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Q: What is this Russian equipment ?- includes a paper tape printer - Model ARGON-B

A: Strip printer for radioteletype interception - see info here

ARGON-5 is a variable-speed teletype printing unit used in intercepting radio-teletype messages. It is fed by the ARGON-4 demodulator, presumably fed by a radio receiver. The “SETTING” dial allows the operator to adjust the bit length in milliseconds. Assuming that the intercepted traffic was encrypted, it seems odd that this is just a printer and not punching tape for later analysis, but what do I know…. 
It was evidently used in this mobile radio intercept unit
ANALYSIS switch on left
SETTING knob in center left
GENERATOR switch in center right
   (generator dial in MSEC)Machine Front.jpg (98512 bytes)
SUBDIAL "I" - 10-20
FrontPanelMid-A.jpg (129257 bytes)
Switches -

FrontPanelMid-Right.jpg (111822 bytes)

RightSide.jpg (112662 bytes)
Ink rollers and print wheel
FrontUnderDoor.jpg (176792 bytes)
non-character tape printer symbols (letters, figures, new line, etc.)
FrontPanelLeft.jpg (99386 bytes)
SUBDIAL "II" - 18-36
FrontPanelMid_B.jpg (137288 bytes)
SUBDIAL "III" - 10-150
FrontPanelMid-C.jpg (133003 bytes)
Top1.jpg (130180 bytes) Storage Device
Number of Characters per Minute for different bit times (msec). 7.0 and 7.5 unit characters
Top2.jpg (162129 bytes)
ATTENTION! something something
"ANALYSIS" something something
Top3.jpg (145873 bytes)


Q: What equipment is this for? I presume British Air Ministry?
A: Part of BC-640 transmitter - VHF for ground to air comms - joint US/UK equipment like SCR-522

am-tag-01.jpg (1055210 bytes)

Q: What transmitter-receiver is this? (circles indicate tuning dials?)
A: 8/2021 - TCQ, 30w, 2000-9050 kc

Navy Radio Station_.jpg (12342029 bytes)

Toolkit for ??

toolkit-WB6SLC.jpg (456910 bytes)

Q: What are the two black units to the left of the Teletype gear? 1959 USS Pyro AE-24 
A: RBO-2 receivers with the Escutcheon Covers in place. These covers were added 
after the RBO-1 contract to reduce RFI to the receiver.

ae24-mys-1972.jpg (298662 bytes)       ae24-radio-1972.jpg (762980 bytes)

LXD803 - 8-level TD with motor - part of 35ASR

jp-td-02.jpg (1479669 bytes) jp-td-01.jpg (482997 bytes)

Crank for ??

Solved! - Ken VE4HMQ says:
"Used on Teletype M14 tape printers or TRP's to adjust the range finder thru the front of the printer thru an access hole in the cover...
This is a Teletype Corp'n modification kit, it enables Wire Chiefs to adjust the range while testing circuits...
It is a geared linkage set up, and the crank is differently angled to clear the keytops while turning it..."
Teletype Part 83541 -ID from W9DDD - see pdf page 5 here

crank_7540.JPG (1427122 bytes)   crank_7541.JPG (1323296 bytes)

AN/URH-2(XN-1) VLF Receiver-Recorder - used to log VLF propagation.

urh2-vlf.jpg (901256 bytes)

Western Electric 7B "upside down" test-desk key. It was mounted below the desk (e.g. the 17C toll testboard) with the knob extending above the surface. (AWA Journal vol 32, no 2)

IMG_6859.JPG (970778 bytes) IMG_6860.JPG (1020340 bytes) IMG_6863.JPG (1018076 bytes)
IMG_6861.JPG (1088824 bytes) IMG_6862.JPG (1186101 bytes) IMG_6858.JPG (572511 bytes)

What is this module?

What is the glass rod for?

A: Delay Line - this is a radar calibration device

The rod looks like glass - might be quartz but it is awful big for that! The "socket" has a single lead that goes to a spring-loaded metallic contact to the center of the rod's base. The top of the rod is spring loaded too. The base of the rod has a ceramic(?) "button" that measures infinite ohms between the silver coated outside ring (ground) and the center contact. IMG_9387.JPG (130635 bytes) IMG_9389.JPG (137646 bytes)
IMG_9390.JPG (1409781 bytes) IMG_9391.JPG (1345819 bytes) IMG_9392.JPG (1594872 bytes) DSC03055.JPG (4109070 bytes)
Bottom view of the rod's "socket"
DSC03056.JPG (4292423 bytes)
DSC03057.JPG (4328152 bytes) DSC03060.JPG (4262509 bytes) DSC03059.JPG (4497157 bytes)
DSC03063.JPG (3767089 bytes) DSC03066.JPG (3832356 bytes) DSC03067.JPG (3341151 bytes) DSC03068.JPG (3804685 bytes)
DSC03069.JPG (3632436 bytes) DSC03070.JPG (4127999 bytes) DSC03064.JPG (3679162 bytes) Frosted outside, clear inside
DSC03065.JPG (3854014 bytes)
DSC03054.JPG (4279200 bytes) DSC03061.JPG (4129221 bytes) DSC03062.JPG (4188473 bytes) Filtered power supply connections
DSC03052.JPG (4435262 bytes)

Cable for AN/VSQ-2C(V)2 Data Net Radio

IMG_8686.JPG (1454409 bytes) IMG_8687.JPG (1259214 bytes) IMG_8691.JPG (1323943 bytes)
IMG_8688.JPG (920721 bytes) IMG_8690.JPG (989751 bytes) MS27484T10B35S (13 pin)

MS27467T15B18S (18 pin)

PP-18/AR - Q: what was it used for? A: 12vdc to 28vdc converter

pp18_0.jpg (105518 bytes) pp18_1.jpg (114150 bytes) pp18_2.jpg (115331 bytes)

Typewheel tape printer - what is it part of?
I got a quick answer to this one - it is a SIGABA printer mechanism

Looks unused in original crate
IMG_8265.JPG (3519143 bytes)
One mounting leg is broken off. 
The broken piece is in the box
IMG_8266.JPG (2802441 bytes)
ribbon at top, typewheel in center,
Tape guide and print hammer below.
IMG_8267.JPG (2581572 bytes)
IMG_8268.JPG (1865774 bytes)
The array of solenoids....
IMG_8273.JPG (2660942 bytes)
each solenoid raises a pin that can stop
the rotating typewheel
IMG_8274.JPG (2057553 bytes)
IMG_8275.JPG (2312794 bytes) IMG_8272.JPG (1845441 bytes)

Strange cover for Teletype M19 - Q: what is it for?
m19-mys.JPG (465459 bytes) A: Ken W7EKB says -
"You have one photo of a "strange cover" for an M-19. I had an exact copy of that at one time. It contained a Model 14 or 15 (?) TTY plus a power supply and a tape punch. It was a "console" setup. The cover is spring-loaded to enable it to be lifted easily. Mine came from the FAA station in Missoula, Montana while I lived there."

CV-2310()/G FSK and DFSK demodulator  -

An NSA item (clues - DFSK, shift freqs, no contract number, & ID tag). Please send me e-mail if you have any more info about this unit

cv2310-01.jpg (552359 bytes)

cv2310-02.jpg (1374279 bytes) Colored cylinders are plug-in filters

cv2310-03.JPG (841349 bytes)

Please send me e-mail if you have any info about this unit.

cv2310-04.JPG (673449 bytes)

Navy Type CG-29859. Also marked S129. Spring return. T-R relay? For what equipment?
ANSWER - thanks to Steve Atnem - is the T-R relay from a TDE

relay-100_1408.JPG (100699 bytes)

Gardiner Morse code tape sender - uses Instructograph type tape

keyer-gardiner-man.jpg (136358 bytes)  keyer-gardiner-reel.jpg (88011 bytes)

What Receiver is this? Coverage 200kc - 18mc. AC/DC with series filaments? (note two 25L6)
Obviously repainted and with the wrong knobs.

AHA! - US Coast Guard R-138 -

rcvr_1889.JPG (1770674 bytes) rcvr_1890.JPG (1790945 bytes) rcvr_1891.JPG (1778438 bytes)
rcvr_1892.JPG (1226893 bytes) rcvr_1893.JPG (2178287 bytes) rcvr_1894.JPG (1969811 bytes)

What is this? - A: AN/ARC-4

mystery-IMG_8960.JPG (3550504 bytes)