercept

download 9 MB pdf


gear-01.jpg (27884 bytes)
Gearshift installed in 28ASR - Thanks to Ralph Irish for photos

gearshift mod kit for Model 28

gear-02.jpg (23805 bytes)

gear-03.jpg (561443 bytes) Teletype 195415

thanks to Randy Guttery

LRS Receiving Selector
tty-lrsb-sel-02.jpg (99639 bytes)
tty-lrsb-sel-01.jpg (151641 bytes) -- --
LARP Multi-magnet Reperforator
tty-larp5.JPG (182667 bytes)
IMG_1073.JPG (3534812 bytes) IMG_1074.JPG (3166883 bytes) IMG_1075.JPG (2590949 bytes)
IMG_1076.JPG (3426533 bytes) IMG_1077.JPG (2880568 bytes) IMG_1078.JPG (2800041 bytes) --
Sequential Selector - Info and Photos
Model 28 Tape-to-Page Printer

For off-line printing

28-td-lp-01.jpg (4499671 bytes) Please send me e-mail if you have any info on this device ==
NAVELEX Urgent Traffic Detector
tty-bell-urgent-01.jpg (266731 bytes)
tty-bell-urgent-02.jpg (274766 bytes) tty-bell-urgent-03.jpg (301921 bytes) Please send me e-mail if you have any info on this device

LOW-LEVEL SIGNALING - Moved to the Teletype/TEMPEST page

Brief Info on Typical 1980's Equipment - also see Teletype Model 40 page

AN/UGC-77 Teletypewriter. The AN/UGC-77 is a militarized U.S. Navy standard teletypewriter that can be portable or fixed. The unit has a standard communications keyboard, 72 characters per line, friction-feed, synchronous motor, and a 7.42-unit code. Message traffic and operator notes are transmitted and received serially by means of a five-level binary permutation code. The AN/UGC-77 operates at 100 words per minute, weighs 59 pounds, and is 10 inches high, 16.5 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. Line voltage requirements are 115 V ac, single phase, 60 Hz. AN/UGC-91 is the weather symbols version,
AN/UGC-136 Teletypewriter. The AN/UGC-136 teletypewriter is a militarized, low-level, automatic send and receive teleprinter. It has storage, editing, and self-test capabilities. The AN/UGC-136 is controlled by a microprocessor with an internal solid-state memory and has full message composition and editing capabilities. It prints data nominally at 120 characters per second (1200 bps), can transmit or receive at data rates of 50 to 2400 bps, and can operate in switch-selectable Baudot or ASCII codes. The message storage module has a capacity of 12,288 characters. The AN/UGC-136CX is installed onboard submarines and the AN/UGC-136BX is installed on surface platforms. The primary difference between the AN/UGC-136CX and the AN/UGC-136BX is the AN/UGC-136BX has an LED display incorporated on the front panel to allow viewing of text for editing purposes when typed. The keyboard printer weighs approximately 59 pounds, is 8.5 inches high, 15.75 inches wide, and 17.4 inches deep. The power requirements are 115 V ac, 60 Hz, and 100 watts.
     The AN/UGC-136CX is a ruggedized send-and-receive teleprinter, controlled by a microprocessor with an internal solid state memory, and full-message composition and editing capabilities; it prints data at a nominal 120 characters per second (1200 bps). It can transmit or receive at data rates from 50 to 9600 bps to or from the message storage memory, and can operate in switch-selectable Baudot or ASCII codes. The storage capacity of 64 messages or 256K random access memory (RAM), permits the short-term storage of received messages while the operator simultaneously composes and stores outgoing messages for transmission. Multiple communication ports also provide a bulk-storage device compatibility. -  Info Page
AN/UGC-143(V) Teletypewriter. The AN/UGC-143(V) U.S. Navy Standard Teletypewriter (NST) is a fully militarized unit. It features a modular design providing the compatibility for several different configurations: receive only with or without bulk storage; send/receive without bulk storage using the keyboard; or send/receive automatically with bulk storage. It prints 150 characters per second, ten characters per inch, six lines per inch and is capable of storing 500 kilobytes (250 messages, 2 kilobytes each). The power requirements are 115 V ac, 47-63 Hz, 440 watts, single phase. It weighs 180 pounds.
    The NST is a militarized unit, has an automatic send/receive (ASR) configuration, and is normally employed in shipboard applications. The NST consists of an electronic unit, printer unit, keyboard/display unit, and bulk storage unit. The NSTís modular design makes it useable in several different configurations, including receive only (with or without bulk storage), send and receive without bulk storage using the keyboard, or send and receive automatically with bulk storage. It is capable of operation in several different modes, including simplex, HDX, FDX, asynchronous, synchronous, Baudot, and ASCII. The NST throughput is 126 characters per second based on 80-character lines, including single-line advances. It line prints data at nominally 180 characters per second. It can transmit or receive data rates from 45.5 to 2400 bps Baudot and 45.5 to 9600 bps ASCII. The various configurations provide for information preparation, editing, printing, receiving serial data, buffering of information in volatile memory, and information storage (archiving).
ugc143a-ad-1988.jpg (1639677 bytes) ugc143-1711-01.jpg (1446900 bytes) ugc143-1711-02.jpg (1392819 bytes) mug-ugc143-2212.jpg (134835 bytes)
AN/USQ-69(V) Data Terminal Set (DTS) - technical description - a general-purpose alphanumeric computer keyboard and cathode ray tube (CRT) I/O display device used in the NAVMACS message processing system. It is a central component of the OL-267(V)/UYK Data Terminal Group (DTG). The CRT Display has a 15-inch diagonal screen with a 12-inch diagonal viewing area. Each page has a 2,000-character screen capacity with 25 lines of 80 characters. Its display memory has a one-minute data protection capability during a power loss and can store up to 2,000 words per memory page. The keyboard has eight special-function keys and 12 editing and cursor control keys. The DTS weighs about 150 pounds and measures 20 x 19 x 27 inches, including a seven-inch deep keyboard assembly. DSC02143.JPG (4279800 bytes) DSCN0119.JPG (5238632 bytes)
TT-624(V)5/UG or TT-624(V)6/UG Teleprinter. This teleprinter is used at CUDIXS, NAVMACS and TACINTEL installations. It may be used on-line with the AN/UYK-20 processor or off-line with tape readers, card equipment, and communications terminals. The device has a 64-character set capable of printing at speeds ranging from 365 lines per minute for 80 columns, to 1,100 lines per minute for 20 columns. It can print up to three additional copies using roll paper and five additional copies using fan-fold paper. The TT-624(V)5/UG is an ITA-2 Baudot printer with a serial MILSTD-188C interface; the TT-624(V)6/UG is an ASCII printer with an U.S. Navy Tactical Data System slow parallel interface. It weighs 270 pounds and requires 115 V ac, 60 Hz, single phase power.
TT-835/U System Console. The TT-835/U is a microprocessor-based teletypewriter communications terminal. It is used for system initialization, backup and recovery operations, and provides a record of SSIXS II shore system response and alerts. The keyboard provides man/machine interface for operator control of the SSIXS II shore operational program. The operator can enter parameters when conducting diagnostic or programmed maintenance testing.
RO-600/U Line Printer. The RO-600/U is a microprocessor-based receive-only printer. It is connected to the on-line AN/FYK-29 and is used to print incoming or outgoing messages and system reports. This device is employed in SSIXS II installations.

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TTY manuals - Navy manuals and Teletype Corp. manuals

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