Printing Telegraph System (Teletype) Exhibit at Contemporal Steampunk Exposition June 2012

Just for fun, I hauled out my 28KSR, 28TD, and 28LPR to a Steampunk convention this AM.
Had 'em all wired together so folks could punch up a tape, read it through the TD and see the results.
I removed all the covers so they could see just what marvelous mechanical creations these machines are.
No where near as fancy as John Nagle's excellent work, but folks had fun with it anyways.
I made up a tape with Header, To, From, and Message fields and paused the TD after each field so that people could type in the appropriate info - then they were astounded when I pulled the resulting tape off the reperf and ran it through the TD - gave them the tape as a souvenir.
At other times I just ran a "Welcome to the Expo" message as a tape loop out of the punch directly into the TD so they could see it all working together.
The display elicited a few "I remember those things" and many "I didn't dream such a thing was actually possible!" 

Yours Truly w/exhibit

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A few other exhibitors

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