K4NYW Navy Radio Shack

Last edited 03/31/2024


Come join the 850 shift military RATT (radioteletype) net - 7087kHz USB with 2000+/-425Hz mark low military tones
Saturdays around 0900 eastern US time

December 2023 - added an AFSK board to the RT-1446/URC-119 (Harris RF-350K) - I had been operating the AN/URC-119 set as a transmitter only (a.k.a. AN/URT-42) for RATT, so I could use the sharper bandwidth of a separate receiver (AN/URR-74).

February 2024 - wired up the AN/FRT-17 for RATT operation - only 43 tubes in the VFO/FSK circuits!

December 2023 - wired up the AN/URC-32 for RATT operation

January 2022 - revived a "hamfest special" AN/URC-119 set (Harris RF-350K xcvr + 1kw amp)
- replaced over 70 tantalum caps before it quit smoking...

Sept 2020 - revived an AN/URC-32 SSB Transceiver

urc119-front-2301.jpg (2543022 bytes) urc119-rear-1098.jpg (794605 bytes) urc32_4841.JPG (5070614 bytes) urc32_4842.JPG (3276699 bytes)


C-1138/UR Radiotelephone Remote Control Box

2019-2020 - restored AN/UGC-6 (28ASR) Teletype, AN/FRT-70 Exciter, and got on the air with RATT (and USB voice)

AN/UGC-6 (28ASR)
IMG_4786.JPG (3374228 bytes)

CV-3510B/UG Terminal Unit
IMG_4792.JPG (2177306 bytes)

AN/URR-74 receiver
IMG_4791.JPG (3332573 bytes)

C-1004B/SG send-receive control box
IMG_4777.JPG (3097393 bytes)

AN/FRT-70 exciter section
IMG_4794.JPG (4905146 bytes)
AN/FRT-70 amp section
IMG_4793.JPG (5813213 bytes)

2017 - moved the teletype gear to a new "message center" area

Left side
tty-pan-68.JPG (1835667 bytes)
tty-pan-67.JPG (1543848 bytes)
Front (reperfs, patch panel, UCC-1, message segregator)
tty-pan-66.JPG (1846208 bytes)
Message Segregator, 28RT
IMG_4822.JPG (1709822 bytes)

Some 2013-2015 additions - I really need to re-shoot a full set of photos and update this page

Navy teletype on parade - all in working condition
shack-tty-151122.jpg (1958698 bytes)
1500 lb AN/FRT-17 transmitter and tired disassembler/restorer/reassembler
DSC02248.JPG (3994413 bytes)
Added another rack of restored TTY gear including Model 28 Compacts (KSR, RO, KTR) and MITE KSR
shack-1506-101.jpg (55626 bytes)
Multiple Reperf above
Multiple TD below
reperf-mult-IMG_8376.JPG (1897795 bytes)
DSC02323.JPG (3699104 bytes)
Triple M28 TTY unit ("waterfall")

ugc25-rest-81.JPG (143967 bytes)
AN/UGC-25A Compact 28RO

kw-test.JPG (1974333 bytes)

September 2010

shack-pan22.JPG (1343548 bytes) shack-pan38.JPG (1302118 bytes)

shack-pan27.JPG (962426 bytes)
TT-192/UG (Teletype 28 ROTR)
TT-253C/UG (Teletype 28 KTR)
TT-176C/UG (Teletype 28 KSR)
TT-187/UG (Teletype 28 TD)
shack-pan28.JPG (843472 bytes)
KY-58/GRT FSK Keyer
KY-30/GRT FSK Keyer
O-91/FRT-5 VFO
KY-45/FRT-5 FSK Keyer
PP-454/FRT-5 Power Supply
shack-pan29.JPG (1092222 bytes)
AN/FRR-28 Dual Diversity HF Receiver System (1 rack)
AN/FRR-24 Triple-Diversity HF Receiver System (4 racks)
shack-pan30.JPG (1120479 bytes)
Audio and TTY Patch Panels

Patch panel info

shack-pan31.JPG (1127813 bytes)
AN/FRR-21 LF Receiver
AN/FRR-22 MF Receiver
AN/FRR-23 HF Receiver
R-2368/URR Receiver
R-2174/URR Receiver
Misc Audio switchboards
Misc. TTY patch panels
shack-pan35.JPG (967631 bytes)
CU-168/URR Multicouplers
Antenna Patch Panel
FAX demod & keyer
shack-pan34.JPG (1085700 bytes)
Rack 00 (leftmost)
  AN/URT-3 Transmitter
Rack 01 + Rack 02
  AN/FRT-70 SSB Transmitter
Rack 03
  AN/SGC-1 RTTY Converter
  CV-2460/URR RTTY Converter
  CV-3510/URR RTTY Converter
Rack 04
  AN/URA-8 RTTY Converter
  AN/FRR-34 Control Units
  CV-116/URR RTTY Converter
shack-pan33.JPG (1200539 bytes)
Rack 05 (rightmost)
CV-591A/URR SSB converter
CV-1768/URR SSB converter
R-390A Receivers
CV-157/URR SSB Converter
shack-pan32.JPG (1071069 bytes)
Rack 06 (rightmost)
AN/URA-17 RTTY Converter
AN/FRR-59 Receiver
AN/BRR-3 Receiver
AN/WRR-3 Receiver
AN/SRR-19 Receiver (not visible)
- - -

January 2010

shack-121.JPG (196996 bytes)
FRR-34 triple diversity controllers
FRR-38 dual-diversity RTTY converter (CV-116/URR)
R-1051 receiver, misc
4-rack FRR-24 triple diversity receiver
shack-122.JPG (171476 bytes)
4-rack FRR-24 triple diversity receiver
shack-123.JPG (162998 bytes)
FRR-24 triple diversity receiver
receiver antenna multicoupler rack
shack-124.JPG (157875 bytes)
TTY and audio patch panels and test gear
shack-125.JPG (214171 bytes)
FRR-21, FRR-22, FRR-23 receivers
misc receivers & TTY converters

j238-16.JPG (49865 bytes)
RF patch panels and CU-168 multicouplers

shack-126.JPG (207254 bytes)
FRR-59, WRR-3, SRR-19
(2) CV-591, (3) R-390A, CV-157 
(FRR-34 triple-diversity and  FRR-38 and FRR-41 dual-diversity systems)
FRR-28 dual diversity receiver
misc RTTY gear
URT-3 transmitter
FRT-70 (TMC SBT-1K) transmitter
shack-127.JPG (200089 bytes)
(2) CV-591, (3) R-390A, CV-157
FRR-28 dual diversity receiver
misc RTTY gear
URT-3 transmitter
FRT-70 (TMC SBT-1K) transmitter
urt3-101.jpg (262325 bytes)
URT-3 transmitter

shack-murph-01.JPG (139061 bytes)
Murphy standing watch

shack-128.JPG (149291 bytes)
TTY equipment
FGC-5 and FCC-3 RTTY multiplexers
FRR-60 dual diversity receiver
shack-129.JPG (154997 bytes)
FGC-5 and FCC-3 RTTY multiplexers
FRR-60 dual diversity receiver
ne-204.JPG (168568 bytes)
FRR-60 receiver (1 rack done)

November 2008

cab-08.jpg (190229 bytes)
FRR-59 and racks for FRR-24
cab-113.jpg (57114 bytes)
racks for FRR-24
shack-24.JPG (269813 bytes)
xmtrs - TMC SBT-1K, AN/URT-3
p1010027.jpg (193392 bytes)

rcvr - AN/FRR-28 (dual SP-600)
misc RTTY converters


p1010028.jpg (262217 bytes)

Audio, TTY, and RF patch panels

p1010029.jpg (264678 bytes)

AN/FGC-5, AN/FCC-3,  OCT-3, TMC SFO, misc TTY test gear

P1010025.JPG (191334 bytes)

p1010030.jpg (196364 bytes)

Top - Misc RTTY gear
Mid - R-1051, HF-1000, R-390
Bottom - SRR-11, SRR-12, SRR-13

P1010026.JPG (199296 bytes)
AN/FGC-5, AN/FCC-3,  OCT-3, TMC SFO, misc TTY test gear


p086.jpg (38387 bytes)
9/07 -Restoration begins
- with helper
rack1-04.jpg (64260 bytes)
11/07 - The FRR-24 works for the first time!1207-racks-01.JPG (61269 bytes)
12/07 - Operating position
1207-racks-02.JPG (57480 bytes)
12/07 Operating position
Left Rack

LS-530 speaker
FRR-31 rcvr
FRR-59 rcvr
CV-89A RTTY conv. 
FRR-49 rcvr
SB-3576/UG  patch panel
Right Rack
FRR-24 rcvr 
(rack 1 only so far)
rack1-05.jpg (35062 bytes)
FRR-24 power and signal connections on rear