USN Directory of Electronics Test Equipment
 - NAVSHIPS 94200.4

Index and Abbreviations for Directories of Electronic Equipments (USN Electronics Supply Office) NAVSHIPS 0967-420-0001 1971 consolidated index to the 94200 ESO Directories listed below -   manual pdf

These documents were published by ESO (Electronics Supply Office) and have 2-page descriptions and often illustrations of every type of electronics test equipment used by the Navy. ESO also published similar Directories for communications, radar, sonar, countermeasures, radiac, etc. equipment.
Part 94200.1 for Communications Equipment is here.

      Notes on directory organization - equipment is sorted into categories (frequency measuring, signal generating, etc.) but there is some overlap - an oscilloscope might be in "Waveform Measuring Equipment" or "Combination and Group Equipment". So use the index to see what categories to look in. Alphabetical listings in the index and directory pages will put AN/USM-4, AN/USM-41, and AN/USM-411 before AN/USM-5. Equipment ABC-300 appears before AN/ABC-300 which appears before  BC-300, which appears before 300, for example.

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NAVSHIPS 94200.4 - June 1963

NAVSHIPS 94200.4-2 - Supplement 2 - December 1965