K4NYW's AN/FRT-17 Transmitter Project - Page 2
     Page 1 - Acquisition & Disassembly
     Page 2 - Frame & p/s reassembly
     Page 3 - Module Restoration
     Page 4 - Master Oscillator and FSK Keyer Restoration
     Page 5 - Back to Life

The puzzle begins - can I ever get it back together & working ?????

Drag the harness to the chassis and start
DSC01522.JPG (3512180 bytes)
A few false starts and I figured out a plan for threading it all together
DSC01524.JPG (3548741 bytes)
Tie-wraps hold things in approximately the right location
DSC01525.JPG (3518978 bytes)
DSC01526.JPG (3510993 bytes)
DSC01527.JPG (3453443 bytes) OK, I got this far and then remembered I needed to add the bottom plate!
DSC01528.JPG (3684484 bytes)
DSC01529.JPG (3735261 bytes) End of day 1 - mostly in the right location - some branches yet to figure out.
DSC01530.JPG (3627501 bytes)

1/17/13 - Start re-installing components

DSC01532.JPG (3235173 bytes)
Strip and tin all the wires
DSC01533.JPG (3427643 bytes)
Ready to begin
DSC01534.JPG (3609098 bytes)
Fan tray re-installed
DSC01535.JPG (3378747 bytes)
RHS components - these mount hanging down from the fan tray
DSC01536.JPG (3562304 bytes)
Solder leads, then mount upside down
DSC01537.JPG (3607747 bytes)
DSC01538.JPG (3674690 bytes)
RHS also has terminal strip for connections to AN/FRT-18 amplifier section
DSC01539.JPG (3416690 bytes)
HV rectifier socket cleaning
DSC01540.JPG (3427001 bytes)
RH door wired
DSC01541.JPG (3587137 bytes)
Bottom deck components
DSC01542.JPG (3419452 bytes)
re-installing control relays
DSC01543.JPG (3624812 bytes)
DSC01544.JPG (3470852 bytes) DSC01545.JPG (3621442 bytes) LHS - terminal board, HV relays, and MV filament xfmr
DSC01549.JPG (3730896 bytes)
It took many tries to get all this stuff squeezed into place. install, remove, re-route, re-install, repeat as necessary.
DSC01550.JPG (3425037 bytes)

1/31/13 Landmark of sorts, everything in the lower compartment but the rectifiers
         (and  HV plate xfmr and choke at the rear which will go in last)

RHS power supply section
DSC01551.JPG (3411140 bytes)
LHS power supply section with voltage regulator, LV choke, LV caps,and autoxfmr installed
DSC01552.JPG (3509297 bytes)
DSC01554.JPG (3604817 bytes) DSC01555.JPG (3346298 bytes)
DSC01556.JPG (3460706 bytes) DSC01557.JPG (3679425 bytes) power supply section
DSC01553.JPG (3505005 bytes)
LH door
DSC01559.JPG (3466186 bytes)
RH door
DSC01558.JPG (3529879 bytes)
-- --

Slow but steady progress finishing the power supply compartment

Rectifier mounting plate
DSC01560.JPG (4370388 bytes)
install and wire newly cleaned sockets
DSC01561.JPG (4320789 bytes)
Ditto the terminal strips and regulator section
DSC01562.JPG (4447846 bytes)

DSC01156.JPG (4339025 bytes)

....and after
DSC01566.JPG (4494082 bytes)


Completed power supply section (for now)
DSC01567.JPG (4521457 bytes)

Figuring out where the drawer wiring harnesses were routed.....

DSC01569.JPG (3943578 bytes) DSC01570.JPG (4086829 bytes) DSC01571.JPG (3932970 bytes) DSC01572.JPG (3966474 bytes)
DSC01573.JPG (3745279 bytes) DSC01574.JPG (3693516 bytes) DSC01575.JPG (3737650 bytes) DSC01576.JPG (4499866 bytes)
DSC01584.JPG (4047819 bytes) DSC01585.JPG (4126026 bytes) DSC01586.JPG (4093686 bytes) DSC01587.JPG (4031070 bytes)
DSC01588.JPG (4078131 bytes) DSC01589.JPG (4085019 bytes) DSC01590.JPG (3991492 bytes) DSC01591.JPG (4170538 bytes)
DSC01595.JPG (3877065 bytes) DSC01596.JPG (4109192 bytes) -- --
Mod xfmr - 70 lbs
DSC01597.JPG (3793788 bytes)
Plate xfmr - 105 lbs
DSC01598.JPG (3523515 bytes)
Everything back in place - with a little wiring left to do at the bottom
DSC01599.JPG (3557199 bytes)
At last - Ready to start working on the drawers
DSC01617.JPG (3590799 bytes)
Big mistake - I didn't replace all these poorly crimped HV connectors when I had the wiring harness out.
DSC01608.JPG (4102258 bytes)
Nooo, I waited until everything was re-installed before deciding to solder on new connectors
DSC01609.JPG (3889016 bytes)
Some locations were easy  to get to
DSC01610.JPG (3642736 bytes)
- and some of the terminals were MUCH more difficult to access.
DSC01618.JPG (4325642 bytes)
Dang! Leftovers - I wonder where these were supposed to go.........

DSC01600.JPG (4304525 bytes)

Corroded hardware that was replaced
DSC01611.JPG (4414669 bytes)
Still need to repair the meter glass
DSC01616.JPG (3960985 bytes)

My working environment

DSC01577.JPG (4108942 bytes) DSC01578.JPG (4080364 bytes) DSC01579.JPG (4208664 bytes) DSC01580.JPG (4470330 bytes)