CX-2101/URT - Extender Cable for AN/URT-2 Low Level Modulator (LLRM)

Connector on rear of LLRM Drawer
IMG_4490.JPG (1701241 bytes)
Cabinet connector for LLRM Drawer
IMG_4494.JPG (3025000 bytes)
Donor spare extender cable - thanks to W1NZR
IMG_4487.JPG (1432982 bytes)
Donor spare extender cable
IMG_4488.JPG (1942379 bytes)
LLRM 6-row connectors made from spare 2-row and 4-row cables
IMG_4498.JPG (2266326 bytes)
Guide pin assembly from spare cable
IMG_4499.JPG (2392243 bytes)
K4OZY fabricated new mounting plates out of a spare rack panel
IMG_4573.JPG (2335525 bytes)
Test fit to new mounting plates
IMG_4574.JPG (2120662 bytes)
Test fit with new mounting plates
IMG_4569.JPG (1229082 bytes) IMG_4570.JPG (1755406 bytes) IMG_4571.JPG (2872049 bytes) IMG_4572.JPG (1827846 bytes)
Mounting the HV connectors and test fit
Cabinet side
IMG_4575.JPG (2004398 bytes)
IMG_4576.JPG (1803670 bytes) IMG_4577.JPG (1584769 bytes) --
Drawer side
IMG_4582.JPG (1199348 bytes)
IMG_4585.JPG (1499940 bytes) IMG_4586.JPG (2002939 bytes) --

Cables are next!

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