AN/TSC-24 (ATCU-100) Deployment - Morocco March-April 1963
"Road Runner"

Thanks to Elvin Shively for this photo
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Thanks to Dick Cornett for these Photos and Info

During King Hassan II's official visit to the United States in March-April 1963, the US Naval Communications Station Sidi Yahia deployed an ATCU-100 transportable communications unit to the palace grounds in Rabat, Morocco. The ATCU (call sign Road Runner) provided communications between the King and his government during the King's travels to and from the US as well as throughout the US during his visit. See press release below for more details.

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On highway, just outside Rabat
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At the palace
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Antennas - note AN/URA-27 antenna couplers near base of 35' whips.
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RMC Robert LePage, RM1 Elvin Shively, LTJG Robert Kolker -
ATCU Receiver-Control Shelter - AN/FGC-60 in background
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Lt. ?, RMC Robert LePage, Capt R.S. Downs (CO NCS)
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ATCU shelter and generator

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NCS Sidi Yahia - Comm Center in background

Press Release 15 April 1963

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