US Navy VHF and UHF Transmitters & Transceivers

AM-1365/URT UHF Amplifier

am1365-01.jpg (210296 bytes)  UHF amplifier for TED 

 manuf Manson Lab



UHF Moon Bounce System
AN/FRR-55 receiver
AN/FRT-48 transmitter
400-450 mc --


Transmitting Set portion of the AN/FRC-63 UHF Moon Bounce System 400-450 mc Installed at Annapolis MD and Opana HI


3-13.jpg (89212 bytes)

The AN/GRC-27A comprises a transmitter, receiver, modulator-power supply, distribution panel, control radio set, and the mounting rack. The AN/GRC-27 is the shore version, the AN/GRC-27A is the shipboard version.

The transmitter normally generates a radio-frequency carrier in a range from 225.0 to 399.9 MHz, with a nominal power output of 100 watts over this range. The transmitter has 3 crystal-controlled oscillators (frequency generators), which employ a total of 38 crystals.

The combination and multiplication (synthesizing) of these 38 crystal frequencies make it possible to produce 1750 frequencies spaced at 100-kHz intervals from 225.0 to 399.9 MHz. Any 10 of these 1750 frequencies can be preset manually by a series of selector switch dials (calibrated in megahertz) in 100-kHz increments. Any 1 of these 10 frequencies (channels) can be selected automatically, either locally or from a remote station. Automatic selection of a preset channel is accomplished in 2 to 7 seconds by a combined autopositioner drive system and a servosystem.

The modulator-power supply provides the transmitter with all necessary operating and control voltages, and supplies amplitude modulation power (either voice or MCW tone) for the transmitter. The transmitter output includes both upper and lower sidebands generated when the carrier is amplitude-modulated.

The receiver normally operates on any 1 of 1750 frequencies, spaced at 1-kHz intervals from 225.0 to 399.9 MHz. The receiver employs a triple conversion superheterodyne system using crystal-controlled oscillators. There are a total of 38 crystals in a synthesizer system. Any 10 channels of the 1750 frequencies can be preset manually. Moreover, any 1 of the 10 channels can be selected automatically, either locally or from a remote station.

Automatic channel selection in the receiver is accomplished by a frequency selector and autopositioner system similar to that in the transmitter. A motor-driven system of gear trains operates the various crystal switches and tuning mechanisms to permit rapid change of operating frequency. Here again, channels are shifted automatically in 2 to 7 seconds.

The receiver is designed for use with directional or omnidirectional antennas having a characteristic impedance of 52 ohms. Audio output circuits for operation of loudspeakers and for operation into telephone lines are built into the receiver. A special output circuit for direction-finding applications is provided also. The receiver is equipped with automatic volume control, automatic noise limiter, and carrier-operated squelch circuits.

The preset channels for the transmitter or the receiver are selected by operating a channel selector switch on the front panel of the respective units or by telephone-type dials on associated radio set control facilities.

The radio set control unit adapts the control circuits of the AN/GRC-27A to the standard 12-wire shipboard remote control system. The control unit provides for the control of power for Radio Set AN/GRC-27A, starting and stopping the modulator-power supply, automatic channel selection in the transmitter and receiver, local or remote control of the transmitter, and squelch adjustment for the receiver.

AN/MRC-56 Communications Van

Spec Sheets

See photos of Andy's trailer at

Video - Video - Video - Video

  • AN/ARC-1 (100-156 mc)
  • AN/ARC-27 (225-399.9 mc)
  • AN/VRC-32 (30-42 mc)
  • TCS transmitter/receiver (HF)
  • PU-250/U Generator
mrc56-3079.JPG (953037 bytes) mrc56-3065.JPG (1041556 bytes)

prc39-2107.jpg (798615 bytes)

Like PRC-40 but low band

30-42 mc, 1.5w, FM - specs
transistors plus one 1AD4, two 6526
1.5vdc, 15vdc, 150vdc battery

PRC-39, PRC-40, PRC-40AX specs

Please let me know if you have a manual ==

prc40-2107-01.jpg (456120 bytes)

132-152 mc, 1w, FM
transistors plus three 6526 
1.5vdc, 15vdc, 150vdc battery

prc40-2107-03.jpg (581951 bytes)
prc40-2107-04.jpg (937047 bytes) prc40-2107-05.jpg (428531 bytes)
prc40-2107-06.jpg (628773 bytes) prc40-2107-07.jpg (510808 bytes) prc40-2107-08.jpg (713709 bytes) prc40-2107-09.jpg (381080 bytes)
prc40-1911-01.jpg (182616 bytes) prc40-1911-02.jpg (263990 bytes) PRC-39, PRC-40, PRC-40AX specs

manual - NAVSHIPS 93339

Some (most?) of these were remanufactured to AN/PRC-40AX
 - Modification Instructions

prc40-spec-01.jpg (315699 bytes)

prc40ax-1606-01.jpg (2198623 bytes)


132-152 mc, 0.8w, FM
This is a fully transistorized remanufacture of the AN/PRC-40. 
Uses a 17v mercury battery.

prc40ax-0462.JPG (1641671 bytes)


prc40ax-0463.JPG (1151265 bytes)

prc40ax-0126-02.jpg (68852 bytes)

prc40ax-0126-04.jpg (91813 bytes)
prc40ax-0464.JPG (1088364 bytes) prc40ax-0465.JPG (1516470 bytes) prc40ax-0466.JPG (1301199 bytes) PRC-39, PRC-40, PRC-40AX specs

technical manual download

prc61-1606.jpg (675521 bytes)

132-152 mc, 1w, FM
Motorola Z23BAC-1001AM

prc61-1608-01.jpg (168316 bytes)

prc61-1608-02.jpg (109836 bytes) NAVSHIPS 94682


prc61-1608-04.jpg (81198 bytes)

prc61-1608-03.jpg (99534 bytes) prc61-1608-05.jpg (91919 bytes) prc61-1608-06.jpg (117139 bytes)

(REPCO BB-1001-1)

Handheld 1w FM 132-174mc

Specs Manual ==

AN/SRC-10( ) - 20-27.9 mc
AN/SRC-13( ) includes R-108/GRC auxiliary receiver

AN/SRC-11( ) - 27-38.9 mc
AN/SRC-14( ) includes R-109/GRC auxiliary receiver

AN/SRC-12( ) - 38-54.9 mc
AN/SRC-15( ) includes R-110/GRC auxiliary receiver

no suffix - 24vdc p/s
X suffix - 12vdc p/s
Y suffix - 115vac p/s

VHF FM Transceivers 

3-07.jpg (29414 bytes)

See here for more info

PP-1175A/SR manual pdf

    Although originally designed as an Army equipment radio transceiver, AN/SRC-10( ) is installed aboard Navy ships for short distance amphibious communication in the frequency range 20 to 27.9 mc. Its only mode of operation is FM radiotelephone, which is delivered with a selectable power output of either 2 or 16 watts. When supplemented with certain accessories the AN/SRC-10( ) becomes a portable radio set for use ashore and in boats.

Spec Sheets for all models

  • RT-66/GRC (SRC-10, -13)
  • RT-67/GRC (SRC-11, -14)
  • RT-68/GRC (SRC-12, -15)
  • PP-109/GRC (12vdc p/s)
  • PP-112/GRC (24vdc p/s)
  • PP-1175A/SR (115vac p/s)
  • MX-1583/SRC (dc p/s remote control adapter)
  • MX-1986/SRC (ac p/s remote control adapter)
  • MT-299/GR mounting for SRC-10, -11, -12
  • MT-327/GR mounting for SRC-13, -14, -15

AN/SRC-17 UHF Transceiver

Spec Sheet

Installation Drawings

need photo

SRC-17 (XN-2)
scr17-xn2-01.gif (142567 bytes)
src17-xn3-01.gif (106701 bytes)
Transmitter/receiver for NTDS use
1kw 225-400mc FSK & FM
Manson Labs (div of Hallicrafters)


UHF Transceiver

src20-31.JPG (267097 bytes)

More photos & info

src21-31.JPG (89623 bytes)

UHF transceivers
225-400 mc AM
manuf Collins

AN/SRC-20 (100 watts)
   AM-1565/URC amplifier
   AN/URC-9 transceiver
   C-3866/SRC control

AN/SRC-21 (16 watts)
   AN/URC-9 transceiver
   C-3866/SRC control 

"A" version has  0.05mc channel spacing, "non-A" has 0.1mc channel spacing.

More photos & info

NAVSHIPS 0967-032-5000
NAVSHIPS 0967-125-6000
NAVSHIPS 0967-378-2000
NAVSHIPS 0967-438-9000

Contact  for copies of the manuals above

AN/SRC-20 and AN/SRC-21
C School Trainee's Guide 1967
NAVPERS 93402-1 Information Sheets
NAVPERS 93402-2 ?
NAVPERS 93402-3 Schematics

UHF SSB transceiver based on R-1051 and T-827

Probably never went into production ---

AN/SRC-31 NTDS Transceiver

src31-1311-01.JPG (171741 bytes)

src31a-31.JPG (105381 bytes) UHF data link transceiver
225-400 mc, 0.05mc channel spacing
300w AM, 1500w CW/FSK

Electronic Communications, Inc. (division of NCR)

The AN/SRC-31 radio set, which with certain modifications is designated as the AN/SRC-31A and B, was developed as a shipboard system to provide the UHF  functions required for inter-ship subsystems communications of the Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS). It is a miniaturized, modular, solid state transceiver operating in the 225-400 MHz range, capable of AM, FM and frequency shift keying (FSK) transmission, and is automatically tunable to 3500 channels in 50 kHz increments. Ten pre-set channels may be locally or remotely selected.

AN/URC-16( ) - 20-27.9 mc
AN/URC-17( ) - 27-38.9 mc
AN/URC-18( ) - 38-54.9 mc

no suffix - 24vdc p/s
X suffix - 12vdc p/s
Y suffix - battery and hand-cranked generator

Portable VHF FM Transceivers similar to SRC-10, SRC-11, SRC-12 urc16-17-18-01.jpg (403357 bytes)  Spec sheets and list of components


AN/URC-20 - 20-27.9 mc
AN/URC-21 - 27-38.9 mc
AN/URC-22 - 38-54.9 mc

Ground or Truck mounted VHF FM Transceivers similar to SRC-10, SRC-11, SRC-12 -- Spec sheets and list of components

urc80-1311-01.JPG (152371 bytes)

VHF FM Maritime Transceiver -- --


Radio Set AN/URC-85 is a two-channel, full duplex (or simplex) UHF radio transceiver for data and voice communications in the 225.00 to 399.95 Mhz frequency
band. Electrical Equipment Cabinet CY-7403/URC-85 contains two full-duplex AN/URC-82A UHF transceivers, four radio set controls (C-9059/UR), an indicator panel (ID-1953/UR), a local control panel, a 1 kW linear power amplifier (AM-6520/UR), and its high-voltage power supply (PP-6799/UR).
3-2.1 Each of the 3500-channel AN/URC-82A transceivers is capable of independent operation , allowing use in a multi-mode configuration. These modes consist of AM (amplitude modulation), FM (frequency modulation), and FSK (frequency shift keying), each of which is available in a duplex or simplex frequency capability. Transmitter power output to the antenna filter group is 100 watts for the FM and FSK modes of operation , and 30 watts for the AM mode. The linear RF power amplifier can be utilized with either transmit channel to increase a selected channel power output to the antenna filter group to 1000 watts for the FM and FSK modes, or 250 watts for the AM mode.
3-2.2 The local control panel In Electrical Equipment Cabinet CY-7403/URC-85 is equipped with two handset jacks that may be used for orderwlre, local voice communications, or test purposes.
Electrical Equipment Cabinet CY-7404/URC-85 contains two UHF multiplexers: Multiplexer TD-1118/UR, which consists of two Bandpass Filters F-1332/UR and a combining network, is used for receive; and Multiplexer TD-1117/UR, which consists of two 1000-watt Bandpass Filters F-1396/UR and a combining network , is used for transmit. The antenna filter group functions as an impedance matching and combining network between the UHF transceivers of the radio set group and the transmit and receive antennas. Both multiplexers are automatically tuned when the associated receiver or transmitter frequency is selected.
The optional remote control group consists of a control panel and four Radio Set Controls C-9059/UR. All modes of operation except local handset may be controlled by the remote control group.


URT-7 Spec Sheets

urt7-02.jpg (346697 bytes) VHF xmtr 115-156 mc AM
two 4x150A finals, 30w output
xtal controlled - 4 channels

Transmitter T-336/URT-7 including
 - Amp/Osc AM-638/URT
 - Modulator MD-163/URT
 - Power Supply PP-773/URT

manuf URT-7C Rauland-Borg 1956

  Similar to TED, but VHF

AN/VRC-51 (RT-616/VRC-51)
vrc51-man-1708-01.jpg (18973 bytes)

COMCO Fleetcom AB32F7A6
vrc51-1609-01.jpg (241579 bytes)
132-152 mc, 25w FM transceiver
12vdc or 24vdc operation
vrc51-1609-07.jpg (237728 bytes)
vrc51-1609-02.jpg (316780 bytes)
vrc51-1609-05.jpg (272957 bytes) vrc51-1609-06.jpg (304511 bytes) vrc51-1609-03.jpg (281288 bytes) vrc51-1609-04.jpg (272616 bytes)
vrc51-1609-09.jpg (246536 bytes) vrc51-1609-08.jpg (390345 bytes) vrc51-1609-10.jpg (146581 bytes) vrc51-1609-11.jpg (151011 bytes)

DSC02097.JPG (4084092 bytes)

225-400mc transceiver used for LOS (Line of Sight) or SATCOM
wsc3-ad-1973-2.jpg (111083 bytes)
uhf-CVN74-2008.jpg (56073 bytes)
AN/WSC-3 LOS/SATCOM 225-400mc transceiver 
(aboard CVN-74)
uhf-CVN74-2007.jpg (955972 bytes)
AN/WSC-3 LOS/SATCOM 225-400mc transceiver 
(aboard CVN-74)
wsc3-ad-1973.jpg (360065 bytes) wsc3-2009-01.jpg (250560 bytes) wsc3-2009-02.jpg (172548 bytes) wsc3-2009-03.jpg (270810 bytes)
wsc3-2009-04.jpg (307987 bytes) wsc3-2009-05.jpg (251267 bytes) wsc3-2009-06.jpg (206403 bytes) wsc3-2009-08.jpg (148557 bytes)

WW2 era VHF and UHF transmitters

MN-5 transmitter-receiver
mn5-CFL43059-1206.jpg (14732 bytes)

FM 30-42 mc - Manuf by Link

MN-1,-2,-3 spec sheets

mn-spec-00.JPG (474317 bytes) mn-spec-01.JPG (415284 bytes) mn-spec-02.JPG (324443 bytes)
The Navy Model MN series equipments are mobile two-way radiotelephone communication sets intended to provide reliable, short-range communication on Navy vessels, aircraft, cars, trucks. or at shore stations. They are designed to provide frequency-modulated transmission in the 30 to 42 megacycle frequency range, and operate on either storage battery or alternating current power sources.

They are similar in operation but are not interchangeable due to modifications in components used, cabinets and mountings. The Model MN is particularly designed for shipboard use and may be powered from a 32 or 110 volt direct current source or an 115 or 440 volt alternating current source. The Models MN-1, -2, -3 are basically like the Model MN except f or the addition of a built-in 6 volt direct current power supply and are always supplied in weather-proof cabinets for portable and semi-fixed use. The Model MN-4 is the same as the Model MN except that it is designed for use in small aircraft and operates only from 13.5 volts direct current. The Model MN-5 is designed Łor use from a 115 volt alternating current or 13.5 or 27.0 volts direct current source and is built in a standard ATR aircraft rack, size B-1, for universal use. It has provisions for two-frequency operation on adjacent channels.

MN   CFL-43018 mn-1608-01.JPG (140091 bytes) mn-1608-02.JPG (286480 bytes) mn-1608-03.JPG (357257 bytes)
MN-5    CFL-43059
mn5-1508-01.JPG (337529 bytes)
mn5-1508-02.JPG (233286 bytes) mn5-1512-01.jpg (393058 bytes) mn5-1508-03.JPG (272604 bytes)
mn5-1512-02.jpg (427073 bytes) mn5-1508-04.JPG (214991 bytes) mn5-1508-05.JPG (265414 bytes) mn5-1512-03.jpg (376070 bytes)
mn5-1512-04.jpg (437737 bytes) mn5-1512-05.jpg (385475 bytes) mn5-1409-03.jpg (489498 bytes) mn5-1512-06.jpg (367932 bytes)
mn5-2201-01.jpg (237656 bytes) mn5-2201-02.jpg (251749 bytes) mn5-2201-03.jpg (218325 bytes) mn5-2201-04.jpg (180605 bytes)
mn5-2201-05.jpg (196005 bytes) mn5-2201-06.jpg (187797 bytes) mn5-2201-07.jpg (303671 bytes) mn5-2201-08.jpg (257763 bytes)
mn5-2201-09.jpg (357509 bytes) mn5-2201-10.jpg (304588 bytes) == ==
CFL-23285 Control Unit
mn-control-2303-01.jpg (150048 bytes)
mn-control-2303-02.jpg (146894 bytes) CFL-23285-A Control Unit
mn-cfl23285-a-01.JPG (247647 bytes)
MN-5 speaker - CFL-49629
mn5-spkr-1509-01.jpg (146532 bytes)

mn-spkr-1312-01.JPG (196126 bytes)

mn-spkr-1312-02.JPG (285072 bytes) mn5-spkr-1509-02.jpg (126529 bytes) mn-spkr-1312-04.JPG (278630 bytes)
mn-conv-01.jpg (18476 bytes) mn-conv-03.jpg (78720 bytes) mn-conv-04.jpg (70652 bytes) mn-conv-05.jpg (63027 bytes)


More TBS Photos and Info

TBS ESO Catalog Entry

TBS Spec Sheets

TBS aboard USS Massachusetts
p1010040.jpg (60541 bytes)

Manual - download 110 MB pdf

tbs-man-cov.JPG (415937 bytes)

More TBS Photos and Info

tbs-02.jpg (95266 bytes)

tbs-04.jpg (92631 bytes)


1939 vintage made by RCA
50w phone, 60-200mc
listed in SHIPS 242A as "experimental" and paired with RAQ receiver ("obsolete") Please send email if you have any more info


tdq-01.jpg (21417 bytes)

tdq-101.jpg (27373 bytes) tdq-102.jpg (24442 bytes) tdq-103.jpg (11464 bytes)
tdq-104.jpg (26481 bytes) tdq-105.jpg (26280 bytes) tdq-106.jpg (27195 bytes) tdq-107.jpg (27036 bytes)
tdq-0211-1301.jpg (30016 bytes) tdq-0211-1302.jpg (32547 bytes) tdq-0211-1303.jpg (29206 bytes) tdq-0211-1307.jpg (25556 bytes)
tdq-0211-1304.jpg (48465 bytes) tdq-0211-1305.jpg (36686 bytes) tdq-0211-1306.jpg (39290 bytes) -

TDT VHF AM transmitter

VHF 115-156 mc AM
35w output

tdt-01.jpg (151189 bytes) tdt-dwg-01.jpg (386243 bytes) tdt-dwg-02.jpg (337946 bytes)


tdz-1101.JPG (27875 bytes)

 225-400 Mc AM
10 crystal controlled channels

tdz-1102.JPG (12981 bytes) tdz-02.jpg (39380 bytes) tdz-04.jpg (39246 bytes)
tdz-01.jpg (38196 bytes) tdz-03.jpg (40540 bytes) tdz-05.jpg (38330 bytes) tdz-07.jpg (40300 bytes)
tdz-09.jpg (37362 bytes)

tdz-06.jpg (39127 bytes)

tdz-08.jpg (44126 bytes)




TDZ Crystal pack NT-10527
tdz-xtal-nt10527-62.jpg (46802 bytes)

tdz-xtal-nt10527-61.jpg (82608 bytes)

TED UHF Transmitter

TED Spec Sheets

ted6-01.jpg (34849 bytes)

UHF 225-400 mc AM
15 watts output

ted-110225-03.JPG (193207 bytes)

ted-110225-01.JPG (209994 bytes)


Circuit Description - 4.5 MB pdf 

ted-110225-02.JPG (114612 bytes)

TED-7 - photos thanks to Jason W6IEE
DSC_0005.JPG (11628139 bytes) DSC_0004.JPG (11634366 bytes) DSC_0006.JPG (11782284 bytes) DSC_0007.JPG (9563887 bytes)
DSC_0009.JPG (9799166 bytes) DSC_0008.JPG (10325446 bytes) DSC_0012.JPG (10804065 bytes)

DSC_0015.JPG (11865513 bytes)

DSC_0016.JPG (12644556 bytes)

DSC_0017.JPG (12102110 bytes)

DSC_0018.JPG (10371807 bytes) DSC_0019.JPG (9945855 bytes) DSC_0020.JPG (12032740 bytes) DSC_0021.JPG (13739500 bytes)
DSC_0022.JPG (11934093 bytes) DSC_0023.JPG (10514497 bytes) DSC_0024.JPG (11627749 bytes) DSC_0025.JPG (11310877 bytes)
DSC_0026.JPG (12234715 bytes) DSC_0027.JPG (8593000 bytes) DSC_0028.JPG (10762399 bytes) DSC_0029.JPG (10726020 bytes)
DSC_0030.JPG (9764393 bytes) DSC_0031.JPG (8198514 bytes) DSC_0032.JPG (9581065 bytes) DSC_0033.JPG (8557501 bytes)
DSC_0034.JPG (9798893 bytes) DSC_0035.JPG (10509471 bytes) DSC_0036.JPG (11552380 bytes) DSC_0037.JPG (10259197 bytes)
DSC_0038.JPG (9430052 bytes) DSC_0039.JPG (9611738 bytes) DSC_0040.JPG (10078520 bytes) --
DSC_0041.JPG (9861915 bytes) DSC_0042.JPG (8903941 bytes) DSC_0043.JPG (9688232 bytes)

DSC_0044.JPG (10774738 bytes)

DSC_0045.JPG (10966552 bytes)

DSC_0046.JPG (10924764 bytes)

DSC_0047.JPG (8976028 bytes) DSC_0048.JPG (9620460 bytes) DSC_0049.JPG (11132988 bytes) DSC_0050.JPG (8955349 bytes)
DSC_0051.JPG (8520533 bytes) DSC_0052.JPG (9958787 bytes) DSC_0053.JPG (10620570 bytes) DSC_0054.JPG (8382738 bytes)