AN/URC-32 SSB Transceiver
(Collins KWT-6 Type 8) 

Transceiver AN/URC-32
    Radio transceiver AN/URC-32 (fig. 3-3) is a manually operated radio communication equipment for operation in the 2- to 30-mc (high frequency) range. With a power output of 500 watts, this transceiver is capable of transmitting signals over long distances. It is designed for single-sideband transmission and reception on upper sideband, lower sideband, or the two independent sidebands simultaneously, with separate a-f and i-f channels for each sideband. In addition to SSB operation, provisions are included for compatible a-m (carrier plus upper sideband), CW, or frequency shift keying (fsk). The fsk mode of operation is used for sending radioteletype (RATT) and facsimile (FAX) signals.
    The frequency range of 2 to 30 mc is covered in four bands. The desired operating frequency is selected in 1-kc  increments (0.1kc on B model) on a direct-reading frequency counter. Frequency accuracy and stability are controlled by a self-contained frequency standard. Provisions also are made for using an external frequency standard. Because of its versatility and power, the AN/URC-32 is installed on most Navy ships having a requirement for communicating at long distances.


AN/URC-32B Modules

urc32-comp-01.JPG (138575 bytes)

AN/URC-32B Controls

urc32-controls.JPG (103569 bytes)

ad-collins-1960.JPG (48290 bytes)

AN/URC-32 Modules

KWT-6 Type 8 equiv.

- -

Interconnecting Box

Collins 153H-3
Junction Box

- -

cu737-urc-111.jpg (19939 bytes)
 (alternate - AN/SRA-22)
manual - 6.5MB pdf

Collins 180U-2
Antenna Network
cu737-urc-114.jpg (13952 bytes)
 (missing T/R relay)
(alternate - 180T-2)

cu737-urc-113.jpg (30723 bytes)
cu737-urc-112.jpg (30132 bytes)
manual NAVSHIPS 93628(A)
cu737-urc-1209-01.jpg (583441 bytes) cu737-urc-1209-02.jpg (455281 bytes) cu737-urc-1209-03.jpg (486368 bytes) cu737-urc-1209-04.jpg (570336 bytes)

RF Amplifier
urc32-amp-01.jpg (17328 bytes)

Collins 367A-3
Power Amplifier
urc32-amp-04.jpg (13526 bytes)

urc32-amp-02.jpg (29442 bytes) urc32-amp-03.jpg (27205 bytes)

urc32-freq_gen-01.jpg (28146 bytes)

Collins 786E-1
Frequency Generator
urc32-freq_gen-03.jpg (8221 bytes)

urc32-freq_gen-02.jpg (25690 bytes) urc32-freq_gen-04.jpg (17766 bytes)
urc32-freq_gen-05.jpg (28622 bytes) urc32-freq_gen-06.jpg (33397 bytes)

urc32-exciter-01.jpg (16104 bytes)

Collins 786F-1
Sideband Generator
urc32-exciter-03.jpg (14348 bytes)

urc32-exciter-02.jpg (24161 bytes) urc32-exciter-04.jpg (11007 bytes)

cv730-urc-111.jpg (5332 bytes)

Collins 543-8129-00
CW and FSK Unit
cv730-urc-113.jpg (6953 bytes)

cv730-urc-112.jpg (9219 bytes) -

urc32-audio-01.jpg (19143 bytes)

Collins 159B-1
Audio and Control Unit
urc32-audio-03.jpg (11974 bytes)

urc32-audio-02.jpg (18477 bytes) -

Signal Comparator

Collins 54Q-1
Frequency Comparator

- provides comparison to external 100kc frequency standard -

Control-Power Supply

Collins 543-6094-00
Handset Adapter

-provides PTT relay and switch for handset -

LV Power Supply
urc32-lvps-01.JPG (78307 bytes)

Collins 429B-1
Low-Voltage Power Supply
urc32-lvps-02.JPG (116587 bytes)

- -

HV Power Supply
urc32-HV-01.jpg (20142 bytes)

Collins 428B-1
High-Voltage Power Supply
urc32-HV-03.jpg (17553 bytes)

urc32-HV-02.jpg (34236 bytes) mounted on rear of rack

Air Cooler

Collins 199G-3

- -

Dummy Load

Collins 172J-1
Dummy Antenna

mounted on rear of rack -


Collins 977-0021-00
Dynamic Handset

- -

Equipment Rack

Collins 544-9010-00
Rack Assembly

70.5" tall -

Hanger for H-169/U Handset- Do you know of a source or a part number? Please let me know
 - Do you have an original and can make some photos and measurements?

urc32-handset-hanger-01.jpg (24792 bytes) urc32-handset-hanger-02.jpg (71945 bytes) urc32-handset-hanger-03.jpg (664281 bytes) Proper hanger, but not the proper handset
urc32-handset-hanger-04.jpg (615876 bytes)

Note: the usual telephone handset hangers are for a type G handset - the H-169/U earphone housing is deeper and will not fit those.





H-169 handset vs. type G handset
urc32-handset-hanger-05.jpg (4087679 bytes)