Printing Telegraph System (Teletype) Exhibit at Contemporal Steampunk / Dieselpunk Exposition June 2014

Just for fun, I hauled out two 28KSRs, a 28TD, and a 28LPR to a Steampunk/Dieselpunk convention last weekend. Heavy metal indeed.
Had 'em all wired together so folks could punch up a tape, read it through the TD and see the results.
The 28KSR Compact was wired in on another table out of sight of the main TTY exhibit to get people to chat
I removed the covers so they could see just what marvelous mechanical creations these machines are.
This is no where near as fancy as John Nagle's excellent work, but folks had fun with it anyways.
The reperf was punching tape of whatever people were typing and people were astounded when I ran the resulting tape through the TD
At other times I just ran a "Welcome to the Expo" message on the TD.
The display elicited a few "I remember those things" and many "I didn't dream such a thing was actually possible!" 

Doctor Who at the 28KSR
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IMG_4556.jpg (2712545 bytes) Grinning Samurai
IMG_4557.jpg (2690220 bytes)
IMG_4558.jpg (2915295 bytes)
This teenager was fascinated...She kept returning and probably spent over an hour TTY- chatting with her friends
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IMG_4542.jpg (2569018 bytes)
28 Compact end of chat line
IMG_4553.jpg (2568093 bytes)
Main TTY end of chat line
IMG_4554.jpg (3026738 bytes)

Wow, these people make some creative artifacts and costumes!

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